Gently Down The Stream

Part II


In our last episode, we had various Inner Authorities, types and definitions sailing down the River of Life. We saw how those different types can create great mayhem with pushing, jumping, initiating, tying their boats together, trying to control each others boats and the lack of patience that is so common.

In the River of Life, everyone is given an owners manual with their boat when they receive it for the first time. Most of the time, the owner manuals are tossed aside or into the River of Life. The tools, the switch’s, bells and whistles that are the unique features of Book in waterthe boats, never get used. Many do not even realize that they have these fancy features.

Some try to steer two boats at the same time. It happens quite a bit with parents and their children and those that are in romantic partnerships or work environments where someone has authority over the other. Watching people try to steer two boats at one time is rather comical. You notice them by the way they are standing up tall with one foot Two boats.3in one boat (theirs) and the other foot in the other boat. Both boats have an engine that has a spatter, a clink and a whine. It is obvious that neither boat is working very well or going very far.

For those who choose to use the operations manual and spend time reading it, learning the terms, methods of caring and conducting the maintenance requirements on a regular basis, they have the best results for gently flowing down stream.

It’s easy to see who is using their operating manual and who is not in the River of Life. Those who are using their owner’s manual and know about their switches, bells and whistles have a finely tuned boat that quietly hums as it moves through the water. They also have a content look on their face and a gentle smile. You don’t notice them too much because they are quiet, they don’t draw too much attention and there aren’t many ripples in the water around them. They just glide by gently, unnoticed by most.Boats.8You can see that those who choose not to use the owner’s manual are highly distracted. There is no way they can see a person who is calm and gently flowing down the stream. They are so busy repairing their boats, dealing with the unforgiving task of trying to control two boats, busy trying to figure out what kind of boat they have and how to drive it – without the manual. It’s really messy out there in the River of Life.

For those who are riding in the boats that are going gently down the stream, the River of Life provides a special path that allows them to just glide past all of the nonsense that goes on with those who choose not to use their operating manual. The river seems to naturally part in front of them. Their boats effortlessly take them with the flow of where to boats.7go. It’s a lovely sight to see if you are slow enough and content enough to see them. It gives one hope that the River of Life could actually be a calm, enjoyable stream for all boats one day.

One of the reporters for the Daily News did notice the boats that were gliding by in the river in a calm, peaceful way. She decided to check out what was exceptional about these particular boats as she was curious why the stream seemed to gently carry them along. They had no engine problems, hardly any dings or crashes on their boats and they seemed very, very peaceful. You could also hear lots of laughter coming from that part of the stream, too.

The Daily News reporter decided to drive her boat up to one of these special boats and ask them how they got into this special part of the stream.

Boat.reporter“Excuse me, sir, I’m with the Daily News, may I ask you a few questions?” she hollers out over the water to the guy in the other part of the stream.

The man looks over, a little startled and smiles back, “Yes?”

“We couldn’t help but notice the boats that are flowing gently down the stream. We noticed that the water is calm and there are very few accidents or engine problems. What is your secret? How do you get into this part of the stream where you can flow gently?”, the Daily News reporter asks.

The guy standing in the calm part of the River of life responded back, “Well, all of us refer to our owners manuals, that helps tremendously. When you tune into your engine and operate it properly, according to the way it was designed and allow it to take you where you are suppose to go, you get the magical kind of flow in this part of the stream”, replied the man calmly, gently floating along. “You have to diligently apply the tools and procedures of the operations manual.” He added with a gentle smile.

“Most people tell me that they toss their owners manual in the river or never bothered to look at them”, laughs the Daily News reporter.

“There you have it!” replies the man with a smile standing in the boat merrily floating along.

The Daily News reporter stood quietly in her boat as she watched the contented peaceful man flowing gently down the stream. He wasn’t even driving his boat but somehow the boat knew exactly where to go. “Wow, I wish I could be like that”, she whispered out loud to herself as she watched him drift on by.

The Daily News reporter sat back down in her drivers seat and decided to pull her boat over to the bank and tie it up for a moment. It was a good time to sit down and write her article while watching the calm boats in the special part of the stream.

Yolanda, the Daily News reporter, stepped out of her boat and walked a few steps up the bank looking for a cozy spot to sit and observe for a bit. Finding a moss-covered stone just a few feet up from her boat, she sat down to watch, observe and learn.

She noticed that the calm and gentle part of the stream had the same types of boats as the turbulent Rive of Life. She also noticed that the calm boats danced in and out of each other’s paths but they would never crash. She saw how the Splenics would speed ahead and then stop and tie their boat up to the bank of the stream and set back to take a nap for a bit before they sped on down the stream again. She could see how this actually assisted in helping their engines to perform better.

She noticed the Emotional’s at the back, smiling, relaxing, lounging and gently flowing. There were no crashes, there was no loud screaming or drama and there was very little, if any mayhem at the back part of the river.

The Sacral boats were actually busy doing the things that they love, which would often include large art installations, music being played or some focused intently on their creative project. They didn’t have crashes either, they were way too busy doing what they love and moving ahead gently on the River of Life.

boats clear waterShe also noticed that nobody was tied to anyone’s boat. Every boat in the gentle, calm part of the stream was flowing along independently and enjoying interacting with each other from their own boats. Yet, in their interaction they would naturally go back into what they were doing as if they were never interrupted. That was extraordinarily different from the rest of the stream.

Yolanda sat on the rock for a few minutes longer just in case she found any more golden nuggets on how to get into the calm, gentle part of the stream.

Suddenly, she realized something else different about this special group of boats. None of the people in their boats were in the drivers seat. Every single one of the people in this part of the stream were in the back of their boats doing what they love. You could tell that they were doing what they loved because they were smiling and peaceful. They also laughed a lot with a natural sense of joy.

In the mainstream part of the River of Life, everyone was driving their own boats. No one was sitting in the back doing what they loved nor allowing the River of Life to carry them gently down the stream.

Yolanda quickly packed her journal and camera into her bag and jumped down off the moss-covered stone to get back into her boat.Boat.11

“I’ve got a GREAT story!” she joyfully said out loud to herself as she untied her boat and entered back into the River of Life. This time she went to the back of the boat to write, surrendering her steering wheel to the River of Life.




Continued: Part III Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

written by Kashi Stone 2015