Heaven or Hell, Which Way Are You Going?

Almost every person who enrolls for a reading asks, “What is my life purpose?”heaven hell road signs

It seems to be a pervading question in everyone’s mind as to why they are here and who they are here to become.

So much so, that it takes one away from why they are really here.

So many people yearn for significance and greatness.

As if achieving some kind of goal, love relationship or place in life is the aim in our direction and choices.


traditional astrology wheelWhen we look at a person’s astrological chart and attempt to answer this question there are an array of possibilities. A person is going to experience their life according to the decisions that they make. There is no absolute path but there is a story that can be written by one’s decision-making within certain constructs.

The decisions that a person makes, moment to moment, writes the future within a context. The context is defined in the Personality and Design with the Profile and Incarnation Cross and other subtle influences.

That information tells who one becomes in the correct environment, living their life and the experiences that are shaping them in this lifetime. It also shows who the person is in the incorrect environment. Everything is there to dissect and understand how a person can experience life, correct, tuned in or not.

Basically, every human is their own fortune-teller through their decision-making.


love is a mess


Most conversations are shared according to open Centers and the minds interpretation of life.

Many people suffer greatly in the hands of love relationships and the conditioning effects of their upbringing and religion.

This illustration to the left depicts the reality perfectly.

So many people want to understand romance in their life and how are they going to find love or be happy in love. But romance is so far from the point of gaining real satisfaction in life. It is one of the most fixed obstacles in this work of liberation and tuning into SELF.


“What is the correct work for me to do?”

Another prevalent concern in this exploration is the curiosity in the work that one is designed to do in this lifetime.

The mind will take information and run it through the open Centers and navigate life according to what it thinks is correct. Based on which Centers are open and what the general chemistry is: open Will Center, open Spleen, open G, etc. The point of navigation goes completely off course, out of center and out of tune.

However, no matter what the mind tells one to do, if we listen to what our body feels is correct, we get exactly what we need to survive and be fulfilled.

But the moment we allow pressure, romance or try to rationalize our thinking, we lose great opportunities. This is the point. We must learn to navigate our life and make choices from a completely different way of operating and understanding.

This experience is paramount to anyone’s destiny. We can only fulfill an aspect of our potential through each decision that we make in our navigation, moment to moment.

If we choose wisely, we get taken up a spiral, if we use our mind and our emotions, we get taken down a spiral.

It is the same for all.


The trick is indifference.

Open G Highway

When we radically apply our own unique life navigation regardless of what others think or say, we begin the de-conditioning process.

We begin to free ourselves and truly be our Self, growing and unfolding.

Each person is unique and has their destiny in their own hands ~ to some degree, like a fortune teller.

How much one is “tuned in” determines where one is going to go: heaven or hell.



written by kashi stone, august 2013