Life Is But A Dream

Part III

As Yolanda sat at the back of her boat to write her article about the River of Life, she reflected on the activities that seem to occupy most of the people going down the river. It appeared that many people were focused on controlling other boats instead of maintaining their own boats or completely oblivious to the care that was needed for their own boats.

Those at the back of the river also seemed consumed with the events and drama occurring. There was so much mayhem, chaos, pain and trauma, how could anyone be flowing gently down the River of Life?

She thought about the passion that would flare from strong emotional energy. She noticed the romantic story that would hover above those who had glued their boats together. The people riding in those boats had very strange looks on their faces. They appeared tired, confused and discontent. Very seldom did you see a unit of two boats glued together with happy, joyful, merry people inside.

She couldn’t help but notice how many boats had dings, crashes, broken parts and malfunctioning engines. So many of the people were obviously discontent and not paying attention to the flow of the river or how their boats operated best.

“I see one kind of life in all of this mayhem and I see another kind of life in the other part of the stream. Something is going on here. How could two realities exist in this River of Live?” Yolanda spoke out loud to herself. She decided to do a little research.

What she soon discovered is that there are indeed two realities, there is the reality that is seen with the two eyes and there is another reality that not everyone can see. Yolanda had noticed that the people in the boats in the River of Life hardly noticed those who were flowing down the calm part of the stream. It was as if they were invisible. Those in the quiet, slow lane made very little impact and were obviously content and entertained by very different things than the rest of the River of Life. It was obvious that they enjoyed their own company too.

Yolanda decided to drive her boat toward the boat of the Great Sage at the back of the calm part of the stream. She slowed her engine down and then did a hundred and eighty degree turn around. She drove against the current of the stream to the back where she could slowly move into the deepest part of the calm stream. Not many people would enter into this place but with her press pass, she was able to go places where few were allowed.

Yolanda saw the Great Sage hidden in one of the bushes at the side of the bank. She slowly strolled her boat, quietly up to the sage. “Excuse me, Great One, can you please tell me, what is the meaning of these two realities that I see?”

The sage tuned to look up at Yolanda and pierced deep into her eyes. Yolanda froze for one moment and then suddenly felt a bolt of his power. She caught her breath startled by the sensation of his force. He smiled and slowly, quietly he responded to her, “Go and study. You will understand what is this physical realm and that which is the source of your origin.”

Yolanda sat frozen in her boat gently rocking on the waves. Time seemed to stand still for a moment. She looked into the sage’s eyes again. It was frightening and mysterious. She couldn’t move.

Slowly the vision of the sage in the bushes at the side of the bank began to disintegrate before her eyes. She watched him vanish over several seconds. Yolanda sat with her mouth agape. She could not believe what she had just witnessed.

Yolanda turned her boat around and headed back down the stream. This time she put the boat on autopilot and decided to heed the words of the sage and sit at her desk to research and find the meaning of life.

Throughout Ancient times, Eastern Mysticism has regarded the physical plane as an illusion created by the minds eye, experienced through the senses. This illusion is commonly referred to as “Maya”. It is an illusion because nothing is stable or permanent and this physical reality is changing every second.

“Maya” is an ancient Sanskrit word derived from the root words ‘ma’ (“not”) and ‘ya’ meaning “that”. The meaning translates, as “that is not” but seems real, which would mean “illusion”.

The purpose of this Maya is to create and produce an experience of duality that hides the true Self within. Through the experiences of Maya, a person endures the life lessons that eventually destroy the illusion and bring the Spirit forward so that it may live and express the life.

Through this experience of the Maya, a soul is trapped and entangled by the dramas of life and misled through desire and want. In this view of life, the person can only see what appears separate from them, such as race, religion, financial status, gender, etc. While the person is viewing through this perspective of separateness, it allows for lust, greed and anger to rule the life, ultimately, driving and controlling events and people around them. This brings greater frustration, anger and lust into one’s life, sending the soul deeper into illusion, the Maya.

Yolanda sat back in her chair. “Amazing.  What we see with our physical eyes is all an illusion as our mind defines, compartmentalizes and creates ideas and new images. Wow, this is really a trip!”

“So, there is another world that is truly real that we cannot see with our physical eyes,” she continued. “Over time, one can begin to see the “other” reality when the soul comes forward and drives the life”

Yolanda sat down in her chair and got really quiet for a moment, speechless actually and a little empty in the head.

There was no thought, there was no emotion, and there was no movement, just pure silence.





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Written by Kashi Stone 2015