Moving On In Love

Relationships are changing dramatically.

With this mutation that is upon us, we are deeply evolving into our individuality and our unique creative expression.

It has a funny twist to it though. As we evolve in our individuality, we are also evolving into the understanding of “oneness”.

For eons, humanity has operated on the premise of education, marriage, religion, money, and politics. Our agreements have been based on an economic exchange of values with our mating ritual keeping us bonded for life under the jurisdiction of religion. Our politics have been designed to hold power over large groups of humanity for manipulation by those with good or evil intentions.

You can witness this structure of governing principals throughout history in every country, race and culture. Kings and queens have ruled the lands. Priests and guile religious leaders have dominated, controlled and governed humanity.

Fortunately, our relationship with all of these things is changing drastically with this mutation. With the present awakening, comes the understanding and awareness of our own unique sovereignty, beyond any government, teacher, king or queen.

You will notice many people now are going through a profound, internal awakening. Some are conscious of it and some are not. Regardless, it is happening with each and every person on the planet.

As we become more individualized, our view of things begins to change dramatically. Our frequency changes so radically that old paradigms don’t work. There is no way a highly individualized being is going to be comfortable in a traditional relationship or stuck working under the control of another.

No matter how one tries to manipulate or control, the individual is going to resist or rebel in some way.

When it comes to work, the highly individualized being needs to have their own flow, their own space and often times, their own project. They do not thrive under the control of another person. It actually breaks their spirit to have someone holding authority over them. They do not like it.

Roughly, 40% of the population on the planet are highly individualized beings in chemistry and do not realize it. Many are stuck in old paradigms and are deadened to their passion and their inner drive to thrive and express their uniqueness. They do not realize who they are, what their natural skills are and what life looks like when one is not distracted or twisted energetically around another person’s aura.


The Individual being may even communicate that they want a traditional bond like in marriage or the job because of a lifetime of conditioning. But their body is going to be saying something completely different. Their mind has not caught up to their body’s truth yet, If they are ill, as the body is trying desperately to be heard.

Everyone is going to feel this mutation on some level and feel a yearning for some sense of “escape” from outdated traditions. It is in our hardwire to let go of what doesn’t work. Some of us have a harder time at it than others.

The most important thing to keep in mind as we go through this mutation is that everyone deserves to be free in their own being.

Awareness is being able to see what is not working and letting go of it so that you can continue to be who you are in the movement of life.

Change is imminent.


written by kashi stone 2016