Finding True Love


It seems only appropriate that this article follows last weeks article, “HD and Dating”. If you didn’t get a chance to read it or have just signed up this week, you may want to read last weeks article too. Here is the link:

Eventually, we find that Human Design and dating don’t go together. What direction do we take with this science if we are not using Human Design to find the “perfect” lover?

And the most often asked question of all, “What type of definition is the best kind of mate for me?”

Due to my heightened sensitivity and psychic abilities, I can see the mechanics on a visceral, abstract level. I see how other’s auras impact mine and I see how I impact those around me. I communicate telepathically with a few and I watch chemistry dance around me in all beings.

Through this awareness of the mechanics, I can see where “real” love is and where romantic love is. What also becomes apparent is that the quality of love that comes from the place that I recognize as “real” love and it has nothing to do with “finding a partner”. Sexuality and finding a mate can definitely play into the “real” love force.  We are hard wired for sexuality and designed to evolve. There is a general template on a large scale but the process is incredibly unique for each individual in how they approach love and sexuality.

“Real” love feels completely different than an electromagnetic “zing”. There is no urge to seduce or merge as a warm sensation grows in the center of one’s chest, radiating throughout the whole body. One feels centered, whole and peaceful, slightly ecstatic. It’s not personal at all nor activated by any one person. This state of love is in direct relationship with how one is feeling about one’s self and where they are at in the moment in their thought current. It has nothing to do with the other.


Nothing compares to the depth of love that comes with understanding and appreciation.  Coming from that place, a heart radiates out warmth. By dropping the search to find “the one”, suddenly, one is filled up with much more love for self, which naturally trickles out towards those surrounding.

This is where we get to love. It is not about male or female, right or wrong, good combination for mate or love. This journey is about embracing life, moment to moment, from a place of gratitude. This takes one into finding True Love.

If you want to “fall in love”, kiss and merge, then do it for the sake of enjoyment but don’t look for “true” love there.



written by Kashi Stone 2015