Manifesting Generators

Approximately 37% of the population are Manifesting Generators, which are a combination of Generators and Manifestors.MG

They have to balance characteristics of both Types. They process the anger of the Manifestor and inform others at key moments. They also must process the frustration of the Generator and wait for the right timing to act on things.

The Manifesting Generator’s aura is like a Warrior Buddha. There is no other aura on earth like it. It is the perfect coincidence of Yin/Yang energy effortlessly moving at light speed for sustainable periods of time when it is doing something that it loves.

Manifesting Generators are like a Manifestor compressed to fit inside a Generator vehicle. The Manifestor yearns to leap into action and the Generator must wait for good timing. Every time the Manifesting Generator leaps into something without waiting to respond – they will meet resistance. They can be most erratic and impatient of all Types.

Manifesting Generators are designed to be doing what they love in life. If they are not fulfilled, they will be deeply angry and frustrated inside.

Manifesting Generators secret is the feminine. They represent a struggle and fusion between male and female poles. The Manifesting Generator is the untamed wildness of the warrior and the silence and surrender of the Buddha.

For women, life is expression of cosmic balancing act. When you allow the warrior to lead, the Buddha is thrown off center and the resistance met is extraordinary. But when you allow the Buddha to lead life, in patience and quiet trust, then the aura really begins to burn brightly.

Sadly, few Manifesting Generators are able to anchor into the feminine energy to fulfill their highest potential. Through the practice of patience, the yin quality is strengthened, bringing balance to the chemistry.



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