The Manifestor Sting

Once upon a time, I heard Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, imply that emotionally defined Manifestors are the most dangerous of all Types of humans.

Often, I wondered why he said that and what could be so dangerous about a juicy, warm, sensitive, emotional-kind of person. A few of my clients and some of my students are emotional Manifestors, as well, my best friend and a few other very, good friends. Throughout these friendships I have not experienced any as the ‘dangerous’ type. However, I have been curious as to what he meant. After all, Ra is an Ego Manifestor and it is odd that he would find something dangerous, when he has so much personal power but let’s explore some more.

Manifestors are the only ones who have the natural ability to manifest things into action, easily through their own might and power. This means that all other Types are reliant on the Manifestors to cause the right situations to happen on the material plane or must wait for the correct group configuration for things to move into action and manifestation. If the right projects get initiated, some fabulous, amazing opportunities rise into the life path trajectory for all those concerned.

When we observe the ability of the Manifestor in contrast to the other Types, it is important to consider the Manifesting Generator. Manifesting Generators are very much like the Manifestor yet, have a greater impact on others because of the Sacral Chakra that is defined in their chemistry. There is no way a Manifestor can compete with the velocity and push behind the power of the Manifesting Generator. When MG’s make decisions to do something, all others surrounding the MG are going to be impacted, in some way. Usually, it is not a positive impact because they are not letting others know what they have decided to do yet, as they are moving at a high speed, whizzing towards their destination, hitting mail boxes, swinging doors, slamming the breaks or speeding down the highway. Throughout the path there are people whose lives become impacted by this fast and often, reckless behavior of the naturally fast MG or the impatient, open Root Manifestor.

Manifestors and MG’s truly do not enjoy informing others about what they are up to. Both Types love to tell others what to do or share stories but they abhor providing any information or details about their own activities that require approval or support. It seems to go against the natural grain of their way of moving through life yet, it is paramount to the quantity of harmony they get to experience in their day-to-day interaction.

If the Manifestor or the MG is a “tribal king”, gate 45 of the Money Channel, then their impact on others or ‘sting’ is going to be even more greater. Tribal Kings are a natural leader of the Generator Type. For eons, Generators have heeded the command of the Manifestor tribal king, acting as slaves, hand-maidens, “worker-bees” in the factories and lay people in the temples. Generators have been the followers and the Manifestors have been the kings, priests, wealthy land barons and high government, profile individuals and so on.

When the Manifestor, tribal king, gate 45, commands to a Generator, “C’mon, let’s go, let’s do this now and don’t worry about the details. It will all work out, just do what I say”, you know that you are going to have problems and most likely, you will lose.

Most Manifestors don’t care how they are impacting, for they are entirely set on getting what they want, when they want it, however necessary. The emotional Manifestor quickly rationalizes the compromising of its integrity or actions and pushes harder than any other for its will to be done. This is when the sting becomes apparent. The Manifestor, without the Sacral Chakra defined, is like a hungry ghost who grabs energy and power for its own selfish desires quietly, unknowingly. It can be frightening, exhausting and defeating to interact with because of its power to take.

With the Sacral defined, the MG’s have a bit more velocity behind their anger, which can be traumatizing for a Generator who has no frequency of anger in their base chemistry or the Projector who also, has no frequency of anger in their base chemistry, nor Reflector. “Base” meaning pure chemistry without the imprint of another.

Couples imprint each other. If one is a Manifestor or MG, then the anger will imprint on the one who is not and be expressed in an extreme, odd way.

The natural MG energy raging with anger can cause the other types that have no anger in their natural chemistry to shake, almost become ill, perhaps an extreme stomach upset or react in desperate attempt to meet the power of the conquering Manifestor frequency.

When the Generator is pushed into action and direction of the Manifestors wish, the Generator expends the energy and commits to a task and is focused ahead. But if the Manifestor has not informed all the necessary details, then the Generator’s life is impacted, short-circuited, abruptly disturbed. This is the sting of the Manifestor or the MG that chooses not to be honest, not to inform nor consider the consequences of its impact on another.

With 35% of the population MG and another 10% of the population Manifestor, almost half of the planet’s population are these two groups combined. It is important to understand the significance of informing, impact and anger. Having the grace to inform could potentially save much grief, frustration and misunderstandings or disagreements that occur. Not informing, may be why most Manifestors become isolated or rejected.

It’s true that Manifestors are here to initiate things into action but so do MG’s. When the initiation is not correct or if it is selfish in nature, it becomes the ‘sting’ that causes a bit of pain for all those surrounding, in some way. Manifesting Generators must take responsibility for the immense power that they carry, impacting others as they move about, make decisions and head in certain directions. Manifestor or Manifesting Generator, it does not matter, understanding impact and proper informing are key to harmony avoiding that awful, unnecessary ‘sting’ of the incorrect thing.

There was a time when I consciously, first recognized the sensation of a Manifestor informing properly, correctly. In communication with a Human Design teacher, I was given the necessary details of events and clues as to what to expect next. My body immediately went into immense relaxation and satisfaction upon reading and hearing ‘truth’ communicated by a Manifestor who understood how to inform and was aware of the power in its delivery.

Of course, he is a Human Design teacher, so he has the tools, the knowledge, the experience and the wisdom to apply the strategy and gain wonderful results. Understanding how to use the astrological weather influence is another fabulous, powerful tool that he uses too.

Perhaps, even more impressive are the amazing, considerate, aware people in the courses that are offered on this website here. Surprisingly, there are a number of Manifestors in the classes, being a rare Type. Observing their process of understanding, grasping and becoming more aware of their impact, the magic of informing and understanding their reasons for anger as they develop greater self-control has brought extraordinary grace into their presence and interaction within the group.

It would be nice if more Manifestors and Manifesting Generators became aware of their impact and learned the art of informing. The world would be much more relaxed, happily rewarded in day to day activities and less time, money and energy would be wasted chasing rainbows of disaster that suddenly become the Manifestor Sting.


Written by Kashi Stone 2017

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