My Magic Carpet Ride

One time I wrote a song about having a “fairy in my pocket”. I can hear it in my mind as I write this article. It’s a very cute song.

It was all about having a special sparkle of energy that kind of just zoomed me along in life. The song was about movement. I remember something about packing up the truck and heading down the highway, being available for whatever came my way and singing a song all along the way. It was something like that.

Thinking about My Magic Carpet Ride reminds me of that song and that feeling of what it is like to be riding along without a care, without a worry. It felt as though I was going through life with a special sparkle in my fluff as I floated along in a big, iridescent bubble on a cloud. You can get that feeling easily if you are emotional and happy and lounging on your magic carpet as you ride.

I call my Strategy and my Inner Authority my magic carpet. I get a similar kind of feeling with relaxing into my emotional way of being….sloooooow and not really knowing anything while waiting for life to come to me. I walk around in a fog most of the time about what I want, where I am going and when. I just surrender. I actually enjoy it now. I know this fog of not knowing serves me. I know that waiting and not initiating and waiting beyond what I think I can handle towards a tension that breaks my conditioning, that I get the magic carpet ride.

I kinda found this magic carpet by accident. I found it through doing what I love. While I am waiting, I just keep going into the next activity doing what I love and feel like doing in the moment. It can really, really drive people nuts but only those who don’t know Human Design and don’t get how I really operate.

When I found Human Design, I got my magic carpet and a handy-dandy, super-duper operations manual to go with it. I got my Strategy and I got my Inner Authority, I got my keynotes and I got my Incarnation Cross, wow.

Without understanding my open Centers, I really had no clue how I was sabotaging myself. When I finally began to understand my open Centers and see how my mind was using them (it took almost seven years into my process before I could actually see what they were doing) then I could see how my Inner Authority actually works. Life began to fall into place in a magical, serendipitous way. I also became incredibly relaxed once I could see the mechanics and understand what was going on around me, inside of me and with those surrounding me. It also helped to relax knowing that the my Inner authority was leading me along the way and making sure that I get the best opportunities for me. I don’t have to think about a thing, really. That is very relaxing.

When I had begun to truly operate correctly and surrender to my Inner Authority my magic carpet was suddenly beneath me.

If you don’t wait, if you rush and move on mental tapes, you miss the magic carpet completely. You might as well forget it and just continue to beat your heels to the ground. It’s not going to show up.

But if you relax, lay back and surrender into what is you, how you operate and navigate, forget what others try to make you do or what your mind tells you that you should do and just listen to the voice of the body, well, you are going to find yourself resting on a magic carpet and going for a fabulous ride.

You can’t get there mentally though.

Oh no.

You have to forget about the mind.

You have to be radical.

You have to be steadfast, maintain strong boundaries and be fearless in being you.

You wouldn’t believe what happens when you decide to surrender to what is you.

No planning, no strategizing your life, no trying to work it out for you and what you are going to do; who you are going to be with, where you will go.

There is only surrender to what is you and what life brings to you.

By doing what you love and through recognizing where you thrive and feel good, you suddenly find that fabulous magical carpet beneath you. It’s all there.

Your body knows and your Strategy and Inner Authority are what will take you to that place where you suddenly find your delightful carpet beneath you, taking you on a magical ride.



2014 Kashi Stone