Lefty and Righty

Often, we hear these titles used while sitting at the dinner table, when baking or cooking in the kitchen and using utensils, or while playing baseball, playing guitar or violin or learning Lefty baseballhow to write in school.

Most people are “Righty’s” so most equipment, sports, gadgets, musical instruments and utensils are designed for right-handed people.

If you are a “Lefty”, chances are that you deal with a few obstacles that the right hand person doesn’t consider.

For instance, the way a left-handed person enters through a doorway is completely different than the right-handed approach. The left-handed person has a completely different gate in their step and an extra movement as they enter and walk through a door.

GearshiftTake the gearshift column of a car into consideration. Notice that it is located to the right for the dominant right hand. There is no way that the gearshift can be easily rearranged to suit the dominant Left-handed driver.


The Lefty is going to have to learn how to compensate for the unnatural use of the right hand as a dominant hand, shifting the gears.


The same goes with the guitar.Alex.A4

My left-handed friend, Alex Ogburn,
who is a full time musician, plays a mean, upside down guitar.



Everything in life has a little different bend that doesn’t seem to rest easy in the hand when the Lefty attempts to use something.

It takes a little more effort and a little more intelligence to get through one experience after another being a little different from the rest of humanity.


In the same way, Left Angle Incarnation Cross people have a similar time with the physical plane and the material realm.

The Lefty is experiencing life in a more intense, dramatic way with deeper realizations of lessons learned. One’s character is being shaped through crisis and opportunities, for the Left Angle. Because of this intense life journey that they experience, the Lefty tends to be a little “kinder” than the Righty type of person. This is all relative to the type of chemistry that is unique to each person, of course.

The material realm is the playground of the Right Angle Cross people. It is fairly effortless to move along taking care of one’s self, providing for basic needs and creating the stability of one’s own rhythm. This is how it works for most Right Angle people.

Incarnation cross.clip

The Left Angle Cross people have a completely different movement in life. No matter how hard they try, it is a challenge for them do their own thing. They are “chained” you could say, by the fates, to certain people and certain experiences.


The third component to the system of crosses is the Juxtaposition Cross, which is a very small percentage of the population. Their journey through life is very fixed and focused with very little distractions as they move straight ahead towards their goal. They are on a mission, you could say, like the handyman in response to a “fix it” call, zooming by.


For many Lefty’s, it is the perfect mate that compliments their desires in life as they often “hook-up” with the “Righty” in order to survive on the material plane. And the endeavors for work and survival must be what the “Righty” desires if the Lefty plans to thrive and be successful.

The Righty’s path through life is not so intense. It is “lighter” in nature and a little, more smoother and a lot more stable. Just about anything they approach in life, they can turn into some kind of currency to support their basic needs. They don’t need to interact with others in order to make that happen. They can decide what they want to do next and make it happen, especially if they have the definition for it, like a Manifestor.

Manifestors and Manifesting Generators with Right Angles actually have it the easiest on the material plane of all Types for thriving and being successful. They will seem slightly selfish in nature and a little self-centered because of the ease that they have in life. A Lefty’s struggle is incomprehensible for them, so there is little passion.

The material world is their playground.


Children with jumprope

Humans are designed to be interdependent. We are meant to mix and mingle our energy to create beauty and abundance.

Understanding that some of us are Left Angle and some of us are Right Angle causes us to relax our judgment on those who struggle with paying bills, meeting rent, keeping a job or difficulty in manifesting lots of cash to live in an artificial world.

We are all on a journey of lessons, discovery, growing and evolving, right or left or a little to the side.

Enjoy your journey


~ Kashi Stone 2016