Mental Tapes Of the Centers


Each Center in our chemistry plays out a specific story and theme. Our mind looks for weak areas in these centers and then plays that area just like an instrument. Sitting in the weakest center in our body, the mind plays a series of tapes that color the thinking process becoming so strong that it dominates and creates our reality.

It does not matter if you are defined or open. If you are out of tune in any energy center on your body, your mind is going to use that space and play a tape.

You may recognize or identify with several of these mental tapes. These are very common themes that we all play and entertain in our minds. It is important to recognize these patterns and then manage them. By replacing these tapes with a new thought pattern, such as the mantras that I suggest below, you can gradually take your power back.

Eventually, applying this discipline, your chemistry comes into balance and your movement through life a little more smoother and less ruffled.

Please remember that it takes time to undo mental tapes and create a new thought pattern. Consistent application brings the best results.

If you would like to learn more about a particular center, click on the name.


 Head CenterHead.-Center

Where can I go to find the answer?
Who can I talk with that has this answer?
How can I help this person with their issue?
How can I fix this problem for them?
I need to find something inspiring to do.

Head Center Mantra
“I have enough of my own concerns, I do not need to take on the concerns of others.”

“True Self” Behaviour of the open or defined Head Center
Open to the wonder of existence and at peace with life. Has the understanding that confusion and doubt is a part of the process and that there is a natural timing and unfolding in bringing clarity. Inspiration is shared freely as well as insights to empower and uplift others.


Ajna Center
I have to know the answerAjnaCenter
I have to figure this out
I already know
Where is my next move?
I’m sure about this…..
I need to know

Ajna Center Mantra
“I may have an opinion but I could be wrong. I will wait to offer my opinion until I am asked so that I can truly shine in my brilliance.”

“True Self” Behaviour of the open or defined Ajna Center
The defined Ajna is in a constant state of thinking and has a limited, fixed, correct way of thinking. The open Ajna does not have a fixed, limited way of thinking. It is open and free to many concepts and ideas. The defined Ajna enjoys information and research, and is not influenced by another person’s presence, maintaining their own thought current. The undefined Ajna enjoys thoughts flowing through, observing what is valuable and worth thinking about that is shared. They are not concerned about looking smart or feeling pressure to have the answers.


Throat Center
I better say something because I am uncomfortable with this silence.
I need to make something happenThroatCenter
If I move around a bit they might notice me
Where can I go to meet people and be noticed?


Throat Center Mantra
“I don’t have to say a word for in silence and stillness rests my beauty and my power. Only when I am invited or encouraged to share do I engage my voice and my truth ”

“True Self” Behaviour of the open or defined Throat Center
The defined Throat Center being has a fixed, predictable way of speaking. The voice of the defined sounds the same each time you encounter their presence. The defined can also sense correct timing for communicating and taking action on matters. The undefined Throat is comfortable with being quiet until acknowledged or invited to speak or act and does not concern itself with planning what it will say next. Through the openness of the Throat Center, they can also see who is speaking the truth.

Above all, the open Throat Center being never speaks first, understanding that they immediately lose personal power. The open Throat being can be terribly out of flow and miss correct timing so it is best not to initiate conversation.



 G Center
Who am I to be in this lifetime?
Where is my love?
Where am I to live and work?
Where do I belong?
What am I going to do with my life?
If I go there, it might show me what to do with my life

G Center Mantra
“The whole Planet is my home, and I am free to be me as I give my love freely from the center of my being. Through the magical ability to be a chameleon, I experience the beauty of what it is like being me and being you.”

“True Self” Behaviour of the open or defined G Center
The defined G Center has a very fixed direction in life as demonstrated in their design. The open G Center moves in many directions in life and relies on those around them to guide them in the direction that is correct for them. The undefined, open G Center is highly sensitive to environments, which proves if they are in the correct environment or not. They are comfortable and at peace with not knowing who they are as they take on a mirror character image of those who are near them and influencing their aura.


