If we look at the ladder of the ancient Hindu science of Yoga, where meditation originates, we would find scientific, mechanical systems such as, Human Design, at the first rung of the ladder within the eight steps of human spiritual evolution.

Human Design is a science and a useful tool to teach us about the ego, its characteristics and the dynamics of its relationships. It also brilliantly defines diet, environment and the ideal conditions for digesting meals peacefully and well, through the PHS system. This is where our Ego sits, in the belly of digestion, which is directly connected to purification ~ getting the body correct through proper diet and situated in the proper environment.

Meditation comes from a religion, a spiritual teaching, on the other hand. This is where the profound distinction is seen. Understanding this important distinction helps to erase the confusion that often occurs in the search of defining its relationship to other beliefs or systems and the necessity of a daily practice.

When we consider the ancient spiritual science of Yoga, the original source of the practice of meditation, we see that meditation is level seven out of eight levels. There are six different steps in the process of personal development before one is ready to approach the practice of meditation.

Transformation and enlightenment cannot happen without the daily dive into the depths of the sacred within. And most are unable to dive deep enough because of the immense noise of a busy mind, an over-stimulated ego and a confused mental process of an unclear aura. That is why systems can help facilitate the environment for transformation but they are not the true catalyst. Addressing the digestion system helps to manage the emotional system, which addresses the mental system and eventually, you get to that quiet place of concentration and then, finally, meditation that brings the transformation.

It’s not that easy to get to the place where meditation can truly happen.

The attempt to meditate is often fraught with the failure of a busy mind winning, feeling defeated and unable to approach the practice once again. Understanding there are levels to master before one can achieve this extraordinary, deep state of meditation alleviates the stress that often, is a result of the challenge to master the practice as a daily ritual.

Following, are the eight levels that lead towards enlightenment and what yogi’s have traditionally followed in achieving the highest state recognized as, Bliss. The very bottom of the ladder and first step is “Purification”.

8. Enlightenment~ a state of constant bliss (Samadhi)
7. Meditation
6. Concentration
5. Ego and Desires
4. Pranayama
3. Asanas
2. Spiritual teachings

You can see that after much purification, study, exercise and management of the thought field for emotional behavior and desires, and the ability to concentrate so that the mind is empty and quiet, then, one is prepared for the practice of meditation.

So much emphasis is placed upon the need for meditation before any of the first six steps are embraced and perfected. Learning to breathe, learning how to stretch properly and learning how to eat correctly are paramount before anyone is ready to sit and dive deep into true meditation.

Let’s review each of the steps of the ladder, from a casual perspective.

Purification appears when something is wrong, like when we have a cold and we are driven to bed, forced to drink herbal teas and drink lots of water; get rest and recuperate. We know that we need rest and we take the time to nurture our body to heal. Purification practices such as fasting, moments of silence, nutritional supplement programs, massage, spinal adjustments, etc are all expressions of purification. Many practice this first level of Yoga without realizing they are participating in a transformational process of the ego.

Spiritual teachings include things such as, tarot cards, astrology, a spiritual guru, an author that has appeal, music, poetry, I Ching, feng shui, and the bible. Spiritual teachings at this level are thought current streams from spiritual masters or an author that brings the next great expansion to one’s mind.

Asanas are the postures that most people refer to as “yoga”. But the postures are one small part of the practice of Yoga, as you can see. Asana’s have a powerful connection to the seven chakras in the physical body system that directly correlate to the seven major glands, hence, the importance of stretching in certain ways. Through a daily practice of stretching the glands, vital juices are secreted into the blood system increasing vitality and strengthening the immune system, an important component to the process of greater awareness.

Pranayama is the art of breathing. You can tell a lot about a person in the way that they breathe. If one is anxious, fearful, or experiences similar moods, then the breathing is shallow and high in the chest. In Pranayama, one is taught the method of shifting their breathing to their lower region, automatically, as a natural way of moving through life. If one has control over their breath, then they have control over their thoughts, their emotional nature and ultimately, their reality. There is a big impact on the entire being when one learns to breath naturally, automatically, from the lower region.

Ego and Desires is a tough one. From this place, one faces their demons, their blessings, their nightmares and their karma. Nothing is left out of the transformation process on the ladder of enlightenment. Most of humanity lives attached to the moods, the desires, the preferences, the attachments to people, the judgments, the jealousy, the victimhood, the competition and the comparing. It takes a long time to get past this level and graduate to the next, maybe lifetimes. It helps if you have a guru to surf the shocks and the beautiful destruction that takes place at this level of maturation. One is either split in two or cultivated into wholeness.

Concentration, level number 6, requires one to completely stop everything and come to the present moment in such a way that the rest of the world almost disappears. It is the ability to sit with a quiet head, no thoughts; to be empty and feel completely peaceful inside so that one can get to the next level of deep meditation that is the true, transforming agent. At this stage, one is detached from all outward motivations, such as desire, greed, fear and lust, those things that are often the result of an untamed ego. This level of awareness goes beyond time and space, transcending the spell of the matrix. Life flows effortlessly and magically from this place of quiet concentration as it leads the way, clearly and confidently.

Meditation arrives when we have mastered all the above. It comes into our life when we have developed the discipline of moving and bending the body to stimulate the glands that produce the juices that bring a sweet, state of equanimity and we are breathing from a place of relaxation. And it comes when we have learned to release, surrender and be in total conviction of our divinity, letting go of our ego and desires, ultimately, gaining the ability to taste the fruits of meditation: the ecstasy that comes in time.

Bliss / Ecstasy / Samadhi, this place is all three of these names, describing one same quality. When a being has mastered the ability to sit in a constant state of meditation, bliss comes. The ripples of ecstasy flow through the open channel of the seven centers elevating one’s reality into the experience of joy in each moment, effortless movement combined with an equanimous state. It’s utterly different from the way the rest of humanity moves through life.

Ahhhhhh, the golden path of Yoga.

There is no path more powerful in leading one towards a divine state of being than the spiritual teachings of Yoga and there is nothing more profound than watching how the planets, the moon, the sun and the stars direct our life, moment to moment, as we make choices within the activations that influence us through the science of astrology.

It’s Incredible to observe and to participate.



“There is so much to be taken in from the world around you when you are correct, so Ramuch that you cannot take in or experience when you’re not correct.

You cannot in any way eliminate personality transference by wanting to. You can’t. It’s a long, arduous, dedicated process. It begins with the body. It begins with the dedication to the body, allowing the body’s intelligence to realign your geometry, to move you correctly, and in giving authority to your vehicle, to begin the healing of your mind.

That’s only the beginning of healing mind. You have to give it something to do. Your mind is going to ramble on and on. The openness in you is always going to be there. It’s always going to be leaning on your mind to get you to be what you are not.

The moment that you can free yourself from mental decision-making, you can begin to focus your mind.

When you’re operating according to your vehicle, you’re like any creature on this plane, perfectly aligned to your geometry, your potential, your purpose. It’s interesting to share that with you.

I am so deeply aware of it.”

~ Ra Uru Hu


Article written by Kashi Stone

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