Learning About The Centers


A self-de-conditioning process.

The evolutionary, mutation process that we are experiencing at this time is multi-fold, creating an expansion in the mind and occurring on a deep cellular level affecting the Etheric Body and deepening our connection with Spirit.

Because we are so caught up in our daily affairs on the physical plane, we cannot distinguish between the experiences that we are having and the thoughts that we entertain. This lack of awareness causes a separation between our body, our mind and Spirit. Many people struggle with understanding why things happen the way they do.

Through observation of the mechanics and simple exercises, one discovers this distinction and can begin to take control of how they are responding to life.

See the results of how easy and simple it is learning the mechanics and experience the expansion, viscerally and consciously.

Simply, Experiential Human Design
“Learning About The Centers”     Two-Part
In Part I, readers are taken on a journey of observation of common traits that our mind displays through our centers in our every day social interaction. In turn, this demonstrates the degree of control that our mind has over our reality.
Part I1.Learning About Centers COVER
Table of Contents
Competition and the Heart Center
Filling Up Centers
Gifts of the Open Centers
My Best Friend, Spleen
My Wild Horses
Our Open Center Illnesses
The False Sacral
The Garden and The Will
The Open G and The Open Road
The When and How of The Open Throat
Open Throat II

Part II takes readers through a comprehensive, philosophical exploration of the ancient Heart Chakra WORKBOOK Learning About the Centers Human Design Planet.orgHindu/Yoga interpretation of each center combined with a simple introduction of the mechanical role of each center in the bodygraph.
Part II
Table of Contents
From 7-9    Which Centers are new
Human Design and Esoteric Introduction
Head Center
Ajna Center
Throat Center
G Center
Heart Center
Solar Plexus Center
Spleen Center
Sacral Center
Root Center

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Learning About Centers


Sample article:  “My Best Friend Spleen”
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