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When looking at the bodygraph chart, we find “Profile” listed with Type, Strategy and Inner Authority. Profile image from chart

Profiles seem somewhat elusive when one first meets Human Design. With the focus primarily on open Centers, Type, Strategy and Inner Authority, it is not in the forefront of one’s process as they are tuning into how the mechanics operate.

However, It is the next natural step that comes with living one’s life.


The Design Profile is hidden and somewhat unconscious. It will take a moment to see it as it is not obvious in one’s view. But it can be seen in how the body feels when one is conducting activities that correspond to that Profile line. The body loves doing what the Design Profile line indicates.

The Personality Profile is obvious and in the forefront as it presents itself to the world and in all interactions, expressing through the Ego. The Personality Profile has the loudest voice as it displays in conversation and social self-expression, demonstrating good and bad qualities in alignment with it’s level of maturation.

It is in the separation between the Design Sun Profile and the Personality Sun Profile that it becomes difficult to get to the purpose of one’s life. The genetics of the Design Profile has one agenda and the propulsion of the Personality Crystal and it’s Profile line has it’s own agenda.

The only way that one can truly experience Profile is when they are truly living out the chemistry of their design and operating true to TYPE.



To see how the Profile numbers are derived, look at the Personality Sun’s I Ching line. It is the first number in the Profile. The Design Sun’s I Ching line is the second number in the Profile.

For instance, I am a 5/1. If you look at my chart here, you will notice that my Personality Sun is 54.5. The Profile 5/1 derives it’s five from the Sun. It is the same for the 1. You see in the Design Sun: 32.1. The Profile receives it’s 1 from the Design Sun.


The 5/1 is known as the Investigator/ Authority /Heretic. According to Human Design, I am the one who likes to do research; I can be good in positions of authority and people tend to project onto me. Often, I am never seen for who I truly am, only reflecting the other’s state of insecurity or fear back into their own minds’ eye. A 5/1 is like a tall mirror to the other’s psyche as they project their state of mind onto the 5.

When I first meet someone, I get to watch them go through a series of their own projections trying to figure out who I am.  The 5/1 gets to observe and see what the other person’s state of being and contentment truly is. For this reason, they can make great counselors and fabulous teachers, gaining wisdom from life’s experiences and constant observations.

There is more to this Profile description but you get the general idea. Profile reveals how one operates as they are traveling through life. 

Profile could be called a ‘costume’ that Type puts on to play in this lifetime.  When one is tuned into how they operate and their unique chemistry, their Profile fits better, is more comfortable and naturally expresses.



This material is taught in the RAVE Cartography, Education Level II of the basic program for learning Human Design. A professional, certified analyst can explain your PROFILE configuration to you in a private analysis.


Written by Kashi Stone 2013, October


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