Living with Groups and Personalities

When you live or work with a bunch of different personalities, it isn’t easy.

Even when you are dialed into your trajectory, your chemistry and have used your Strategy and Authority to navigate, you still must deal with personalities.

There is no escape.

And when you are dealing with personalities, you are dealing with open Centers, maturation levels, and the simple discord or harmonies that occur through the I Ching lines of each gate in a person’s chemistry.

If your I Ching gate lines are not in harmony, you are going to have challenges. Count on it. If you are Compromised in your chemistry, then you could have some big challenges ahead too.

It takes great skill to move amongst a group of people, to live together in harmony and to stay focused on the group’s goal. Understanding how our chemistry operates and how it operates in those around us makes it a much smoother ride. That is why using Human Design, as a tool is an effective method of getting to harmony and maintaining a healthy environment for interaction.

When you understand a person’s Type, it makes a big difference in your relating.

One of the best times to see the true Sacral voice in action is around food, “Are you hungry?” “Mmmmm….” They start to say to me. I know how to respond to a natural Sacral sound.

Discovering a Projector, a conversation with the headmaster:

“He stands around and talks more than anyone else and it takes him a lot longer to get things done”, he said to me one afternoon.

I had already guessed that this worker was a Projector. It was obvious by his need to be recognized. He would ramble endlessly about things as he stood around. Most of the time it was brilliant. I would see his eyes look over at me to check if I was listening and impressed; if I was recognizing him.

I was always impressed but it was soooo much that I could hardly enjoy what I just heard or learned. My head was getting filled up faster than what I could process and take in. That was the first clue that he was a Projector: standing around sharing brilliant ideas and overflowing my head with his intellect.

A few days later, the headmaster of our group mentions that this man is very dependable and trustworthy.

I smiled as I listened. The headmaster had moved through an emotional wave and now was feeling something entirely different about his good friend. He was also unconsciously recognizing some of the fabulous Projector traits.

Eventually, I let the headmaster know that this worker was special and different from the rest. I love Projector minds. He was not here to work physically hard. For goodness sake, he has zero motors. He is here to share his brilliance and great mental ability.

He always has the tool we need. He always knows how to fix a problem and he always has a brilliant alternative to a dilemma. He is here in the morning before anyone else and he has already predicted what we may need for the day. He is great to have around.

But don’t expect him to lift heavy things or work like a horse, like a Generator does. It’s unfair. He wasn’t designed for that. Besides, he won’t, He prefers to stand around and talk. That is appropriate. I wish he would learn to be sensitive to when it is “too much”. Must be that open Sacral.


When it comes to impacting a group, Manifesting Generators have the biggest impact of all. With energy coming from a motor and reaching up to the Throat AND a Sacral Center definition turned on, the MG can create major havoc initiating and not informing. They also have the least amount of patience of all Types because of it.

For instance, I can tell when a Manifesting Generator is in my aura. The person starts jumping around and is sporadic in their movement. They take over my space and dominate it with their aura. I am not going to slow them down or take offense when they start jumping in front of me. I know they don’t have a clue about what just happened. I move out of the way and let them do their thing until their whirlwind is over. It doesn’t take long with an MG. They are actually out of my way within seconds. No big deal.

The MG must get into the habit of informing just like the Manifestor. They must learn how to hold the reigns on their motors to keep from running wild and upsetting the group with their powerful, manifesting impact and their ability to run over anyone in their way. Most people don’t know Human Design nor the mechanics and are not going to be as tolerant as me. They really shouldn’t be. The MG needs to become aware of its impact.

The Pure Generators are smooth in the space. We dance around each other easily as we go about our tasks. There is no funky “jinx’ in the dance step around the kitchen, the cafe or in the garden. The Generators seem to predict what happens next in the step. They have a little more patience than the MG’s, actually a lot more.

Generators have a tendency to notice small details more than MG’s and keep things in better organization than MG’s. They are also the most reliable of all Types if you want to get the work done, usually.

If a Generator has an open Throat, they can be excessively annoying. They have a tendency to become very loud and very animated with their body to attract attention to keep up with the defined Throats in conversation. They also have really bad timing, interrupting and breaking in on important moments. They would love to be able to make something happen and move energy so they look for the outlet, unconsciously. For the ones who must act this out, they can come for a short visit to our farm but they are escorted out quickly, I might add.

Manifestors? You just let them be and do their own thing. Hopefully, it fits in with the plan on the land or in the general scheme of the project in the office. And hopefully, they will let you know what they are doing and what to expect.

That is a tall order for a Manifestor. They really, really do not like to inform. They tend to keep to themselves and are not necessarily a “group” type of person. However, they do tend to get lonely and want company. So, it is good to include them but let them do their own thing within the groups’ scope of the project and the Manifestors natural skills.

It’s important to note that the informing must be honest in order for informing to work. For some Manifestors, in order to keep from really informing, they tell a small lie to hide the real information that would make everything more real and exact in their life instead of confused.

If the Manifestor is honestly informing right before they do something, they will have a really smooth ride. Informing works like honey, it really, really does. It paves the way for a really smooth ride through life. I wish more Manifestors understood how powerful informing is.

I’ll have to admit, my most favorite Type is a Reflector. There is almost always one in my environment. That is actually an anomaly since they are less than one percent of our population. I love it when they show up and I am grateful.

All I have to do is watch the look on their face and I know what the “general” atmosphere is in the environment. They display immediately when someone is not resonate with our core group. They usually disappear and retreat into their own space when this happens – after they have given me a look. They are highly interested in who has arrived and how this new person is impacting the group and curious as to how long this new person is staying.

I also love how I don’t get pressure from a Reflectors’ aura like I do with other Types. When they are in my aura, it is soft, smooth, clear and unfettered. I hardly know that they are there on an energetic level. One Reflector friend assured me that her mind is very different. It is quite busy. But her aura is nice to have around me. I don’t get the incredibly uncomfortable pressure that can come with the other Types’ open Centers that are out of tune.

In the house, it is better when everyone is sleeping far away and out of others auras. When they don’t get to sleep in their own aura, they wake up a little confused and slightly distracted from their own flow and not really themselves. It puts a “funky” spin in the house and in the work for the day.

I usually encourage visitors to set up a tent and enjoy being in nature in their own aura while they are here. Most are reluctant to do that and choose to stay in the house.


Self-love through providing sweet space for one’s own being makes everything much easier in relating.


Article from Learning the Basics of Human Design, Volume I
written by kashi rachel stone   2015