The Gifts of The Open Centers

gift present for you

When we first consider mental tapes and our open Centers, we tend to think that it must be bad and we wish we didn’t have that Center open.

Each open Center actually has a beautiful gift to offer the chemistry of a person when it begins to balance, mature and flower into a healthy state.

When we first look at our open Centers, we do see how our mind is using the openness to drive our life. We see that the open Ego will drive the life based on low-self-esteem, the open G Center will make decisions trying to find love and the right home and the open Root Center will push energy too fast, miss opportunities and bring chaos into the process. The list goes on, as we look at each open Center and how the mind uses it to drive our life away from our true expression.

It takes a long time to really see our open Center behaviour. It was not until my fifth year did I actually truly begin to see how my open Throat Center was sabotaging me so subtly. Then, the following year I began to “see” my open G Center speak to me and guide me; that blew my mind. The seventh year of my process applying Human Design to my life, I began to see my open Head Center taking on other people’s stuff. I had been doing it all my life but it suddenly became incredibly apparent and obvious. I really had not understood what I was reading intellectually, regarding these centers prior to the ‘opening’ of my awareness with each center.

It is in the observation that one actually becomes aware. And the observation is an unfolding process over time, never immediate.

Ra, the founder of Human Design mentioned many times that this process of awakening and realigning is a seven-year process. You cannot shortcut it. It takes seven years, but seven years if you APPLY the science, not pretending to be applying and using the tools.

I watch myself get caught up without realizing it. But thank heavens I can stop the subtle sabotage and redirect my focus back on myself. I can sense when I begin to go in that direction and each time that sensation becomes stronger and stronger. Over time, it becomes less of an issue as the gift of the Head Center comes to the forefront and rests in grace inside my chemistry.

The same with my open Throat Center; I am still learning to catch myself with over talking, interrupting, feeling pressure to speak, the list goes on. But my awareness with it is growing and the management of the open Throat Center is becoming less effortless as the gift comes forward.

That is the way our open Centers are; we don’t see them until we are ready to see them and then, eventually, we get the gift.

Here is the list of gifts that I see each open Center brings to us in a state of awareness.


Root Center
“Being present is my elixir as I relax into the here and now”

Spleen Center
“My Self Love keeps me healthy as I keep good boundaries and nourish my body”

Sacral Center
“I maintain balance and don’t always say, “yes” because I can sense when enough is enough”

Emotional Center
“I am Centered, que sera, sera, what will be, will be, I can take it truly being me”

Ego Center
“There is a sweet confidence and true humility being just me”

G Center
“The whole Planet is my home, and I am free to be me as I give my love freely from the center of my being”

Throat Center
“I don’t have to say a word for in silence and stillness rests my beauty and my power”

Ajna Center
“I may have an opinion but I really know nothing because ignorance truly is bliss”

Head Center
“I have enough of my own concerns, I do not need to take on the concerns of others but I can stay compassionate”

We are working towards a state of relaxation. We are not ignoring and rejecting others, nor are we resisting helping those in need. We are taking care of ourselves first so that we can actually serve and be of assistance and truly be effective. If we can taste the elixir that each of these gifts bring to us then we are actually capable of living our soul’s path.

Through this process of Self discovery one could describe it as being a bit selfish but when you get to the other side and taste the wholeness of your own chemistry with the gifts each open Center brings then you have more to give than you ever did before. It is a strange, funny juxtaposition of reality in the game of duality.

Kashi Stone 2014