Finding The Pearl

Oyster and Pearl

Sometimes, all it takes is one person who is diligent in practicing their lifestyle disciplines to plant the seeds for others to begin to see the magic of sovereignty and taste that same state of bliss.

The very first place that a true state of sovereignty is created is in the bedroom.

There is no way that a person can be sovereign, individual, unique and truly them selves unless they are sleeping alone, in their own aura far away from another person’s imprint, emptying through out the night.

A person must sleep twenty-five feet away from another and sometimes farther than fifty feet, depending on chemistry and aura, in order to empty and not receive the imprint of another sleeping body.

Sleeping outside in nature brings great benefits. Enjoying fresh air while sleeping cleans out the lungs. Outside of an electrical grid, the body falls deeply into rest and recuperation. Under the protection of trees, the entire body is rejuvenated and healed while it lays still.

Sleeping outside, in nature, far away from another sleeping body is truly conducive to waking up in a state of joy in the morning.

Wherever I go, whether visiting friends or family, I have my small sleeping tent with me. I find a cozy place outside in the garden, far enough away from others so that I can empty my aura and sleep deep at night.

I know now, that even one night of compromising my sleeping space is going to change my whole reality. If I have the imprint of another body sleeping close to me, I am going to wake up and react to life with a tad bit of their chemistry, as well. And it’s going to feel a little strange through out my day as I act out the nature of another.

If the person sleeping near my aura is a MG or a Manifestor, I may react with anger and it will be a shock to me and to others when it comes out. As a Generator, it is not natural for me to express anger. It is actually very odd and I surprise myself when it comes out.

If a Projector is sleeping in my aura, I may wake up a little bitter because I feel like I am not being heard or seen or even considered at important moments. That can have a disastrous effect in a business meeting that is reliant on me being in my chemistry and showing up properly with my talents and skills.

It is like this for everyone.

If only people knew just how much they are being influenced and imprinted.

People adapt to wrong environments, lose their direction completely, just to keep peace and harmony, feel “loved” or hopefully have an opportunity. Situations endure and the wrong people stay around because people want to be accepted or they are afraid of being alone.

Open Spleen people hold onto certain people tightly who are obviously not healthy for them. And open G people struggle with reasoning a relationship, or a job as the right thing because they are so confused. They desperately want to land into a traditional role and feel “normal” as though they finally have life “dialed in”.

And then there are the lovers.

When I am sitting with someone who is in a relationship, I watch the other partners face appear in front of me, inside the face of the person who is talking with me. I hear the tone of the other lover, I see the mannerisms and I hear their mental response. It is quite bizarre to watch.

There are two identities offering opinions, ideas, reactions and responses inside of one face. The lover is lost inside of the other and so is the other lost in this other. And now two have become one, literally.

Lovers talk like each other, think like each other, behave like each other, well, they are each other.

It is difficult to find the individual inside of a couple. It is also strange to hear a Generator talk about how bitter they are because they are not being recognized or a Projector talk about how frustrated they are because they want to push energy and make things happen. The frequency feels so strange when a person is behaving like something they are not.

This is why sovereignty is a gift. The Webster Dictionary defines sovereignty as one who is enjoying “autonomy, independence, self-government, self-rule, home rule, self determination, freedom”.

In the lucid, smooth frequency of a clear aura, the true, sovereign being is found and expressed.

If a person is focused on doing what they love, diligently applying their time and energy towards improving their skills and preparing for opportunities that are coming their way, there is no way they can lose.

There is no way one can feel lost, bored, dissatisfied or unrecognized; not when they are in the right place with the right people doing what they love and enjoy most.

When one is truly self-governed and free to be, the world becomes the oyster and “uniqueness” is the pearl discovered.

Sunflower love


Written by Kashi Stone   2016