Historically, Manifestors have lived the role of king, queen or priests and ruled over large groups of humans.

Since Manifestors have ruled throughout history it is easy for them to gain authority and power over others. They have established basic human laws and all spiritual and material hierarchies as an attempt to maintain control and not to be challenged. They are distinctly patriarchal, yang yang energy.

Manifestors are designed initiate.

The Manifestors gift is to be able to act independently. Because of this, Manifestors may feel like the rest of the world is moving in slow motion. Manifestors can make things happen without other people but they can only do so much so they need the other Types to fulfill their goals.

Manifestors often do not fit into groups easily, perceived as uncontrollable. Being designed to operate independently, this can become their greatest handicap. Manifestors are not here to do hard work but they have to be allowed to do their own thing and remain uncontrollable in their own environment doing their own thing.

Manifestors must wait, like all of us, but when the moment comes to act, they must inform all those concerned even though they might face rejection.

Manifestors have to accept rejection on a deep cellular level. Rejection is their issue. If they live their design those who matter will never reject them. They will be loved simply for who they are – simple, powerful, untamable, freedom loving people.

Manifestors are simply here to enjoy. It is a gift from the gods. Whatever the Manifestor does now is for them and the only responsibility they have is to enjoy the reward by being their Self.


Manifestors strategies are different according to age – as a child they are taught to ask for permission and as an adult – they have to inform before they do something. This is the most difficult thing for a Manifestor. However, courage to practice this strategy will make a huge difference in their life and for those around them.

Emotional Manifestors have to wait out their wave before they know when, why and whom to inform about what. Sometimes it is difficult to hold back emotional energy and wait, however, it always pays off in the end.


Will I be allowed?
As a doer, they don’t need anybody to act and therefore they are deeply reluctant to ask others. They can feel as though they are giving their power over if they inform, so they usually don’t bother informing and take what they want when they want it.

Most manifestors never learn how to ask or inform. Thus, they end up being punished, which feeds distrust of others and so the circle continues.

Because Manifestors can take what they want when they want and can, they tend to behave this way in relationships. Especially with men – “You are mine, I am taking you”. Relationships that begin this way end in disaster.

Through informing the little things, you can avoid resistance and crisis. It also helps if the Manifestor informs who they love and want to be with.

Emotional Authority
This kind of person has the potential for enormous power when they are making others wait for their decisions to be clear. Natural decision making strategy is to “play hard to get” before clear decision.

This type of Manifestor is likely to react making decision before waiting for clarity to emerge. Also, with defined head centers, likely to make decisions before waiting, relying on mind to know –  it doesn’t.  The worst enemy is the mind – with the mind tending to take control of a situation, forcing a premature decision, which will eventually turn on U.

If you do not use strategy, waiting until clear in emotions, you will meet resistance and rejection from others. Most manifestors are uncontrollable and dangerous because they do not follow their strategy.

Manifestors in the world

In truth, Manifestors are all pussycats that do not really resonate with the rest of humanities need to work. They are not really concerned with being useful. Most just want a quiet life where they are left alone to do their own thing.