I love Generators

Generator Auras are roughly 31% of world population, less in number than Manifesting Generator Auras and dwindling as MG’s and Projectors rise as a larger part of the human populace.

Before we go further in exploration of the differences between types of auras, let’s first consider what Aura TYPE represents and its value.

TYPE, as recognized through the Human Design teachings is a method of defining five distinct groups of humans, through the aura, the sheath or bubble that surrounds the physical body, much like an egg. This auric egg-like bubble can be seen with psychic sight on the astral plane as sheath with a color, a tone and a fragrance in accordance to one’s state of mind and health.

The aura is the Emotional Body of the multi-part human form and is created at conception, manifested onto the physical plane at birth and then, remains surrounding the body throughout life, in astral form. The Emotional Body aura carries an imprint that is a composite of the mother and the father in the form of channels working through the senses, the stomach area and held in place by the Spleen. This system of channels in embryo-form is first created through the umbilical-chord attached to the mother through the Vishvodara nadi, also known as “G” center in Human Design.

We can see the imprint of the both parents inside the system, clearly, through the bodygraph chart with the black representing the mother’s psychology and the red, representing the father’s DNA. Each human is a product of the composite of their father and mother with the seed of Spirit hovering above form, riding through lifetimes with the chakra system. Through the Human Design bodygraph chart, we can see how the astral channels, the life trajectory is created on the physical plane, governed by the Emotional Body and Moon with the current state of evolution revealed through the bodygraph.

Thank heavens, Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design had the mind to create a remarkable system for identifying auras, how they operate and how to relate with others in accordance to definition. The science assists considerably in bringing greater harmony into our everyday interaction, relieving expectations, confusion and despair. Wonderful.

Of all the aura types, I must say, one thing has become utterly clear for me: I love Generators the most.

Truly, it feels really, good when hanging out with another Generator while working on tasks, quietly riding in the car together, discussions for making decisions, going for a walk, etc. There is no other social interaction quite as smooth as two Generators who are both content and deeply engaged in doing what they love. It is profoundly peaceful.

When I am busy conducting tasks with others, quickly it becomes obvious who is a Generator. There is very little pressure on my system, I move very slow and methodically and I feel more focused with my busyness as our actions seem to naturally glide into the same rhythm and flow.

When other types of auras are near me, there is an acute awareness of our differences in frequency. Differences can be helpful, please don’t misunderstand nor take this personal. When certain tasks require a talent, Projectors are usually the first I turn towards!

However, when we get down to the very base frequency and what may be resonate, we find that same type, usually, resonates with same type, best.

A Generator tends to be more easily imprinted than any other type, as well. This is not pointed out enough, in the Human Design science, in my opinion. Each aura type operates in a unique way: Manifestors: repelling / Projectors: tentacle reaching out looking to plug into / MG’s: repelling unless they feel like taking in / Reflectors: void of heat and energy, “floaty” cloud-like / and Generators: taking in and sending out, simultaneously.

Notice that Generators are the only type to “take in” energy, literally, mechanically, without choice. Meaning, Generators can be easily imprinted, unlike the other aura types. Depending on Centers white or defined, determines where one can be imprinted and how that imprinting may impact and change behavior or the character of a person. And who is near imprinting one’s aura must be given even greater consideration.

When a Generator is near an MG, there is the tendency is to be faster, busier, more communicative. There is also the tendency to initiate things into action with the extra buzz and hum in the aura begging to manifest and create. The MG will often, initiate the Generator and then hop out of the project, leaving the Generator hanging on by a thread, attempting to keep a project going. It can get very messy when one is not firmly rooted in their own energy field and life purpose, riding on another.

When near a Manifestor, the tendency for the Generator is to be sent in wrong directions, missing some great opportunities while the Manifestor is driving the Generator life, with its own agenda. A Generator must be careful who is setting them into action and certain that the direction is in alignment with one’s own life purpose and path. A Generator can get stuck for a long time, doing something entirely different than their life-calling.

When near a Projector, the tendency for the Generator is to feel drained, both, in some way. When a Projector and Generator hook up, they literally “hook-up” and stay plugged in. This becomes a constant feeding source for the Projector tentacle and an over-abundance of energy, sending Projectors into bouts of angry-frustration and then, into collapse. The Generator heads into bed, drained and mildly depressed, feeling depleted.

When the Generator is spending time with a Reflector, gates activated on white centers become obvious as the level of energy for conducting tasks, moving through projects each day and taking care of business affairs despair with lack of energy or fire behind intention or movement. The two types experience life in very, very different ways.

For this reason, it always feels resonant and familiar when type is with same type.

Enjoy getting to know your type.


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