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AIrplane 3

As one journeys down the path of life, they can get a “first class” ride, “coach” ride or “baggage compartment” flight.  All three levels of seating and experiences are there for the choosing.

The nature of life is movement for everyone, which causes people, places and things to change continuously. The most consistent place in the journey through life is the seat that one chooses to ride in. Within that choice are three levels of accommodations and quality of rides.

The seat selection on the journey through life is critical, because ultimately, it dictates the experiences along the way.

If one is riding in “first class”, they end up looking better, feeling better and they get recognized properly as they are surrounded by the right people, the right things and everything for providing a smooth ride in comfort through life.

It’s quite delicious sitting in “first class” level of seating.

Not many people get theFirst Class chance for a “first class” ride.

It takes tremendous discipline and a radically different approach to life to get the absolutely best that life has to offer.

Daily discipline, breaking bad habits and cultivating the correct influences for “first class” is beyond most people ‘s comfort zone or motivation, though.

Fortunately, with the awakening of humanity that is upon us, we are growing in our ability to choose “First Class”. However, most of us are flying a “coach” ride. That is why most airplanes are designed with a secondary class area that holds the most amount of bodies for the journey.

coach class.2

In the “coach” class seat of life, there are lots of trial and error experiences, lessons that bring pain, loss, shock and fear.

So, we live out the “devil” inside of us sometimes and sometimes, we live out the “angel” inside of us.


Just like what we see in the I Ching interpretations that come with the Human Design software and bodygraph.

Living in a “coach” seat on the ride through life, we miss some of the perks, special attention and fantastic services that come when one is paying attention, applying discipline and truly committed.

Hopefully, “coach” class is serving good snacks along the way……


Baggage Compartment


Of course, we can upgrade to “first class” at any time during our flight.


But it can be difficult to get out of the  super comfortable chairs that are positioned in front of the television. Many enjoy using it for a place to fall asleep.

That is why movies, soap operas and sitcoms dominate the altar of a home. Everybody loves a juicy romance and the drama that comes with it. It keeps life interesting while riding in “coach”, filled up and asleep.

It’s just so “normal” as life passes by.

This is how we get distracted and lose out on “first class” flights through life.

But that’s okay. Not everyone is designed to wake up in this lifetime.

That would create a traffic jam in heaven.





Kashi Rachel Stone 2015

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