My Best Friend Spleen



Any person who is intimately aware of their emotional waves will tell you that everything slows down considerably when you begin to see it and be it. It is always a surprise for the person when they dial it in and see just how slow they are designed to be.

The defined Solar Plexus being can’t see anything in the moment, at the most 60% clarity over time, if they are lucky. Usually, the defined Solar Plexus being gets about 10% clarity in their decision-making. It is virtually impossible to make a decision or a move with clarity.


I have four activations on my Spleen and three off of my Solar Plexus Center. I am heavily activated for instinct and quick movement for survival. With the defined Spleen I also get a very strong immune system that allows me to stay healthy and recover quickly.

The Spleen has been talking to me lately, more than usual.

I noticed it the other day.

In the living room as I was moving furniture. There is a tall candelabra that sits on top of a credenza. As I was walking towards the credenza to move it, suddenly a picture flashed in my mind showing the candelabra falling and crashing into the mirror.

With the heavy fog of Emotional Inner Authority, I passed the warning by and continued walking towards the credenza to move it with the candelabra still sitting in front of the mirror. Suddenly, as I begin to move the credenza, the candelabra began to wobble and move as though it might crash into the mirror.

Fortunately, I acted quickly enough to grab it and save the catastrophe from happening.

It was a very telling moment that made me stop and see just what happens inside of me with the emotional fog and the quiet whisper of the voice of the Spleen.

The Spleen, which is very much in the moment, warned me how to prevent disaster seconds before it occurred as a flash of intuition. The Emotional Inner Authority ignored the warning it as it continued in a fog.

The Spleen responds with a quick action that can be used to SPLEEN-Center-graph‘save’ a disaster from happening.

It is the vision or the alarm, the sense or the smell that one gets just before something is about to happen or should be stated or should be noticed or simply avoided.

The Spleen can easily be ignored by a mind that is stuck in mental processing, driving the life through the mental chatter of the open Centers or lost in the heavy fog of Emotional Inner Authority.

Love yourself and listen to your Spleen.


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Kashi Stone  2014