Manifesting Generators, My Friends


At this point in my experience with Human Design, I am beginning to actually see a profound distinction between the Manifesting Generator and the Generator. It took me Golden Swirlawhile to see it in full depth.

It has always seemed a little vague.

Years of witnessing and experiencing before I could actually see this distinction between the two types, clearly. It is puzzling that Manifesting Generators are considered the same as a Generator, they are so different.

The one thing that is prevalent to me is the lack of patience that many Manifesting Generators seem to be carrying. I know no better way to describe this lack of patience than a racehorse at the gate just waiting to bust free and onto the racetrack.

Initiating happens as though it is second nature because sometimes, things go easy for them while they are racing down the track making things happen.

The other strong distinction between the two types is the enthusiasm that a Manifesting Generator can have at the start of a project. They go deep into it as fast as they can, taking it as far as it can go until something else comes up and they head in another direction. The project then, falls flat and dissipates; lots of wasted energy riding on the wave of initiation and not waiting for the truly correct thing.

It’s exhausting in collaboration, to ride the wave high and then crash without warning. This abrupt, fast energy can even give me heart palpitations if I am in the aura of an MG for too long. It has a big impact on me.

With the fast energy of the Manifesting Generator is also the tendency to push energy, even when there is tremendous resistance. Sometime, I ask my Manifesting Generator friends to please stop pushing, trying to convince me to do something. They can really be overwhelming, when they are determined.

When I witness an MG who is aware of their chemistry and how important it is to be patient, I really enjoy their company. It is a very different sensation to be in the company of a relaxed, aware Manifesting Generator who is patient.  Our chemistry can actually compliment each other in our endeavors.


For Manifesting Generators, patience is everything.

When a MG and any other type come together in romance, there is going to be a lot of pressure on the other type to manifest and initiate and movement that is much faster than the other types when it comes to navigating life.

Other types can also take on a quality of anger that is foreign to them and reflect it back in the relationship, even more than the MG. It can be very unhealthy for a Generator, Reflector or Projector to carry around the imprint of anger.

When I feel anger come up in me, I look around to see if there is a Manifestor or a Manifesting Generator near me and there always is. I turn and ask them, “What are you angry about?” and they are angry about something. I’m not angry; It is not my natural chemistry. That is why I notice it and it feels foreign to me, it is not in me and it is coming from somewhere else.

This can bring a lot of confusion when the two types of frequencies engage in a romance.

A non-Sacral begins to adopt the busyness of the Manifesting Generator, initiate, moving away from their own natural rhythm. It can become very confusing and draining.

Everybody has their own way of operating, their own inner compass to guide them when they use their Inner Authority and unique way to operate that leads them to the next correct thing.

It’s a delicate dance between the types as we learn how we operate, interact best together and support one another in getting our life.


Written by Kashi / 2013 / revised 2018