Heart/ Will/ Ego Center
If I tell them about what I can do then they might see how valuable I am.
If I tell them this then they might see how wonderful I am.Ego-Center
If I am in control I can show how valuable I am
I better do this because if I don’t, I wont be worthy
If I talk enough about this subject they will be impressed with me


Ego Center Mantra
“There is a sweet state of confidence and true, genuine humility being just me”

“True Self” Behaviour of the open or defined Will / Ego / Heart Center
The defined Heart Center being has a natural state of confidence as they move about in life. They are consistent in the way they make bargains and agreements. The undefined Heart Center being is content with their self worth and do not make commitments that they cannot keep. They are able to dial in the correct type of work to place their motivation into.


Sacral Center
I’m going to keep working so that I can get this doneSACRAL.CENTER
I’ll just get a cup of coffee to keep going
I have to do it myself
Who can I take care of?
I am going to find a mate
I can do that too, no problem

Sacral Center Mantra
“I don’t always say, “yes” because I can sense when enough is enough. I use my energy wisely and I am careful not to cast “pearls before swine” with my efforts and talents.”

“True Self” Behaviour of the open or defined Sacral Center
The defined Sacral Center is patient in waiting and enjoys being busy doing what it loves. The undefined Sacral Center being is relaxed, in a state of observation, manages the balance of work and rest, specializing or guiding others. the undefined knows when it is time to separate from others and take rest.


Spleen Center
I do not want to do that because it makes me afraid to think about it
I’m not going to do that because I might fail
I can’t do that because I might lose my connection with this person and they might leave me.
I don’t think I can do that, I feel inadequateSPLEEN-Center-graph
I feel desperately alone
I’m afraid to be alone tonight

Spleen Center Mantra
“My Self Love keeps me healthy as I keep good boundaries and nourish my body. I pay attention to those hunches, those instincts, those obvious responses from my body that says “Its time to let go” as I move on, allow and trust life to support me”.

“True Self” Behaviour of the open or defined Spleen Center
The defined Spleen people trust their gut feelings and instincts. They recognize what is appropriate to feel fear for and they exude a sense of comfort, health and safety for others. The healthy, undefined Spleen does not act spontaneously; they wait and watch for when to act. The open Spleen health system is very delicate so it understands when to remove its self from the aura of another that may be imprinting an illness or fear. They also can see when it is time let go of a person in their life or a job or a place that is not serving them and their best interest.


Solar Plexus
I don’t want to go there because there will be confrontation
I’m not going to say that because I don’t want to upset that personEmotional-center
I’m going to be really nice and smile so they will like me
I’m afraid to tell them the truth because I don’t want to hurt their feelings
It probably wont work out so I wont go there.
I’m not going to tell them the whole story because I do not want them to get upset


Emotional Center Mantra
“I am Centered, what will be, will be, I can take it truly being me. When I am upset, excited or thrilled, I breath it through, wait until it clears and then I engage to share ”

“True Self” Behaviour of the open or defined Emotional Center
The defined Emotional Being is comfortable with the emotional wave that flows through them. They understand that their trajectory moves in a completely different way than the non-emotional beings around them and that they are very slow in their decision-making and movement in life in contrast. The undefined, open Emotional being who is healthy understands the importance of being honest in their interaction and communication and the power of confronting, when necessary. Their emotional body is soft, smooth, clear and quiet with little ruffles, reactions or strong passions.


Root Center
I better hurry up and get this done
I have to start something new nowROOTCentergraph
How can I get past this thing that is stopping me?
I have to get this done today
Where is my passion?
I need something to focus on
I need someone to need me

Root Center Mantra
“Being present is my elixir as I relax into the here and now. It is only an illusion that certain things cannot wait until another day.”

“True Self” Behaviour of the open or defined Root Center
The defined Root Center being consistently processes stress and the pressure of daily living. They do not pressure others to do things or to hurry or skips steps. The undefined, open, healthy Root Center being is not hurried or pressured with life’s demands. They learn to use the pressure of the Root Center as a battery for their life force.