Our Crystals

Human Design Bodygraph Chart

generic chart When looking at the bodygraph you see that there are two columns, one in red on the left and one on the right in black. The left hand side in red contains information about the imprint of the Design Crystal and the right hand side in black contains the information of the imprint of the Personality Crystal. The Bodygraph itself represents the integrative field, the realm of the Magnetic Monopole, located in the G Center, the yellow diamond in the middle of the chart.

If you were to use the analogy of a limousine to demonstrate the roles of these three parts operating in harmony and union within us, it would look like this:

The limousine Vehicle is the Design Crystal, the body. It is only concerned with the vehicle itself. 

The Passenger sitting in the back seat watching everything going on is the Personality Crystal. The Personality Crystal has no control over what kind of vehicle, what color, what type of gas it uses or where it is going – it has no choice, it must surrender.

The Driver is the Magnetic Monopole which knows exactly where to take you and moves your vehicle along the line of its geometry or life path. It is in total control allowing for there to be no worry or concern about what to do or where to go by the Personality/ Passenger.




Conception begins when a Design Crystal with its Monopole are called up into a male eight hours before orgasm.

This Design Crystal with its Monopole enters into a million sperm to prepare for the hunting of an egg. At the moment of fertilization, conception begins and the Design Crystal begins to form the body with the streaming neutrino information. This building of the body continues until the neo-cortex is fully formed.

When the Design Crystal has built the neo-cortex the Magnetic Monopole sends out a signal to the Personality Crystal to enter the body where it sits in the neo-cortex. This takes place 88 degrees before birth and is the moment that the Design Crystal receives its imprint. The Personality Crystal will receive its imprint at the moment of birth.

The neo-cortex, where the Personality Crystal lives could be considered the “passenger” that sits in the back seat and is the one going for the ride giving the capacity of a “self-reflected” universe.


Our Personality Crystal has no conscious access to the Design Crystal. We don’t know anything about it as this brings us into a state of helplessness and choiceless-ness. Using Human Design as a tool shows us how to operate the vehicle correctly to liberate the Passenger (Personality Crystal) of concerns, such as what kind of vehicle, where it is going, what it is going to do and what is going to happen. The Design Crystal imprint shows us how different our vehicle is from the others.

The Magnetic Monopole sits in the sternum, the G Center in the bodygraph, the yellow diamond in the center and it is the integration of the Design and Personality Crystals. Only when Personality Crystal and Design Crystal are synthesized do we see the whole being that the monopole is manifesting on the material plane.

The Magnetic Monopole only attracts and its function is two-fold: 1) It holds in unison the crystals and creates the illusion of self. 2) It connects us to our line of geometry, our path in life as it is attracted to a specific geometrical fractal line and moves us along that line. The Magnetic Monopole is our driver holding us together in space.infant


The Personality is so powerful because we have direct, conscious access to it. So much so that it brings great strife, pain and struggle in life because it is who you think, think you are.

The Personality Crystal is eternal and has lived many lifetimes in many forms, coupled with many Design Crystals incarnation after incarnation. It is also taking in the direct conscious field of the neutrino’s moment by moment, filtering it through a specific differentiation that is very unique its own way of filtering.

The Personality Crystal meets much resistance when it is not aligned with the Design Crystal.

Human Design is a tool that brings the Design Crystal and Personality Crystal together to eliminate resistance and bring grace and ease into life while assisting in fulfilling your life’s purpose.


Written by Kashi Stone 2013