Type and Aura

Human Design demonstrates that there are four types, however, for the sake of clearing confusion and to gain better understanding, through this portal we recognize FIVE distinct types of human auras:

Manifestor (9%)

Projectors (19%)

Reflectors (less than 1%)

Generators (Roughly 30%)

Manifesting Generators (over 38%)


Each aura type operates in a unique way

Manifestors have a repelling aura

Projectors have a very focused, penetrating aura

Reflectors have a ‘teflon’ like aura as they sample and taste energies, yet, penetrate or repel at will, unconsciously and consciously

Generators have an aura that radiates and takes in simultaneously,

Manifesting Generators take in energy and repel, at whim, unconsciously.


Each aura type has a strategy

Manifestors strategy is to “inform” and become aware of how they are impacting others’ lives, while developing empathy and learning to be kind

Projectors strategy is based on “invitation”, bringing the most delicious opportunities when they are patient and deeply engaged and creative doing what they love. Developing their skills while waiting is also a fantastic strategy for the Projector so that they are prepared for the moment when they are appropriately recognized.

Reflectors strategy is to observe life happening under the influence of the moon and then, navigate life according to this awareness.

Generator strategy is to “respond” according to the subtle cues that speak in the body regarding opportunities, ideas and encounters

Manifesting Generator strategy is to practice being patient as they develop greater awareness and empathy for how they impact others and learn to respond to life in accordance to the subtle cues of the body.


Manifesting Generator