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43:23 Channel

I have an empty head; it is easy for me to empty my head, my mind and go into wonderful, deep states of relaxation, quietness and pure nothingness. It is a lovely state to taste. It also makes it very easy to quiet the mind and to meditate. It is a blessing.

If you look at my chart, you will see that I am very empty from the G Center in the middle to the top of my head. I know nothing, I am nothing, and I can’t do a thing by myself. If I Kashi.chartwant anything to happen on the material plane for me, I have to collaborate with others to get the energy up to the Throat Center and activity into manifestation of abundance. I cannot do a thing on the material plane for making money and sustaining without my associates, friends, family or colleagues.

There are many people who have the open Head Center (70%) and Open Ajna (49%) very few have both defined.

43:23Probably the most prominent channel in the head centers is the 43/23, The Channel of Structuring, Genius to Freak. This Channel is the central column located between the Throat Center and the Ajna Center. People with this channel all operate very similar in the way they interact socially and romantically. People with this channel tend to know about everything, have the skill to do most things and know the solution to almost every problem. 43/23’s can be very, very annoying and exhausting or a fabulous asset.

I was sitting with a good friend earlier today. We were chatting about his relationship and his love for his girl. She was having a hard time with him. I knew about it and I sat there listening to him tell his story. I couldn’t wait any longer, “Give me your birth data, I gotta see your chart”, I said to him.

I had a feeling I knew what the problem was. She was defined very much like me, open from the G Center all the way up and all the centers below defined. I noticed that I was starting to get a headache; that was my first clue.

“Ahhh”, I said, “You need to learn how to shut your mouth!” Now I know that is a little harsh but I also knew that I really had to get his attention; he is a 43/23 and a “know it all”.

He looked at me startled and shocked and then slowly a smile. Good, I had his attention and he knew exactly what I was talking about. I don’t think it was the first time he had heard this.

“Does your girl ask you to please stop talking and accuse you of being a “know it all”, having all the answers, all the solutions and annoy the heck out of her?” I ask.

“Yes, she does”, he replies, “She even asks me to go away and give her space because I annoy her so much.”

“Does she ask you to please stop processing?”

“Yes, yes, all the time!” he exclaims, surprised and with a slight smile, “she hates processing and asks me not to come around because of I have to process everything, I cant help it”.

“Does she get headaches?” I ask.

“Yes, all the time, terrible ones”, he replies.

At this point, he was beginning to chuckle and was amazed that I understood so well. You could tell that he was thinking that I was some kind of psychic and his mind was getting blown. I could tell the story perfectly of what was going on between the two. But I showed him his chart and how it really is about the mechanics; I’m not a psychic. By this time he was really intrigued, as I had found something that he did not know anything about.

The 43/23 is so loud and strong in presence that if it is not managed properly, the 43/23 is going to be a real, real pain in the ass. Including, they wont have many close friends because they will annoy and drive other’s away. At first, it is impressive but it quickly wanes over a period of time and begins to run the show between lovers, family members or close friends.

The 43/23 loves to process, understand and try and figure things out. It likes to come up with the solutions, explain why something is happening and if they cant, they talk about it until they are blue in the face and then blue some more.

It can be really, really overwhelming, especially for someone who has both Head Center and Ajna Center undefined and open.

I watch the 43/23 try and figure out their own stuff and go into great mental stress over what to do next, how to do it, when to do it and why it is important to do it, or not. I have great compassion for the Genius to Freak who has so much to share and can be so brilliant yet such a freak when it feels it has to say everything it is thinking.

So, yes, it is best if the guy shuts up and is quiet and waits for her to invite his opinion. He knew I was right.

I have another friend who is a 43/23 with the whole channel defined twice in the Design and the Personality, black and red. This guy knows how to do everything, he is the expert on everything and he has to tell you long stories to get to the point so you know all there is to know as well. I have had to tell this friend that he cannot come around too often because I get a headache and it really wears me out to listen to him continuously, it drains me. He doesn’t understand but I think he is getting it as he watches me stay firmly in my boundaries and fight headaches whenever he is around. He would like to continue to process, no matter how much I tell him I cannot do that with him. He can’t hear me so he can’t be near me.

I have another 43/23 friend in the same social group who is older and who has done lots of deep, personal work and it shows. He is also gracious in his response when I ask him what he thinks about something. He is usually right and I usually go with his lead. I tell the younger 43/23’s to watch and learn from him. He is very, very pleasant to be around. In addition, in meetings and social groups, I do not see him behaving as a “know it all”. He speaks when it’s his turn and he gives his opinion and then is quiet. He has learned this behaviour over time through being tuned into how he impacts people with his mouth and his mind. The younger 43/23’s have not figured out that they are having an impact on people and that they can be highly annoying by blurting out everything they think they know and are thinking. They don’t realize that there is a subtle quality of grace that could make their life so much easier. This mature friend of mine has it figured out, obviously.

When I sat there with my friend today discussing his relationship and shared my perspective of what was going on, it was magical as my friend listened and took it in, really wanting the grace of understanding and gain the ability to let go.

He could do that process with me. I’m not his girlfriend. It is hard to find center and difficult to think clearly when we are in a romance. But step outside of it for a moment and just look at the mechanics of humans and suddenly it all appears, becomes very obvious and you have to laugh. It’s all so very simple yet not in the forefront of our view. We are so distracted.

He asked me what he could do. “Simple”, I said, “just be quiet, don’t give your advice or answers unless she asks you and shut up so she stops having headaches, give her space, don’t process so much with her and try sitting and just listening to the birds with her, if you can”

He smiled, “you’re right”

Grinning from ear to ear he looked at me, nodded his head up and down. He knew it was true, it was accurate and it was the medicine.

Human Design is such a powerful tool.


Written by

Kashi Stone   2014

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