Reflector Aura: Resistant and SamplingReflector

Reflectors have no fixed definition in their charts, which means that all of their Center’s are white with very little definition. That definition changes with the transits and by who is in their aura. The Reflector brings ultimate justice to reality by reflecting everything around them and by judging what is going on.

The Reflector is very different from the other types. The other types can be referred to as ‘solar’ types wit their chemistry rooted in the sun. The Reflector is the only lunar type, reflecting the imprint of the moon.

Reflectors are not necessarily interested in themselves or the other, nor are they concerned about their impact. They are interested in knowing who they are today because every day is different. They are connected to the larger program of planetary transits.

Reflectors are the most resilient of all of the types because of their resistant and sampling of aura’s. Their aura resists taking in the ‘other’ too deeply and it allows for them to sample the aura of the other so that the can discover if the other is ready to step out and express their uniqueness rather than be absorbed in the homogenized world.

If Reflectors understand their design and know themselves well, they are completely protected from identifying with anything at all. They have the ability to see things in a way that no one else can and magnify everything and everyone around them.

They are a key in the global conscious field filtering consciousness and detecting a ‘blip’ when something is unusual or out of the ordinary. They can tell who is ready to break the mold of the homogenized world, point them out of the crowd and lead them to their own unique expression. This is what really surprises a Reflector and brings them joy.

The greatest gift is to read others and to be one with the totality. They have the opportunity for a mystical life that many of us cannot know. Unfortunately, most Reflectors are living the homogenized life and try to be something they are not. As long as they maintain a wonder about life, detaching from the state of the world to stay in disappointment. It is important to stay present with the moment, reflecting each moment.

The most important issue for a Reflector is the right environment and the right community. . Reflectors need to be in the heart of the community so that they can learn from those around them while not becoming dependant on them.

With an Open G Center, the Reflector is highly sensitive to the environment and the people in it. If they are uncomfortable, then they are in the wrong place. If Reflectors are in a sick environment, they may get sick themselves or not feel well.

The Reflectors Strategy is unique from the other types in that it moves with the moon’s 28 day cycle where it transits through all the 64 gates in the bodygraph. There is a consistency in the Reflectors process by the imprint of the moon set for them for life. In the monthly moon transit cycle, The moon moves through its cycle ‘hooking’ up gates opposite what is defined in the chart causing a definition pattern that is consistent in the Reflectors life. Charting the moons movement through their chart is essential for Reflectors.

“All of the possibilities of conditioning, is what the Reflector is here to take in.

But it is not what you are here to succumb to. You are not here to be emotional beings, you’re not here to feel good all the time, otherwise you’ll lose your alertness and stop really being of value.

You’re not here to be workers, you’re not. You’re here to be critics, you’re here to be guides, you’re here to be judges, you’re here to be sensors. You’re here to be those that can truly sense what is going on around you.

But first, you have to be healthy, and being healthy for you begins with entering into the right place correctly. Once you have the right place, as a base, you can build from that. But you really have to see, how important it is for you to understand;

Don’t be like everybody else!

You know, this is essential for you, don’t get caught in that, it is not who you are.” Ra Uru Hu on Reflectors




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