37% Pure Generators      33% Manifesting Generators

Throughout history, the role of generators has been enslavement. Over 70% of Generators have lived as slaves for Manifestors, being kept ignorant of their true potential and being deeply frustrated from being unable to compete with Manifestors.

The new role of Generators is very different; with the natural decline of Manifestor powers comes the awakening of true potential of Generators, which is the true builders and creators of the planet. As Generators give up initiating and trying to be Manifestors, their response to life makes them capable of building absolutely anything.

Generators have tremendous wealth of energy and power, although they cannot use it directly. The key to the generator is – RESPONSE. Nothing is more powerful than a Generator who acts through RESPONSE.

When a Generator waits, they create a magical black hole that attracts everyone to them. When a Generator waits, others come over and ask them. Every Generator has a fear that if they do nothing, no one will ask them anything. But every Generator who has courage to wait, soon sees how unfounded the fear is.

Like the High Priestess of Delphi, you have to come to them and ask, otherwise they give you nothing. This is the perfection of the Generator.

The great handicap of Generators is impatience. Generators are conditioned not to wait and to be busy making things happen for themselves. The irony is that if even they succeed in attaining dreams, they remain deeply unsatisfied, because they never waited to see what their dreams were.

Whilst the Manifestors usually know what they want and actively seek it, the Generator cannot know what they want until it comes to them and they respond to it. Thus, the dreams of a Generator unravel as they go along, but they can never really know what they are until they have attained them.

When you meet a Generator who is 40-50 years old, who does not know their design, they have no idea who they really are. It is quite difficult to change their whole life to see who they really are. It can be quite uncomfortable with the new self that emerges as they respond to life. When you first start to live your design, you have to start at the surface. It takes seven (7) years of hard work to begin the process.

As children, Generators are expected to know what they want in life. No Generator can go and find out what they do or don’t want in life. They have to wait and see. They do not even know what they want to eat until they respond.

Whether a Generator has a defined or un-defined mind it will tend to undermine their response by preempting what they think they want.

Most Generators are frustrated working the wrong jobs, living with the wrong people, eating the wrong food and feeling a lack of purpose in life. The main reason for all of this is ignorance.

The Generator child has to be raised in such a way that they do not feel pressure to know anything. You cannot say to a Generator child, “go and clean up your room”. You are not giving them a chance to feel their sacral response. Even though they may say “No”, they need to feel their own response. Then, once they feel it – you can reason with them.

Generator Voice:

Generators make a wide range of grunting, squealing and mewing sounds. Thus generator children are often forced from an early age to stop making sounds and to articulate in words. This is where the conditioning begins. By being allowed these early response sounds, Generators develop the correct patterns in life, both emotionally and mentally. If they are not encouraged to express their truth in this healthy way – their doorway to truth closes and they are cut off from developing self-esteem and self love.


Generator Question 

“Will I be asked?”

This question is the deepest fear of every Generator. There is only one answer: wait and ride it out.   Every Generator has to learn to ride out frustration. They often feel that they will not be asked or asked the right question. The great irony of being a Generator is that they have the easiest opportunity to become truly aware of all the 4 types. Their path is very simple – all they have to do is RESPOND. Nothing else. If they do that, they will actually see who and what is perfect for them and will eventually understand and see the way the timing moves. The Generator is designed to move with the flow of life, taking their cues as they appear.



All Generators have their sacral center “defined” or filled in. This center is located second from the bottom in the middle channel. This center mirrors the throat center. It speaks without articulation and gives a :vital” response – it is the place of the “Generator Voice”.

It speaks in three distinct ways:

1)    As language when it is connected to the throat

2)    Sub-vocal sounds and grunts

3)    Surge of energy towards commitment

Sacral center source of life energy stays from birth to death. It does not require phases of regeneration and rest to recharge batteries.

This is the only center that operates differently between women and men. In a woman, its peak energy is 33-34, in men, their peak energy time is at age 18.

A defined sacral center generates a constant energy buzz in the body. It is often experienced as restless energy. Sacral people find it difficult to sit still until they are exhausted at the end of the day.



Generators have to know when they are involved in the right activity. They always have to go through barriers of frustration and not give up or they will end up doing something else that is not right for them. When they move through their frustration, their true power emerges. Whether or not you love it  – makes all the difference in enduring and succeeding.



