My Projector Friends

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Roughly 18% of the population are Projectors, a very small portion of the human

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population with a focused, piercing aura. They are also considered the “Guides” for Generators and Manifesting Generators and other Projectors. The unfortunate thing is that most Projectors are out of tune and not able to be the true guide that their chemistry is intended for.

I can feel a Projector walking towards me from across the street. That is how powerful the focus of the Projector aura can be and how penetrating it can be. The aura reaching for me, walking across the street and piercing into my aura is noticeable the minute that their attention has focused on me.

If the Projector is badly out of tune, meaning terribly bitter because they don’t get recognized and appreciated, the chemistry of the aura becomes askew and the sensation of the aura will have an impact that is not necessarily pleasant for the person receiving the penetration.

The penetration of the Projectors aura can be felt like an intrusion if it is unwelcome and not invited. It’s not just about waiting for the invitation but it is also about where the Projector is directing their aura and if it is ok to penetrate another person’s aura. The invitation begins at the aura.

I have many Projector friends and I learn so much from them. I do cherish a few Projectors as my guides. I have one Projector who is a 43/23, Genius to Freak outer authority and I use it to help me get clarity and solutions. He is a wonderful friend to bounce ideas with and get assistance with clarity.

I have another Projector friend who often steps up as an ally in any project that I am doing and requires assistance. She is fabulous with her mental abilities to organize, correct and foresee things. Underneath her outer authority, which helps me tremendously, I also get a yummy electromagnetic connection through the 40/37, the Channel of Community and somehow we feel like family naturally. I absolutely love her and regard her as one of my mentors and dear friends.

I have another Projector girlfriend who I love to visit with just to laugh. For some reason when we get together, we roar. It is fun.

What is different about these three who first come to mind is that I have a very different experience with them than I do with most Projectors. First, they don’t penetrate my aura like other Projectors. Their auras feel smooth and gentle to me and non-invasive. It is easy for me to be in their company for many hours.

Then, there are the other Projectors who do have an impact on me with their aura. It is a very different experience for me. First, I feel their presence and it feels strange to me that they are there with me in my environment. Something does not feel right on a deep chemistry level.

Second, my stomach becomes very uncomfortable. I feel tightness and a knot in the middle of my tummy. I notice it right away. Those two things indicate a Projector has entered the environment where I am without the proper invitation or they have overstayed their visit. If they are focused on me, the sensation is almost unbearable and highly uncomfortable. Most of the time, when this type of interaction happens, I start belching just to relieve the unwanted attempt of penetration into my aura.

I don’t have this kind of experience with the three Projectors mentioned above.

I am noticing two different types of Projectors: “Painfully Penetrating” and “Wonderful Company”.

The Wonderful Company are not perfect, don’t get me wrong. They struggle with understanding the art of waiting for the invitation and there are times when our rhythm is at odds. But I don’t get the penetration and discomfort in my tummy, ever.

When a Projector comes into my presence where I notice a discomfort. I can see the invitation is missing or they were invited under the pressure they can cause by their desire and mind.

I gently point it out in a way that a Projector can understand, not using Human Design language, of course, but in such a way that they get a glimmer of the idea. I try to assist the uninvited Projector in leaving because the visit is going to be off anyhow. What I see is that their flow is not in synch with mine and their presence is just a bit of an annoyance or distraction and it does not fit in to the current moment.

This is where most Projectors experience life. Most are not aware of just how powerful it is to wait to be invited.

What I see most Projectors do is disregard the subtle energies and give their ideas, opinions, insights, thoughts and inspirations at almost every opportunity. This is going to continually place the Projector in an environment or situation where they will not be recognized properly and then become bitter because of that lack of recognition.

Projectors are bright, creative, inspiring and brilliant. The problem is that the Projectors do not wait to be invited to express these wondrous qualities. The Projector becomes excited or fearful and they jump on the moment to move energy in a particular way. But when they do this they only meet resistance, which makes them feel bitter.

The Projector who is aware of the subtle energetics is a delight. They can feel where the sensitivities are and they are graceful in their movement with their powerful aura.

Those Projectors who are smooth with me are in synch with my flow and vice versa. They can feel and sense with their keen auras when something shifts and they move without attachment or taking things personal.

Usually, the only time it feels good to me energetically when a Projector gives me their opinion or thoughts is when I actually ask the Projector what they think. Then I really get great help to solve issues and great ideas for projects. They are a delight to plan, prepare, organize and so on. But again, the Projector has to be in synch with me in a flow that brings an invitation naturally to them.

I love working with tuned Projectors. My brother is a Projector and he is definitely my most valued guide. My Projector friend’s whose auras that are clear and centered are some of my most treasured allies. It can be like a fountain of wisdom when I get their opinions and input, but usually, only when I ask them for it. Then the input, opinions and suggestions become like honey and I am so grateful for their input.

The Projector aura is very powerful and does make a great impact on the other. If the Projector waits to be invited for their opinions and ideas, they are going to get recognized. The key is waiting before jumping on anything and allowing life to come to you, pull it out of you and respond in grace. If anyone can do that a Projector can.