False Sacral

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The world is in love with coffee.

People are deeply addicted to its effect and their personal, cultivated tastes. There are a variety of drinks for all tastes buds. From the cappuccino to the latte, to the espresso to the ordinary cup of coffee, most of the population has dialed in their personal preference of this extraordinary addiction.


Two people wake up, turn on the kettle, get ready for the day and pour a cup of coffee before they begin to face the world.

As the two slowly wake to start the day, it is quiet and calm, slow and gentle while they move about. The teakettle begins to blow, the ritual of a cup or two begins and the Coffee for twotwo sit to share for half an hour or so before they go.

As the coffee goes down, the body comes alive. The juices begin to flow as it moves through their veins and jumpstarts the day.

“That was a delicious cup of coffee. Would you like another one?”

“Why yes, that was delicious, fill me up again.”

You will notice that the voice levels begin to rise and the heart rates start to speed up as the coffee goes down. The energy level is “amping” up and so is everything around them, hopefully. I mean this is why we drink coffee, yes?

The false Sacral juice is in the blood and now it is time to face the day.


How this ritual impacts our interaction is actually a big deal. It colors our whole day with an emotional friction and a stress pressure that takes us far away from our center and far from our Inner Authority. This false Sacral energy is food for our mental tapes and an instigator of reckless emotional behaviour.

I think the Type that suffers the most is the Manifesting Generator. Manifesting Generators are already stimulated, hyper and fast in nature, in comparison to the other Types. When an MG drinks a cup of coffee, watch out!

MG’s are already challenged at being patient and waiting for life to come to them. They are ready to burst through the gate at the racetrack of life at any moment.

And with this fast energy comes the quality of anger like the Manifestor. The MG will rise to anger quickly with the heat of a cup of coffee as they push and meet resistance through out the day, moving impatiently as most do.

A lot of energy, most likely, will be wasted on mistakes, missed opportunities or energy on things that don’t matter. Or they may spill their coffee across their desk. It doesn’t matter, something will happen.

The Projector who is in the habit of drinking coffee as a stimulant is going to heat up, zoom real fast and then burn out and fizzle down into a crash. Projector’s love coffee (caffeine) because it makes them feel as though they can keep up with the Sacral motor beings. They also love driving a car. Usually, they are driving somewhere that is far away or they have a job that requires them to drive. This makes them feel like they have a Sacral too.

It was probably a Projector who invented coffee!Coffee Big

This zooming energy often creates lots of confusion for the Projector as they are moving fast through life on this false Sacral energy. If only they knew how much we need their brilliant minds and not their “false” sense of Sacral energy. Projectors are not the “doers” necessarily; they are the thinkers, usually.

If they are over stimulated and running on “false” energy, their perception is a little askew and their guidance is lost.

This is the problem for Projectors on coffee. When they are over stimulated, they don’t wait to be invited. They step in, tell you what they think as they feel the rush through their blood. They are not in their center. They become completely disconnected from that place where they ask good questions that actually guide.

Manifestors love coffee because it gives them this seeming sense of invincibility that the false Sacral energy brings. With that surge of energy comes the potential for anger if they do not get their way. It is difficult to be in center and allow life to come, particularly if you can move energy in a certain way that others cannot and refuse to be patient as you are zooming along.

It would be best if they stopped at one cup and drank no more, if they enjoy coffee.

With the push of the stimulant, they will be initiating a lot into action from excitement to get love and acceptance in return. And when they are not coming from their core, they will probably get lots of resistance. The heat from the coffee will be great fuel for some anger to brew. This usually wastes a lot of people’s time and energy when things are initiated into action that are not correct.

Reflectors are funny with coffee. I watch my Reflector friend drink coffee to keep up with her MG boyfriend and then pass out for an entire afternoon the next day. She is wiped out. When we have discussions about coffee, she lights up and gets excited talking about how it impacts her and gives her a “zoom” effect so that she can keep up. She loves it and is grateful for it. It’s very cute.

It is obvious to assume that pure Generators become like MG’s. They lose their center and become out of touch with their Inner Authority. When that happens, lots of bad decisions are made and for all the wrong reasons. Money is wasted as energy is spent, too fast, in the wrong directions.

Coffee is also going to create a pressure to make the open Throat Center being interrupt conversations, talk excessively, and loudly more than usual. They are often over animated in their expression as though on stage performing like a stand up comedian as they bounce about.

The open Root Center will create “helter skelter” in its environment, forcing those around them to move fast and get things done quicker; everyone becomes immensely stressed by the pressure of this stimulation. I have watched open Root friends go from being peaceful and calm in the morning coming out of meditation and into a raging a freight train once they have had that first cup of coffee. “Get this done, hurry up and let’s get a move”, I think are some of their favorite lines after they have had a cup of coffee.

Our bodies learn to rely on this false sense of Sacral through the daily ritual and habit. Our chemistry adjusts to accommodate the extreme rushes and the fast crashes. While it is accommodating, it is losing vitality, strength, health and clarity and slowly deteriorating away. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Imagine if the bulk of humanity stopped drinking coffee. All of the sudden, we would naturally move according to our own natural bio-rhythm and a little more patient with the unfolding of life. We would be less agitated, less stressed and have a little more energy as we directed our life force a little more consciously and stopped initiating.

Have a glass of water darling!




Kashi Rachel Stone 2015

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