If a Generator is committed to what they are doing and have the energy to endure the time of frustration, and the patience – a metamorphis will come.

A Generator never realizes when this happens – it just happens. The period of enduring can be short or long. But when a metamorphis comes – their skill and expertise is to take another level. This cycle continues, level to level of mastery  – this is your path – the level of mastery over something.

It is essential Generators understand the feeling of “feeling stuck” and that it is a very natural part of their lives. It is because they generate and do not manifest. Allow the feeling of “stuck” and do not become frustrated.

Another way to avoid frustration is to allow for sacral sound language (Generator Voice). This is the ancient language before mutation development of the larynx. It is important to observe and pay attention to the moans and grunts you make on a daily basis, as your truth.

The other profundity is you are not able to question with a grunt, which proves that generators do not initiate. The throat center initiates communication, where sacral responds. This response of grunting and or moaning tells them what commitment is right for them.

The moment that they try to initiate, they lose all their power.




The Sacral Center does not have articulate vocabulary so it can never give a reason for a decision that it makes. This is one of the reason why other types often manipulate sacral people = because they do not trust the impulse within them.

Sacral response is so pure it bypasses all awareness together. It doesn’t matter what you think or what you feel, the life force knows what is right for you.

If a sacral responds, “unhu” as a no response – there is no energy there to do it and they will not have the commitment to move through different levels of stuck to attain level of mastery.

The manipulation of sacral people is that they are influenced by mind and emotion in decision-making and do not allow the life force to guide them.

Sacral people are great quitters in life. They often do not stay with things because they do not answer with sacral. So many sacral make commitments that become a torment for them. The main disease is frustration with life and feeling unfulfilled.


Sacral people must learn to wait and trust in their waiting. If they do not wait to hear self in decision-making – they can miss opportunities to fulfill life’s purpose. Wait- don’t initiate.

Generators are here to attain mastery in life. Once they have learned to relax and respond, they must understand life is a journey through different plateaus. Even though they feel they get stuck, they are about to make an evolutionary leap on their path to mastery. Ironically, it is at this point that most Generators give up. As long as they begin correctly, they will have staying power to move through levels to mastery.




Generators are not to initiate relationships. Generators always need someone else outside of themselves to initiate a response. Generators have to learn to play their own strategy. You have to learn to “FLIRT” with your own energy field.


As a Generator, you can begin a conversation and see which way the response moves. In a relationship, generators have to throw the ball first and then get some kind of response. The other generator will have to ask similar questions to get asking generators truth in a sacral response. They could be initiating something only coming from their thoughts and not their truth.

Many Generators end up in relationships that are very detrimental for them and cause deep frustration. This is often because they decide with their mind, who they want to be rather than seeing who comes to their door.


Generator STRATEGY

The strategy of a Generator is to RESPOND and resist the temptation to INITIATE.

Generators should never take the first step. Action for them always arises out of receptivity. Generators have to trust in power of waiting and being patient.

All the generators power rests in their response. By waiting to respond, generators ensure that it is always they who correctly set the terms, rather than those who ask.


Generators are responding to life 24/7. The response can be a tone or simply a silent response, a feeling inside. As long as they don’t initiate – they are always on track.

A Generator eliminates resistance through waiting to respond. When a generator follows strategy, their tendency to overwork and over-commit comes into balance and harmony. They begin to feel their own life power and learn to share it productively with others on their own terms. If they ignore their strategy, they often end up in wrong careers and wrong relationships and instead of seeing life force generating and then observing it degenerating into decay.


One of the most powerful and deeply frustrating is a defined emotional Generator. These people have a wait to respond strategy, then wait again, to be clear about their response. If they trust their design, they will be deeply surrendered and a patient person.

Emotional Generators cannot respond immediately. They have to play hard to get. When they are asked, “Do you want this job?” and they hear themselves say, “Uhu”. They have to add – “even though it feels perfect now – I have to sleep on it”. This is their correct behavior pattern because they cannot know what to generate unless they have gone through their emotional wave. Generators have to get used to saying “yes, But….” This behaviour is a way of hearing, seeing, and learning that takes place over a movement of time.


Work out what resistance is. If you meet resistance, you can be sure you just initiated. The more you avoid resistance, the more you will find your self in a response field.

Experimenting with waiting and responding allows for synchronicity/ magical moments — when timing of universe reveals itself without doing anything.   The more you practice, the more synchronicity becomes commonplace. It is as though a blanket field of energy covers you and you are living fully within it. This is the flow of life – the response field.


