How Human Design Can Serve You

People often ask where to go after they complete their analysis; how do they integrate the Human Design knowledge into their life once they have had their session.

The discovery that takes place while in a session can be mind blowing for most. One can see that the real work is in learning to manage the open Centers. Everything else seems to fall into place naturally, when the centers are understood and managed with the tools that Human Design imparts.  If one understand what their open Centers are, how they operate and how one can manage them, one has gained milestones in tasting the essence of their chemistry, as a result. This is the benefit to knowing and using Human Design.

Most of my Human Design education comes from observing myself. Purposely, I have avoided some of the advanced teachings to keep my mind clear so that I can witness, more effectively, and take in what really counts: inner authority and strategy. What surprises me is that I am continually learning new things about my open Centers. A natural expansion occurs over the years as I experience the science and witness events while applying the wisdom gained.

For instance, not until my sixth year of study did I begin to see my open G Center and “hear” the voice that had been trying to communicate with me through that center. My open Throat Center came into view in my fifth year. I do see that keeping quiet and not speaking first brings greater grace into my interaction with others and better timing for events. I only wish I had known this information when I was a young adult, or even a child.

With my open Ajna Center, between my fifth and sixth year, I learned that I really know nothing. I started to relax and my mind began to quiet more. I could give up any idea of how, who or what or when and it was such a relief. I don’t have to be certain about anything. I can just say to someone, “I think this might help, but not sure”, something like that. I’m not responsible for what they do with the information, which brings a nice state of relaxation into the exchange.

As one learns about open centers and gains tools for managing them, the first step is in the practice of using Inner Authority and strategy of Type. Using Inner Authority navigation brings one closer and closer to where they are supposed to be in life.  Strategy is paramount in making sure things work out properly, this becomes obvious over time. If one is not operating with Strategy then they are probably spinning in chaos and mostly, lack of clarity about direction. Humans are designed to wait, respond, or filter life in a particular way that brings a “smoothness” into the life trajectory. That means not pushing things forward because of pressure, which is how most people operate, unconsciously, creating more chaos, illness or defeat ~ or embarassment.

Second, for on going support in the journey through Human Design, it is helpful if those who are in the same environment to learn about the science, as well. This helps to emphasize the benefits of Human Design by having companions in the process of discovery and sharing new insights.

Third, after one has had their professional analysis, an occasional Solar Reading (Annual Birthday Reading) with the analyst that resonates is a wonderful way to stay motivated and encouraged in one’s process. Developing a coaching relationship brings fresh, new perspectives on one’s journey of self-discovery.

Fourth, enroll in a Living Your Design Course, the first, introductory course in the Human Design curriculum. There are many qualified teachers who offer this course. A simple google search will provide an assortment to choose from or visit one of the official HD sites for a list of teachers. Take time to watch youtube videos to hear the tone of the voice and feel if there is resonance in chemistry, or not. Your body will let you know what is correct.

Living Your Design is truly the only course necessary for a clear, understanding of what is important to know. Beyond this first course, the teachings get very intellectual and become a dangerous distraction in the process of self-awareness.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that even though one may be applying the tools of Human Design and living by their Strategy and Authority, those tools are not going to help much unless one is sleeping in their own aura. By sleeping alone, one empties out influences, auric debris, thought-forms and other ‘stuff’ that gets collected throughout the day.

Sleeping alone or mediating alone for an extended period of time each day is akin to taking a shower. Time spent alone washes the aura and refreshens the spirit. For some people, there is hardly a chance in the day to be alone, which is going to make it difficult to really know or “be” who one is.

Sleeping alone at night may be the only moment where one can taste the essence of who one truly is, which can be a luxurious experience.

Enjoy your journey ~






Kashi Stone 2013