Filling Up Centers

Ralph and Louise

Allow me to introduce a fun little game that I enjoy playing in Human Design and I think you will too. It’s a fabulous tool to help one become acquainted to the Centers and how our aura’s are impacted when we come together. It is simple and easy to play and will enlighten you tremendously as you watch the mechanics.

When you want to take a peak at compatibility and watch how the chemistry plays between two people, you lay the body graph charts on top of each other to determine how many Centers are open and how many are defined. Within that combined definition are formulas for compatibility.


Here is the game with its combinations and titles:

5 and 4 Not a relationship anymore
6 and 3 Better to be free
7 and 2 Work to do
8 and 1 Have some fun
9 and 0 No where to go

Here is a brief interpretation of each combination:

5 and 4 Not a relationship anymore
5 Centers defined together and 4 Centers open
It’s true. You can come together and it will feel sweet, like best friends but give it time and testing and eventually, one day, in just a period of 24 hours, it becomes no more, never again. It is a very strange feeling but it happens with this configuration often.

6 and 3 Better to be free
6 Centers defined together and 3 Centers open
I play with this one because once in awhile I will find someone attractive who I share this combination with. What I find is that this type of relationship connection requires lots of space between the two people and an allowance for each person to do their own thing. The sweet spots in this kind of relationship are when they do come together they truly enjoy each other’s company and differences. However, the only way that this combination can truly work effectively is if both people have a sense of awareness.

7 and 2 Work to do
7 Centers defined together and 2 Centers open
With this combination it is indeed as it says, “work to do”. When I experience this combination I usually get caught into power struggles and lots of battles. There usually is a gap in the way we think often misperceiving each other’s intentions. It really is work and it does teach you a lot about relating. If there is harmony and tuned chemistry, you will experience a supportive structure to each other’s endeavors through the relationship but that takes awareness.

8 and 1 Have some fun
8 Centers defined together and 1 Center open
This is my most favorite combination for obvious reasons. It is true that having fun is possible with this combination because you are both experiencing the world through the same center. You are seeing the same, perceiving the same as you view out the same window. Keep in mind though just because it says “8 and 1” doesn’t mean that it is always fun. I have found it to have a 50/50 average on when it’s fun and when it really isn’t.

9 and 0 Nowhere to go
9 Centers defined together and no open centers
Here, when the two auras come together, all Centers are filled, they are going to get stuck sitting down at a table, cozy in a living room, comfortably traveling in a car together and they are not interested in having any one else around. They are very content with just each other’s aura. All Centers are defined. The shadow side of this combination is the tendency to get bored with each other.

Watch and observe and see what you can see! Keep in mind that this is only a game and not a way to make decisions about love, romance or work. It is a wonderful to assist in becoming more aware of the subtle energetics that the mechanics of Human Design defines and portrays and is inherent in us all.

Kashi Stone 2013