Freedom in Being You

Freedom to be what you are


I woke up thinking about this very thing this morning, what Jim Morrison is stating here.

Reflecting on a conversation last evening with a good friend who has a teenage son.

It is apparent, after several visits that this child is suffering.

One can see it in his eyes, his aura and in his behaviour. The child is an open Ego, an open Spleen and an open G Center. The child is going to suffer incredibly with self -esteem and how they fit into things.

Placing a child with that chemistry into a school system creates a basket of complex emotions, thoughts, desires and identity searching. Once the child is in the institution of school, he becomes a product of what he endures: teachers, friends, the general thought-field, quality of food and how he is recognized and supported in the group.

This social shaping happens throughout childhood and teenage years. All of us become a product of this conditioning and institutionalization. You can seal the process of conditioning and homogenization through attending college. Once you have a ‘full’ education, you are reformed and can now serve the system.

If you are different, you will get into trouble for it. If you are different, you don’t serve the system. You are considered insane, a rebel or incorrigible, much like the character that Jim Morrison exemplifies in our memories and in his songs.

It’s obvious to me that he did what he could to remain true to his spirit and freedom of being. Through his ability to see so clearly how we become robots to a ‘role’, how we lose our keen sense of personal direction and act out for a program, hide or suppress feelings or lie to hold an illusion. This causes us put on a mask.

Consider the condition of our planet. Casually, we waste food, paper, water and other resources. It is going to take a revolution on the individual level to make any real changes on our planet. And no one is going to see the whole picture as long as they are homogenized and reformed to serve an artificial life, worshipping the almighty dollar.

The other day, I held a $5 bill in my hand and while holding it I pondered how I see so many people blindly living their lives to fit into a lifestyle that has nothing to do with really living, really sensing life, feeling a true sense of joy just from existence itself.

I saw how devotion and worship of the dollar and what it provides takes us away from the opportunity to live who we really are. There is so much pressure from this artificial world to play the game that has nothing to do with ‘flow’. It’s an illusion that bites hard.

In a book about OSHO, the “Misunderstood Mystic”, he shared about growing up and having the blessed chance to be free of the institution of school for his first seven years of his life. To be free from the constraints of a this delusional reality and to live your life radically different from the rest is the greatest blessing one can have in this life. To be free from the illusion of money and it’s downfall for the soul, is a glorious initiation into ecstasy and a release out of the twisted chains of glamour.

Money can serve us and provide for us but the value system changes when one decides to be original. Some get lucky and have a support system in place that allows one to be and then there are some who live by the sword, break all the rules, belligerent to authority and defiant to be exactly who they are.

When we live fully, radically who we are, we draw what we need to sustain us and be free. The gods love it when we are authentic. The Earth loves it when we are authentic.

And the angels sing when they see a spirit soar and rise above.

There is no greater joy.

Be free in being you.



Written by Kashi Stone, 2013