Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

Part III

In the third part of this series, The River of Life, we are going to take a look at some of the favorite activations that I experience in those people around me and that bring a great sense of “merrily” into my life when I encounter them.

One gate in particular that I enjoy experiencing in someone’s chemistry is the activation of Superficiality, Gate 20.1. I have a few friends who have this gate and line in their bodygraph chart. One friend has it in her Personality Sun. Another friend has it in her Personality Moon. Depending on where this activation sits with the planets, determines just how strong it is in their interaction with me.

With my sensitive emotional nature it makes me feel wonderful: I often get tricked by it too. It’s a strong hook that pulls me in as they praise, adore, and say all the right things at the right moment. It feels a little contrived sometimes but I would rather have that than listen to someone complain.

Another favorite activation is Joy, Gate 5.5. These people really enjoy life and look for the fun in it. They are often the ones who will bring a gift or share thoughtful actions. Most of the time, they are playful, light and full of laughter. It does depend on where the activation is sitting on the bodygraph and how strong it is in their natural chemistry.

With the activation of the Love of Life, Gate 58.1, a naturally playful friend who enjoys decadence with me and easily stirs up the party a bit when we are out socially together. They are a lot of fun.

My brother has the “Femme Fatale/ Casanova” activation, Gate 59.5. I love watching this characteristic play out in him when we go out and about. He flirts with almost every girl we come into contact. If they are pretty, they really get some attention. And he knows how to give that attention. I watch girls melt when he “turns on” his Casanova. I have also observed this activation in one of my girlfriends. Everywhere we go, the boys fall in love with her. If she “turns on” her Femme Fatale, it is just that, they are dead meat. They cannot refuse her or her requests. She can be very helpful to have around!

Love is Light, Gate 1.2 is naturally beautiful, attractive and drawing. I love it when this activation is in the transits. Most people become “lovely” when it hits the transit field. The whole planet has a little softer, gentler, more beautiful movement. It is the same when I am in the presence of someone who has this in their design and it has a chance to play out and impact. With its grace, its gentle way, it naturally draws people to them and it feels wonderful to be in their presence.

With Gate 61.1, Occult Knowledge activation comes a natural mental hunger and curiosity that seeks out esoteric teachings and alternative thought. When someone has this activation in their Head Center, they resonate with my thoughts and inspire our conversation. We are genuinely interested in hearing what the other has to say and engage at a deep intellectual level.

I have a friend who has the activation, Rose in the Garbage Dump, 25.4 and let me tell you, they really live it! This person has an “angel” quality to them that allows them to enter into extreme decadence to the point that they look exactly like a “rose in the garbage dump”. Look for the one that hangs out in the bars and drinks too much or smokes too much but pours out wisdom when the moment calls for it. Once you hear the wisdom come out of their mouths, you lose any judgment about this person and look past the dross that surrounds them. It’s fascinating.

Even though I might get a little annoyed by the 43/23, Channel of Structuring activation in some, I also enjoy it immensely in a few who know when to speak what they know, sensing the right timing to express. They are an invaluable resource of good guidance, direction, insight and efficiency into what ever I am doing. I actually have a few 43/23’s in my life that I call on from time to time to get their input on something I am considering.

For me, if there is another 41/30, Channel of Recognition in my life, I am very happy. Most of those who are my closest friends have this full Channel in their bodygraph, just like me. I love this activation because we get to “coo” at each other, call each other “honey”, “sweetheart”, “Baby”, etc and that makes me feel good. It brings a smile to my face. It feels warm and cozy to me.

I enjoy those who share the same activation, Gate 19.6, The Recluse, with me. They understand that uncomfortable feeling that naturally comes in social situations with this gate and line. We enjoy a tall, stone wall surrounding our property with an electric gate and entry through two more doors that are locked before you can access us. Our bedroom must have only one door and it helps us to sleep deep if we have a cacoon- like environment. We also share the understanding of just how important a full refrigerator is. If our refrigerator is not full and our cupboards are bare, we are depressed, down and concerned for our survival. One trip to the grocery store and food in the cupboards and refrigerator changes EVERYTHING. When you share that understanding, you make sure that each of you, have plenty of food.

I love the activation, Gate 27.4, Generosity because these people are truly generous when they feel like it. They can be wonderful to have around if you are a giver. There is a chance for a balanced give and take and every body stays well fed, provided for and in delightful moments of joy with the gifts of generosity. Those with this activation can be great in a position of authority.

The activation of Gate 37.5, Love is exactly what it says. You naturally feel a sense of “love” when these people are around. It feels safe, warm, cozy and comfortable, usually. It depends on the whole body graph picture, tho.

When a person has the Gate 37.1, Mother/ Father activation, they truly portray the character of the mother or father with those who are surrounding them. They are great nurturers and naturally take an authoritive, protective position of those who “belong” to them. Coming from the Channel of Community, it can be a powerful activation that drives them towards those environments and situations that allows them to play this characteristic out. They can be very affectionate and they love to hug and cuddle.

I know that there is a good chance of winning in business when someone shares the activation Gate 42.1, Diversification. I have this activation and I enjoy anyone else who has it who is working with me or hanging out. What this activation does is give the ability to pull a quarter out of a lemon. If this activation ranks high in the bodygraph, such as Sun, Earth, Moon, Jupiter or nodes, expect this person to be clever at manifesting things that you thought you didn’t have money for. They are a type of magician on the material plane when the trajectory, connections, timing and activities are correct.

People who have The Saint, Gate 47.5 in their chemistry can be the “peacekeepers” in a group situation. They can be helpful in bringing fair mediation in disputes, too. They have a “sweet” quality to them that is concerned about fairness, gentleness, compassion and kindness. Once again, it depends on the whole picture of a person’s body graph.

These are few of the things that bring a little “merrily” into my life.

Continued: Part IV      Life Is But A Dream

written by Kashi Stone 2015