Garden and the Will

There is no greater place evident of how the Will Center operates than in the garden. Where there is the will for life, there is a garden with a harvest. And that harvest is reliant on how much will has been put into the life of the garden.

If there has not been enough attention and care, there will be thin, dying, fruitless plants and no harvest. If there is the “will” to do what is required for a healthy garden, there is a bountiful harvest.

This is what the Will Center is all about.

On our farm, I hand a garden project over to a student farmer to test their abilities and interests in farming so that we can position them properly. I give them a list of things that they can do and they decide which ones they would like to do. They can work whenever they feel like it. They are their own “boss”.

I don’t say another word. I might make a small comment as a reminder to see if the “light” comes on in their head. But other than that, I just watch and see how much will they have to assist in the project, first, and then how much will they have to do a good job.

I am firm believer that if someone is doing what they love, you don’t have to tell them anything. It’s a joy to work in that understanding and reality.

On the farm, if I ask a defined Will to do something and they agree, they will get it done, sooner or later. They are usually the first one’s awake in the morning and ready to start the day. They usually move in their own timing but they do get things done. Most of the time, they have it done before you come back to check on it. They move very differently than the undefined Wills, as a whole. Keep in mind that there are always exceptions.

You can’t make a defined Will person do something that they don’t feel like doing. They might try it for a day or two, or even a week but if their heart is not into it, they will lose all momentum. The work gets sloppy and the project fizzles or someone else takes over because they are leaving. You wont get the best. But if you give them something that their heart is into, the job usually gets done.

An undefined Will person tends to say, “yes” much more often and much more quicker than a defined Will person does. Then, you have to watch and see if their words match their actions and if they are really into the project. Sometimes it is hard to tell when they have been proving their abilities to you in conversation and expressing their desire for the work.

I find that the undefined Will people who say the least about their abilities are the best, most loyal workers when their heart or “will to do” is into the project.

For instance, I recently employed a couple of different people to assist me in the garden and with the animals. The first young man had spent months in casual conversation with me about how much he wanted to live on a farm, work in the garden and tend animals. He impressed me with his loving tone as he shared with me what was important to him. I remembered our conversations and when I was ready for help, I contacted him and asked him to come and work with me.

Even though he told me so many times how important farm life was to him and how much he wanted to work the land and create a relationship with the animals, he did the reverse in action.

I watched his words and I watched his will. He kept leaving messes with his work. I would have to clean up after him because he would do it half the way. There was absolutely no will in the work at all. And the instructions that I would give him would just fly right past his head. He couldn’t hear me.

He was a lovely spirit but he didn’t have the “will to do” the work to make things live, or sustainable on our farm.

I knew that this young man had only one motor. I encouraged him to take a ten-minute nap in the morning and a maybe half an hour nap in the afternoon each day to regenerate his Sacral energy.

He loved the idea and immediately started taking his naps, all day long. Hardly anything was tended to or got done.

After one week of this, his job was finished and he was ushered to move on.

Then, I decided to take up my girlfriends offer for her son to come and assist me on the farm with my tasks. He had three motors and was eager to work. With his three motors, I was going to finally get some help, I thought.

The boy arrived. I settled him in and explained to him the tasks ahead: the animals, watering the garden, moving soil, etc. I told him to get comfortable and establish his own rhythm in assisting me.

I gave him about three days to respond to my subtle hints regarding the tasks that he was here to do. He never responded. He just walked around with his headphones on and with a smile on his face, behaving as though he was doing something important. He did as little movement as possible. If he assisted me in a garden project, he would last about an hour and then be on his way to do another task that required less physical effort.

Obviously, his will was not into the work.

Later, in the kitchen, I asked him what he thought about the idea of a different type of job in another type of business. He lit up like a Christmas tree. He thought it was a fabulous idea. He could move in that direction and probably excel way beyond his capacity in this job that he really didn’t have the “will to do”. He agreed and I sent him on his way, back to his mother.

A few days later, a defined Will person showed up to work on our farm.

When he arrived he assessed the situation, asked a few questions, and then put on his work-gloves and went to work. There was no more conversation. All projects were attended. And the work got done well, each day. No one had to wonder if things were being tended to and it was getting done before we thought to check on it. Nice.

I was amazed when I saw this contrast.

I could finally relax.

Until a week later, when his girlfriend had called to say that she had died her hair blonde and was out having fun.

He was on the next flight out of here.

His will changed its direction and focus, immediately. His heart was no longer into the project and he stopped everything, grabbed the next bus to the airport and flew out as early as he could to get back to his girl. That was definitely a defined Will in action moving the direction of his own will. Whether it was correct or not, we cannot say. However, it left a big impact on our farm.

Can you see through these simple examples above, how much time, energy and money was wasted as people went through their process of discovering what they really want to do?

Can you see how much impact it has when we decide to do something that our heart is not really into but we have allowed our mind to talk us into something because we think we “need” the money?

The guy with four motors and a defined Will who flew back home to his girlfriend ten days later, probably spent quite a bit of money on travel and is probably losing money trying to figure out what it is that he really wants to do. Not only that, he cant really feel his Will Center, he is too wrapped up in his emotional drama with his girl. You could see it in his face when he was here. His mind was full of mental tapes.

Work gets left undone, projects get dropped, money is paid for work that is only half the quality and effort; it impacts in a huge way, not just one person but many.

This is what we see everywhere, people who are doing things that they really aren’t into and their mind is forcing their body to do the work. It is so unnatural. No wonder its hard to get up in the morning or head out to do that task that we really don’t want to do.

Our fears and insecurities cause us to do this. Most of the time, we are making decisions about the type of work we are going to do from a very mental place. We look for what is available and we choose to do certain things because our mind has taken us into a desperate thought process. We initiate and ask people for work or we mentally devise a plan that will provide the funds for what is ahead. It is very, very distorted and very incorrect.

The headmaster of our farm broke the moment of silence while we were sitting together and said, “You know, I have been thinking about this and observing, and I see one quality that distinctly identifies the difference in the way people work and show up.”

“Oh really? What is that?” I ask.

“I noticed that the Projector who has no motors is the one who we can depend upon the most and is in a state of devotion and appreciation. You can tell that this is what he wants to do and that he is eager to please. The one motor boy is the same. You can tell that he loves his job and is committed to doing it. I can totally depend on him.”

It is true. There is a quality of devotion in the Projector and the one motor boy that are the most dependable and committed. It is obvious that there is an element of love for the work, the group and the vision in their “will to do”. It really doesn’t matter what their tasks is. It is more about the “will to do” in the group and being with the people that they enjoy being with. This is very obvious.

Wherever there is gratitude and appreciation, there is very little ego and things flow nicely. That is how it usually feels in the correct environment with the right people.

Discovering what is mind and what is Will, is the work for us to do. If we don’t have the “will to do”, then it would be best if we didn’t do it. If we are in the right place, then we are going to have the “will to do” and we will be grateful.

S & A gets you to the right place where you can use your will, defined or not.

They go hand in hand.

Written by kashi rachel stone     2015

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