If the door doesn’t open easily, wait and see. Perhaps another will open somewhere else.


Generators are the builders, powerhouses – the essence of intelligence and creativity.  We are not here to be led by anyone or anything. We are here to create a light field around this planet = we are the heart of humanity.

If you know how to be yourself – your aura begins to hum. It communicates in quantum world beyond thoughts and words – where we connect to the source of life.

Generator aura is that of a Buddha – yin – it declares, “I am available for life to flow through me”. It is like a hollow vessel that cannot be grasped. It shapes itself around the moment in perfect symmetry to the immediate environment.

The Generator is like a black hole, inviting all life inwards, irresistible, and infinite in depth. It is not built for speed but for sustainment. Life moves through the limitations of the gearbox for generators from level to level to mastery.



There is the most “subtle” feeling that occurs when you are about to ask someone for something ~ or suggest something to someone. It is a very subtle energy that resembles anxiety. Try it and notice the sensation  ~ a hesitation, a doubt, a little confusion or fear. This is initiating  – STOP – don’t do it!

Hold your thought ~ your intention and release it to the universe. Take a deep breath and trust. Wait until a sensation or a person appears and then you can decide if you want to respond.

How does it feel?

What does your moan or groan say when you ask yourself what you want to do?

Are you peaceful?

Are you calm or in joy?

Yes? – then do it!

No?  – don’t do it!

MANTRA for Generator:

“Do not initiate”

“Never take the first step”

“No tomorrow, no tomorrow, lets see what comes”


Manifesting Generators are a combination of Generators and Manifestors. They have to balance gifts from both sides. They have to process the anger of the Manifestor and the frustration of the Generator. They can be most erratic and impatient of all types but the one with the greatest potential.

Manifesting Generators are like a Manifestor compressed to fit inside a Generator vehicle. The Manifestor in you wants to leap to action and the Generator in you wants to wait. Every time you leap into something without waiting to respond – you will meet resistance.

You are designed to be doing what you love in life. If you are not fulfilled, you will be deeply angry and frustrated inside.

The way for you to find fulfillment is to follow your strategy, wait to respond, follow your authority and double check your responses to make sure it is right for you.  Often you will begin a project and find out later that it is not right for you. This is normal and correct for you. If it doesn’t feel right – then it is not right for you.


Manifesting Generators strategy for waiting only governs new experiences. Once you are in the door – your manifesting power takes over. Your highest potential is balancing the raw power and presence of the Manifestor and the patience and surrender of a Generator.

The Manifesting Generator’s aura is like a Warrior Buddha. There is no aura on earth like this. It is the perfect coincidence of Yin/Yang energy effortlessly moving at light speed for sustainable periods of time. Manifesting Generators are the archetype of what humanity is capable of. These are the “golden childs” of humanity.

Manifesting Generators secret is the feminine. They represent a struggle and fusion between male and female poles. The Manifesting Generator is the untamed wildness of the warrior and the silence and surrender of the Buddha.

For women, life is expression of cosmic balancing act. When you allow the warrior to lead, the Buddha is thrown off center and the resistance met is extraordinary. But when you allow the Buddha to lead life, in patience and quiet trust, then the aura really begins to burn brightly.

Your potential in life bursts out all around you for others to see but it is your ability to hold it in check that impresses people the most. You can achieve more in once lifetime than a generator can in a hundred years.

Sadly, few Manifesting Generators are able to anchor into the feminine energy to fulfill their true potential. So, you are both types – the raging warrior and the gentle patient Buddha. It is up to you to determine who is operating.

The difference between Manifesting Generators is found significantly in their sleep. In their awakened state they are the same frequency as a Pure Generator.

For Manifesting Generators, once they have responded, they can go right into action after their response. They can behave like Manifestors once they have responded without the experience of mastery through the levels.

They move through the steps much faster than Generators and sometimes miss steps causing to go back to the beginning again and start over. Both Manifesting Generators and Generators arrive at the same place at the same time but in different ways.


The other difference is the response –  they may stand up with coat in hand and walk to the door to go out to dinner only to realize they would rather stay home. They have to respond to their response. They may hear themselves say “yes” but then their real response emerges and either confirms or denies their “yes” – they often have to allow themselves to change their mind.