Free To Be

LOve that is free

To be loved and as who you are without judgment, criticism, expectations and control is living a life blessed. When we are understood, acknowledged for our talents, appreciated and allowed to be, life feels good.

The most difficult place to be ourselves is in school. Living in the homogenized world of conditioning takes us so far away from our own inner direction and most natural expression. There are so many influences from all directions there is no way one can feel and be true to one’s self, or even hear their inner guide.

When one discovers the essence of who they are through a system such as Human Design, there is a confidence that comes with knowing who you are. You cant be swayed in a direction that is going to hurt you, sabotage your efforts or bring greater confusion to who you are or where you are going. You can actually relax into being carried by a divine force that comes from your awareness that is continuously growing. But being authentically one’s self is not for the faint at heart or weak in spirit. It requires real dedication to loving and living and really watching, experimenting and surrendering to the unfolding. Its a real commitment.

Most wont understand why you make the decisions that you do when you start living authentically. It seems odd to others when you decide to live your true chemistry. Eventually, people stop trying to change or force you into things that are not correct for you. Sticking by your inner authority and strategy, eventually shows others just how cool it is to be tuned in.

By allowing yourself to fall into your own natural chemistry of what is correct, you become authentic and in a natural state of love. By allowing life to unfold naturally without the minds construct also removes disappointment and the frustration that expectations bring.

Human Design provides one an opportunity to ease and relax into who one is and what one can truly trust.

The only thing that is a %100 accountable for directing movement and decision making is one’s own body chemistry. The only way that one can hear their body chemistry is by being tuned in. The only way that one can get to being tuned into is to love one’s self enough to care to listen.

When one listens, One is free to be.


kashi stone 2013