Inner Authority


There are several different kinds of authority genetically designed in humans. Authority is the definition in a persons genetic makeup that holds the focus of the life force for movement and navigation on the physical plane and dominates in decision making. The authority may be Emotional or it may be the Will; the authority may be Sacral or it may be Splenic to even ‘No Authority’.


49% of the population are ‘Unemotional

Ra’s video on the difference between the emotional and unemotional ~ click here



51% of the population of the planet

You must consider for a period of time before you make a decision. You may even have to push away the one thing that you would like to do the most. If you do, that person or opportunity will come back to connect with you again, if it has a possibility of being correct for you. The more you play ‘hard to get’ the better the deal gets. As an emotional being, your feelings will change over the days and weeks. Who you thought might be attracted to or what job, house or other venture that you….to read more click here


When you look at a chart and see that a SACRAL center is defined and the Emotional Center is open, this person has SACRAL Authority. SACRAL Authority

Only Generators and Manifesting Generators have the SACRAL Center defined. A pure Generator will have a SACRAL Center defined and a Manifesting Generator will have the SACRAL Center defined with a motor connected to the throat. There are four possible motors and they are the Emotional Center, the Will Center, the Sacral Center and the Root Center… more here


A person with EGO Authority has no Sacral, Emotional or Spleen Center defined and the EGO is connected to the Throat Center through the G center or directly to the Throat Center through the Channel 45/21.

The EGO Authority uses their ‘will’ to make decisions. By asking yourself, “What do I want?” or “What is in it for me?” with a quality of selfishness, a correct decision can be made.

You either have the will to do it or not.


For the SELF Authority it is a defined G Center without definition in the Sacral, Emotional, Will or Spleen Centers.

You are designed to operate here for pure self-satisfaction. You need to make decisions on what makes you happy. You must ask yourself, “Does this make me happy?”, “Will this give me satisfaction?”.

You also need to discuss your decisions with others so you can hear what you, yourself is saying about how satisfied you are with life… more here