Manifesting Generator Friends

At this point in my experience with Human Design, I am beginning to actually see a profound distinction between the Manifesting Generator and the Generator.

It has always been a mystery to me and it seems a little vague as to exactly what the difference is being a Generator versus a Manifesting Generator without the awareness that comes over time.

It’s taken me years of witnessing and experiencing Manifesting Generators before I could actually see this distinction between the two types within a Type, clearly. It has a puzzling sensation with the auras being the same but as I witness, they are so different in another way.

The understanding of how unique they are from each other seems to have layers and dimensions much like looking through a kaleidoscope. You have to open your mind a bit to see this difference.

The one thing that is prevalent to me is the quality of patience that many Manifesting Generators seem to be absent of. I know no better way to describe this lack of patience than a racehorse at the gate just waiting to bust free from the confines of the gate door on the racetrack.

I watch it in the subtle way they operate. I even see the initiating happening as though it is second nature because sometimes things go easy for them, for a moment, while they are racing down the track making things happen.

The other strong distinction between the two types is the enthusiasm that a Manifesting Generator can have at the start of a project, go deep into it as fast as they can, taking it as far as it can go until something else comes up, they drop the project and they head in another direction. The project then, falls flat and dissipates; lots of wasted energy riding on the wave of initiation and not waiting for the truly correct thing.

It’s exhausting for me in collaboration, as an Emotional Generator, to ride the wave high and then crash without warning when collaborating. I don’t have that fast energy as a Generator. I can even have heart palpitations if I am in the aura of an MG for too long. It has a big impact on me.

With the fast energy of the Manifesting Generator is also the tendency to push energy, even when there is tremendous resistance. Sometime, I have to actually ask my Manifesting Generator friends to please stop pushing me trying to convince me to do something. They can really be overwhelming.

Conversely, I witness a small number of MG’s live out their life through their HD awareness unlike the above descriptions. I don’t feel pushing, taking things so far and dropping and being impatient. I do get to witness an MG in relaxation, which is very different from most Manifesting Generators.

When I witness an MG who is aware of their chemistry and how important it is to be patient, I really enjoy their company. It is a very different sensation to be in the company of a relaxed, aware Manifesting Generator. This is where the aura feels the same and the possible resonation of how we are operating similarly through our auras. Our chemistry can actually compliment each other in our endeavors.

My best experiences in creating and collaborating with Manifesting Generators has been when I watch a Manifesting Generator go through their own personal Inner Authority, naturally, as second nature.

As the Manifesting Generator moves through their Inner Authority there is a wonderful sense of relaxation for me. I feel no pushing, rushing or speeding up, its just smooth interaction and it feels good.

If there was any one thing that I could tell Manifesting Generators in my observation and witness is that patience is absolutely key; it is everything.

Many Manifesting Generators are designed with a chemistry that is fast to jump on things and be incredibly impatient. It can be a great challenge for them to be patient.

Many of my Open Ego/Heart/ Will Center friends jump on an opportunity, make a commitment and then don’t follow through. It really happens often.

It helps running decision making through your Inner Authority and if your inner Authority says that it is “not time now”, it is not time; gotta wait! And if your Inner Authority says that it is not the thing for you, then don’t commit to it.

Be patient and don’t over commit to things. Give your self, space and time.

For instance, someone with an Open Root Center will take on as much as they can, fill their plate full, hurry and spend lots of energy up really fast and hard. This kind of pace blows out the adrenals and zaps their energy for a long time.

The MG’s with an Open G Center, I notice, often will jump into relationships with an idealized concept of what they can create and want it to be. Of course, most will not experience a truly compatible relationship because they did not take their time to be really sure, which romance requires. And with the wrong environment come ill health, psychosis and depression. It’s so important to take your time with romance.

To me, MG’s should be with MG’s when it comes to romance. With their fast frequency and the quality of its manifesting ability, they are a good reflection for the way they operate.

When a MG and a Pure Generator are together in romance, there is going to be a lot of pressure on the Generator to manifest and initiate, there will be the heart palpitations if you are in each other’s aura a lot or sleep together and there will be a movement that is much faster than the Generator at navigating life. The Generator can also take on a quality of anger that is really foreign to them and reflect it back in the relationship even more than the MG.

When I feel anger come up in me, I look around to see if there is a Manifestor or a Manifesting Generator around me and there usually is. I turn and ask them, “What are you angry about?” and they are angry about something. I’m not angry; It is not my natural chemistry. That is why I notice it and it feels foreign to me, it is not in me and it is coming from somewhere else.

This can bring a lot of confusion when the two types of frequencies try to have a romance.

With the other types you have the challenge with the open Sacral Centers and the possible drain on energy that can happen with a non-sacral being. A non-Sacral can begin to adopt the busyness of the Manifesting Generator, initiate and not follow through, dropping projects suddenly and move away from their own natural rhythm through life according to their aura. It can become very confusing and draining.

I love the magic that my MG friends carry in their aura; I do play with it. If someone gets excited it revs up my fantasy channel and off we go until we get to the point of manifesting or initiating and then it all changes.

Everybody has their own way of operating, their own inner compass to guide them when they use their Inner Authority and way to operate that leads them to the next correct thing.

To Manifesting Generator friends, just a word: patience!

And try not to push the Pure Generators! We are moving at a little different pace and we are fine with it. Things work out better for us when we move in our own rhythm.

I love to watch the passion in a Manifesting Generator when they are doing something they love. They can really move mountains and make things happen when they get to shine in what they do best.

Checking in and seeing if you are relaxed and doing what you love versus pushing up against energy that feels like a brick wall that is causing you to feel angry and frustrated is a good indicator of where you are in your ability to tune into your inner guide and whether or not your are initiating.

I love my MG friends and truly enjoy the excitement and possibilities that they bring into my life. Just yesterday, I sat with a dear friend of mine who is a Manifesting Generator and whose company I enjoy very much. When she walks in the room the energy lightens and the next thing becomes purposeful and appropriate. We are in synch and it’s great.

When I first met her I did notice the many not-self tendencies that are inherent in a Manifesting Generator and the open Center behavior that went with her design. Fortunately, upon meeting she was immediately interested in knowing more about Human Design and herself.

I started sharing with her about her chemistry and her strategy to wait to respond and with the Emotional Authority, how she must wait and give herself time to come to some kind of clarity.

What a joy many months later to sit with her and encounter a completely different person in chemistry who is relaxed and confidant. I ask her what she has discovered that brings her to this state of being and she said that her focus has been on being patient and giving herself time before she jumps on things.

She mentioned that she has noticed how much her response to something can change so radically from one day to the next as she sleeps on things and continues to wave through decisions. She is truly practicing the science and applying the tools and it really shows in our afternoon visit.

I see her more aware, more acute with the sense of initiation and how her open Centers are operating. I see her understanding how her mental process takes her into a different space than her Inner Authority. It is a joy to share, witness and celebrate the awareness that has taken place over this last year just playing with the Inner Authority, Sacral Voice, Decision making and getting to know one’s own chemistry intimately.

Aware friends are a great blessing.