“Whole life is nothing but perceiving beyond perception. Whoever perceives beyond perception becomes powerful, alive, enlightened, liberated, pure
consciousness, manifesting powers.  

 It is all about perceiving beyond perceptions.”

— H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s message on 27 July, 2017


Written by Kashi Stone, 2017

As we learn and discover more about the Centers or “Chakras”, the more we understand how consciousness moves and grows throughout human evolution. Inside each being is a permanent atom that reincarnates, lifetime after lifetime, evolving through thousands upon thousands of lifetimes and through countless energy systems contained inside a physical body. A human’s evolutionary state can actually be determined by the condition of their centers, which are creating and holding their form in physical manifestation.

With each lifetime, comes the talents or skills that the Personality Crystal (PC) has acquired and developed over previous lifetimes, as well as the character strengths for evolving forward containing the imprint of each parent. This information is found in the right-hand column of the Human Design bodygraph chart and in the I Ching details. The DNA is seen in the left-hand column in red. Beautifully and clearly presented are the descriptions or interpretations of who this reincarnating, permanent atom is. Including, along with the PC is the “Higher Self” that rides with the permanent atom throughout each lifetime. Both parts of self: physical and spiritual, are traveling an evolutionary path, simultaneously, together; awareness in working with Higher Self brings the nodal path and gradually leads to higher.

A permanent atom re-incarnates each lifetime, attached to the ‘incompletions’, fears, desires or interactions with other permanent atoms from previous lifetimes and dictates the reincarnation process, unaware of the ”Higher Self”.

This lack of awareness keeps the permanent atom chained to the cycles of life/death/rebirth, the path of ‘pain and suffering’. The life experiences are intended to shape and cultivate the PC (The Ego), gradually bringing a state of integration and balance with multi-dimensional awareness.

Slowly, humans are taken through an evolutionary process that is intended to merge the physical reality with the spiritual reality, observed through the gradual unfolding of chakras cultivated with each lifetime.

Through behavior and activity, the point of consciousness is revealed. Thought streams determine the nature of priorities and how a person experiences life. Most of humanity’s focus on relationship, procreation, and survival clearly indicate that the point of consciousness resides on a mass level, in the Sacral and Solar Plexus centers.


The Mutation of the Solar Plexus

There are three main focal points in the HD science that distill into the purpose of its study: Understanding the relationship between Personality Crystal and the Design Crystal and the integration process that is associated with those two crystals in relationship.

The key component to this relationship between the two crystals is the ability of the Solar Plexus to operate as an instrument, creating and supporting the integration and mutation, allowing for the Heart Center to open fully, as consciousness rises, naturally, in the human form.

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The Solar Plexus sits midway between the lower centers and the higher centers, acting as a gateway towards a higher level of consciousness. In this mid-way point are the influences or mechanics of the ‘mind’ living out life with its desires, needs and attachments.

The Solar Plexus passes through three primary stages of evolution as consciousness works its way towards the Heart Center. First, awareness in the Solar Plexus is displayed through tribal connections and obligations. Bonds created through traditional love, duties to family and the traditional patterns that hold ‘ideas’ fixed and in place are tribal in nature. In the Tribal mind, one also displays strong expressions of victimhood, neediness, ownership and possession or defeat. These can be viewed as ‘not-self’ expressions or interpretations of gate activations in detriment.

The second phase of awareness in the Solar Plexus mutation is the essence of individuality and discovery of true Self. This level activates the Ego causing one to behave seemingly, self-centered or narcissistic, focused only on one’s own needs, as seen in detriment I Ching interpretations. This personal focus, in turn, develops a strong, healthy state of individuality that is meant to fosters one’s unique contribution to society while causing a healthy sense of self with strong boundaries.

Next level of Solar Plexus awareness is the Ego engaged in social interaction and contributing to the collective, fundamentally acting as a part of the whole while engaged in endeavors. These definitions of awareness streams are expounded upon in greater detail in the Human Design, Rave ABC course: Tribal, Collective and Individual.

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The Ego is not an easy beast to tame. For that reason, strict measures apply for gaining positive, life experiences. From purification to meditation to grace in social interaction and peaceful silence, it takes a long, long time to achieve the blessed state of divine union that is often referred to as, ‘integration’, the mind and body working on behalf of the Higher Self.

Simply put in HD terms, when the Personality Crystal (Mind) becomes aware of the Design Crystal (Body) and learns to heed its guidance, a state of synthesis begins. We can consider this the first step of the integration process and the beginning of the mutation of the Solar Plexus center.

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“The most important surrender is the surrender of your character, your way of being, so that it may change.”…………

~ The Mother of Pondicherry

@ Aurobindo






Written by Kashi Stone, 2017