Landing In Paradise

I woke up one morning slowly transitioning between the dream world and the daytime world. As I was drifting in and out, I heard a voice say, “We’ve landed in paradise. We are in Maui, we have made it”

It was an echo from a video I had watched the day before. The man was so proud and so Boat on river of lifegrateful to be in Maui. I have missed three occasions where I had tickets, bags packed and ready to go but never made it. I don’t want to get trapped on an island, perhaps.

So, my version of paradise became something else as I was drifting between dreaming and waking and reflecting on paradise.

It felt like paradise this particular morning while lying in my bed.

I have a full spectrum cosmos movie theatre in my bedroom. My bedroom windows are positioned in such a way that I can watch the moon move through the midnight sky and feel its light beam in on my forehead. There are trees between the window, the moon and me that create a silhouette of artistry, telling a story and painting a mood in the shadows.

I had just spent the early morning hours watching this work of art transform in front of me while lounging in my bed waiting for daytime to come.

Paradise to me is a garden, first. A garden full of fresh food year round, abundant fruit trees, herbs for medicine and flowers for companion planting. Bouquets are essential elements in paradise, too. That is heaven to me.garden2

Second on my list of things in paradise is a septic system that doesn’t use water. I know that probably sounds really strange to you but this idea of using water to run human waste down a hole is utterly stupid, in my opinion. We are the only animals that have homes designed with toilets inside our domains and we are the only species that uses water to get rid of our waste. My cat has taught me so much about proper waste management.

My greatest joy when I landed in Paradise was finding the most artful, most well designed building on our land, which was the magnificent humanure composting house. In paradise the “humanure” composting house is lovingly referred to as “Poo Palace”, and rightfully so. It is elegantly constructed, well designed, high fashioned and appropriate for this kind of human activity.

It’s not in the house, it’s more than fifty feet away and it does not use water, a precious, rare commodity these days.

From there the rule on this land is “No Wifi”. I know that would seem so very strange to most people since many cannot live without it. But Ethernet only is used, meaning each computer directly plugged into the modem in the living room if they want to access internet. It’s “old school”, you could say.

No wireless phones are allowed in the house and no wifi Bluetooth so that there is the guarantee of an EMF free zone. The land is completely barren of electrical lines, which is an added bonus for me since I am sensitive to electrical poles and lines.

Water is abundant as springs flow throughout the property and the location is not far from the coast guaranteeing an occasional rain and lots of fresh air.

I like the fact that the house is run entirely on solar. We manage which light bulb is turned on in which room to ensure there is enough juice in the batteries to last throughout the evening while we gather in the kitchen for a snack, play on the computer, watch a movie or play and record music. We are completely off the grid.

Occasionally, the generator comes on for a couple of hours to recharge the batteries if we are enjoying the day fully into the late evening. How much we use the generator depends a lot on how much sunshine we get.

I remember my grandmother saying to me often while growing up, “Life is an attitude. Life is what you make it”. Then she would give her examples and scenarios of people who made positive things happen in their life despite their strife. She was very hopeful yet realistic about taking responsibility for where one’s mind would go when things would happen and how that created one’s reality.

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”, she would say when something would happen that brought sadness, disappointment or heartbreak. She would point out people who are suffering greater and how one’s own personal life was really not that bad.

It is the same way in which we create the reality that we are living in. Are we giving full berth to our Emotional Body to drive our life, causing us to surf up and down, and all around?

Or are we making calculated, strategic, pretentious moves that sometimes work out and sometimes lose terribly, pulling in the wrong people and the difficult experiences with less than desirable results?

Maybe we have decided not to do any planning, no strategic movement and no commitments as we have chosen to stay present in our process.

One must constantly let go, allow and seek the good while moving along in life’s experiences. And when we keep gratitude at the forefront of our attitude, it helps the ability to stay present in the letting go.

When we surrender to the magic of serendipity and trust in the process of living our life, everything is more beautiful, more delicious, more delightful and more divine. We naturally lead our self into beauty.

When one can be present to the moment in a state of gratitude, paradise is at hand.

garden gate











written by Kashi Stone 2016