My Manifestor Cat

Juju on a limb

It may seem funny that an Emotional Generator with no Throat is attempting to write about the art of being a Manifestor; it is, really. But the thought of writing this commentary kept coming back after each time I dismissed it as ridiculous so I decided it was worthy of exploration.

My observation on the art of being a Manifestor is living with a Manifestor cat, Splenic Manifestor mother, a long-term best friend Manifestor and close Manifestor friends. For some reason I attract Manifestors into my life. We seem to have some kind of a symbiosis of perspective, on the whole, I suppose, I don’t know.

I have been with my cat for over eleven years. I have always wanted a cat I could hold, hug, sleep with, brush and sit on my lap. I never got one. Instead I got a Manifestor cat that will allow me to pet him for about 30 seconds and then he bites my hand. “That is enough”, he says to me. That’s all I get. He won’t allow me to brush him, I can’t get near him for more than a few seconds but I know he loves me madly. I can tell. He never wanders far from me and he is incredibly loyal. He is truly my familiar.

He does his own thing, I can’t tell him what to do. He shows me what he is going to do and I have to accept it. I have never seen an animal display such a strong expression of anger like he does through his eyebrows, ears and eyes. I have to sit down and just behave when he looks at me like that! He is something else. As a juicy, emotional Generator with an open G center, I am never going to get the love I want from him.

On another note, my mother is a Splenic Manifestor. Ra Uru Hu mentions in one of his audio’s on Aura’s, how particularly difficult it is for Splenic Manifestor Mothers and their children and I get it. I can really feel it as an Emotional Generator who is so open and looking for juice in return but coming up against something entirely different than me.

I absolutely love and adore my mother. I always have and always will. She is one of the most talented, intelligent, beautiful women I know. I am so glad to be her daughter and to have her genes. I can feel her inside of me but we are so different as individuals in our own skin and aura.

I remember as a child crawling up onto her lap and feeling her push me away, brushing me off because it was too much for her. As an Emotional Generator with an open G center looking for love and affection, I was devastated, truly, each time. Before long, I began to develop a ‘tough’ skin to the Splenic Manifestor aura and we started to become strangers in our differences.

It’s pretty obvious to me as I look over time and see just how she did not like and still does not like informing. Manifestors really can hate it. It’s like training the being to do something completely different then it has ever encountered, like a new religion; it is a really tough process, I can see this.

Especially in my best friend who is an Emotional Manifestor power house. Lordy, this girl has a powerhouse chart like I have never seen. She is lit up to activate and be something special. We share the channel 41/30 in companionship. This brings us a juicy friendship that is a lot of fun.

In this relationship, I watch her learn the “art of informing” as she grows in her knowledge and practice of Human Design.

I have watched for many years her reluctance and hesitancy to tell anyone anything. I didn’t understand it and I was quite frustrated by it.

All kinds of judgments, opinions and disappointments would ensue from not understanding what was going on. We both created drama around the uneasiness with frustration, anger, misunderstanding and chaos. It’s not much fun.

What a cool turn of relating when we both clicked into how it feels when she informs and I receive that informing. Everything changed in the way we relate from that point when the practice began to be implemented.

I’m amazed at how nice it feels when a Manifestor actually applies the time and energy to gracefully say, “Hey, this is what I am doing when and where. It may change but this is what is up. If you need me, this is where I will be or I will get back with you then”. It’s done. The ripple around the Manifestor is smoothed out and everything is flowing.

Yet, there is one more piece to the art of being a Manifestor, I noticed. I see that Manifestors are hesitant to initiate contact out of fear or projection. This is where being tuned into what being a Manifestor is about is really helpful.

Over 92% of the Planet is designed NOT to initiate. If a Manifestor understands how it operates and that others are not designed to initiate, it understands why someone is not calling first, writing first, initiating contact, etc. The Manifestor aura is pushing away and creating a sensation of ‘go away’ for the other.

For the one standing on the other side, experiencing the Manifestor, it is a different story. For me, I am hesitant to approach. So much so, being highly sensitive and emotional, I don’t move in that direction. I withdraw. I can’t move towards the Manifestor aura until it recognizes me or reaches out to me. I just can’t move. There is nothing I can do about it. It almost hurts my body because it feels so uncomfortable. I have to completely rely on them initiating interaction with me.

Before I understood that my mother was a Manifestor, I thought she did not like me. I knew she loved me but I felt a strange kind of rejection I couldn’t put my finger on. There was this huge surprise when I plugged in the information and found out that she was actually Splenic, which is very cold to the emotional and that she is a Manifestor, which is going to feel even more cold to a Generator.

Once I saw that I felt deep compassion and sympathy for what she has felt through out her life living with those around her who have not understood her.


I have a good friend who is an Ego Manifestor.

This Ego Manifestor friend of mine was smart and cool. It was easy to talk Human Design with him and he liked playing with it. We worked together in the same office so it was easy to begin experimenting with the chemistry in the aura and definitions that we carried as co-workers.

I ran the administration office and he ran the tech office. Whenever I needed to have a discussion with the directors regarding financial matters, I would ask him to come in and sit beside me and not say a word, unless necessary. I was just using his aura to complete a stream of energy to negotiate with his Manifestor magic. Of course, he had to agree with me in what I was doing and it had to be immensely practical. It doesn’t just work because both auras are sitting there. There has to be reasonable force behind it.

It was actually easier for me to negotiate when he was in my presence. It may have been because we both have defined Will Centers or just because he is a Manifestor. I don’t know.

What was most interesting in our experiments was when I needed something. I would ask him to get it for me and he always brought it to me within moments. It was incredible. He understood his manifesting powers and got what was needed.

If I had tried any of the techniques he used to acquire what I needed, I would have failed miserably. I saw that fact clearly.


As a Manifestor, play with the experiment of informing and see how it makes everything a little smoother for you and reduces resistance. If you are thinking of someone, chances are that they are thinking of you. Reach out and make it a little easier on them and make the connection first; it will be feel so much better for both of you.

Informing is felt like turning the dial on a radio. You are tuning in a frequency of clear connection and audio reception. It really is magic. If it is a clear reception, you are going to get a great response. If you are not clear in your informing, you are going to get lots of static and complaints from everyone around you.

Only 9% of the population on our Planet are Manifestors. You are simply unique, beautiful and magical.

You are very, very fortunate. Use it wisely so you can reap the benefits!

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