Love, Sex, Promiscuity and God

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Romantic, sexual love is deeply rooted in our human chemistry along with survival and the pursuit of a deeper meaning to life. They all tie into each other in a very intimate way.

On this planet, humans are learning about duality and the attraction/repulsion dance that comes with the play of duality in pairs of opposites. We are learning the relationship of good and bad, right or wrong, white or black, negative or positive, masculine or feminine. And through the experience of duality, we grow and evolve.

In that play of duality comes the lesson of pain. Pain is a necessary part of our physical plane existence in that it provides a navigational response to what is correct or healthy. Through those painful experiences, our ego is refined, matured, and a change in the nature occurs.

In that refinement of nature and the maturing of the ego comes an awareness of our multidimensional, holographic existence. As we become more aware, we see with a wider perspective that is not limited by the physical eyes or constricted by our minds beliefs.

As we become more holographic in our awareness, we see “more” of everything around us, greatly impacting how we are attracted and how we navigate our attraction. It also means that we see those things that have been long hidden in our interaction with each other and what was attractive or alluring earlier, becomes a slight repulsion or distaste.

When it comes to our holographic, multi-dimensional view regarding love, sexuality, promiscuity and God, you can see that there is a connection, a bMerged Aurasond formed that creates a yoke sealing two auras together when two people have sex. Psychically, it looks just like an egg shell, yet watery with long tendrils.

No matter where one is in the world, apart or separated, this yoke holds two lovers together transcending space and time.

One can feel their lover move, think, feel and act. The stronger the yoke, the more the communication as it takes on a life of its own. No longer does the individual exist, but the two who have become one are meshed.

With this mutation that we are in, rarely, do people commit to marriage. Even more rare, is a marriage that stays together “until death do us part”. Many people are feeling the surge inside to express themselves and are finding old traditions of romance highly restrictive.

Many people are testing, seeking and breaking away to find them selves. This means that lovers are moving amongst lovers, too. It is a bit of reckless aura sharing amongst lovers as humanity spreads it’s wings and begins to taste the elixir of being a unique individual.

sex and aural energy

If people only knew how much each person is impacted by intimacy, there would be a lot less illness, sickness, mental madness and unwanted babies. It would be a different world if we moved amongst each other with a little more consciousness.

Healthy aura merging and clearing is what we need to become more aware of as we spread our wings and step into greater individuality in our life expression. It is important to give our auras time to dissipate before engaging in physical acts of lovemaking with a new person. There has to be a time of clearing and healing before introducing new energy.

Depending on how long the relationship has been active and the frequency of lovemaking will determine how long two auras stay merged. One single lovemaking incident usually takes a cycle of thirty days to dissipate out of the aura. A relationship that has endured for years takes years to dissipate. Watch your thoughts too. You would be surprised how much the thoughts that one entertains throughout the day impact and keep an aura bonded with another.

It takes a minimum of forty-eight hours to relieve the intensity of a sexual connection. Merged aura 2During the first forty-eight hours after lovemaking, a lover experiences the strongest connection in sharing thoughts, feelings, and intentions. The couple is literally one being whether they are “in love” or not. You can smell each other, taste each other and feel the waves of thoughts and emotions of each other while apart physically yet bonded, psychically.

If a couple shares a bed they are one being, they are not individual in their expression. Partners can sense their lover continuously and share in the entertaining of mental tapes. Most people have no clue that this is happening inside of them.

If people really understood what was happening on the subtle plane, there would be a lot less promiscuity. There would be less children born into situations where they cannot be properly provided for and tended. There would be a lot less physical problems with our reproductive organs, heart, lungs, throats and ears. Many women will experience vaginal disorders of every kind, bladder infections, glandular inflammations, neck problems and chronic earaches. These conditions usually occur when they are sleeping with someone who is not compatible, nor appropriate. These same symptoms can occur if a lover is disloyal or if a lover is being dishonest in communication.

There will also be a block created in the Root and Sacral Centers, the Will and Throat Centers. This block can manifest in many ways, such as inflammation of the uterus and ovaries, hip problems, sciatica nerve issues, throat problems, earaches, etc. When the energy is blocked, a healing must take place to help move the emotional energy and bring the body back into balance.

When the blocks occur, there is a closing of the heart. A lover goes into a feeling of dullness, depression and sadness. A lover can be impacted physically, emotionally and in their etheric body when there is mixing of auras.

Most of the time, people are unaware of this happening. Things happen to their bodies and they ignore it or cannot hear it. Their hearts shut down and they don’t realize it or they don’t understand why they feel funny or strange inside.

Love yourself. You are a temple.

LOve myself





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