Existential Being

“existentialism |ˌegziˈsten ch əˌlizəm|
a philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.”                                                               ~  New Oxford American Dictionary



Half of the population on our planet is emotionally defined. The emotional, Solar Plexus Center is the strongest Center in the body graph because it has a powerful electric charge. If it is defined in your chart, it is what guides you and takes you on a slow journey to awareness and clarity through a gamut of feelings, sensations, passions, highs and lows, depression and possession, excitement and thrills.

And with this Inner Authority and all of its passion and sensitivity, it is challenging to stay in the moment. The emotionally defined is swayed to and fro from hope to pain, from past to future, from now to not now, constantly.

The other half of the population does not have the emotional Solar Plexus Center defined or colored in. It is white and open. The ‘hot’, electrical, emotional sensations do not run through their chemistry. They are naturally cool in nature and not bogged down by the emotional fog that the defined Emotional being lives with in their mind. They have the ability to see clearly, in the moment and navigate from their center.

This clarity that the non-emotionally defined being has is there if the aura is clear, the mind is calm and stable and can hear the subtle whisper of the voice of the body.

Ra Uru Hu refers to the Sacral Manifesting Generator as “existential”.


They are here to respond to life in the moment. He mentions that they are also the most inclined in chemistry to achieve a state of individualism.

He states in a lecture on the difference of the emotional vs non-emotional: “But this is very, very different from what it is to be a Generator who is unemotional, and remember 1/3 of humanity are Generators (and Manifesting Generators) who are unemotional.

These (Manifesting) Generators are here to operate in an extraordinary way and in the same time it creates an enormous challenge in their life, they’re here to be in that sense existential, they’re here to be existential in that they are here simply to respond in the moment to life. And the response in the moment to life is what they are all about.

However, operating at an existential level is something that can be and is for most human beings, well… pretty much impossible… there are too many fears attached.”

If fear is what is keeping the existential being from being liberated and stuck in battles to staying present, then let’s take a look at the fears that stem out of the emotional Solar Plexus Center and the tendencies that come with those fears.

There are seven gates on the emotional Solar Plexus Center. In each of these gates is a place where fear can creep in and activate a variety of mental tapes. There are pressures from these gates or the absence of these gates that drives a person, stimulates mental tapes and keeps one locked in self-defeating patterns.

This is where the existential being can get tripped up on and pulled out of the present.

When we see these fears playing out in our mind in an obvious way, the fear can be managed, understood and redirected.


Fears of the Solar Plexus Center:Emotional-center

Gate 30, fear of Desire. The gate 30 has the pressure of feeling fate or curious concern about the fate of its love life, it’s relationship or it’s own fate. It can become an overwhelming mental tape that is fueled by yearning and no relief as they obsess on the future of love or an encounter and what could possibly happen.

Gate 55, fear of Passion. The fear that comes with this gate is the fear of emptiness. You can see it in the eyes. There is an empty, unfulfilled vessel that is lacking fire and it is covered in a blanket. The emotional body is addicted to this sensation and it drives the shadow passion that is burning inside such as, depression. It feels so good to wallow in the sadness; it is a familiar place. The mind is actually pushing passion away.

Gate 49, fear of Need. Here, the mind processing the predictability of a need. There is a pressure to predict and then live in fear of the need that is coming towards them, the ability to fill that need OR the lack of abundance which amplifies fear of not getting what it needs to survive and provide. This mental tape pressure can make one miss some great opportunities.

Gate 6, the fear of Fertility. This one will hesitate in intimacy for fear of becoming pregnant or the fear of beginning something new. This person will most likely speak the very words, “I don’t want to get pregnant”, or it may say the opposite “I really want to have a baby” or you can hear it say, “I’m not sure I want to get involved”. Once again, it all depends on the total chemistry of an individual as to how they are going to truly behave.

Gate 37, the fear of Marriage. With this gate on the emotional Solar Plexus Center, one will be hesitant towards marriage, but the fear will play out in a sense of something missing, a loss of belonging, not knowing how to create family or integrate themselves into a family situation. There will be pressure and the mental tape will play over and over speaking of wanting a marriage but actually pushing it away because it is afraid of the commitment. It can become an obsessive thought that never realizes its obsession and remains lonely, by choice.

Gate 22, the fear of Boredom. With this gate there is a terrifying feeling when in a place of silence, alone. Often, you will find that this being will keep the television on all day. When there is a lack of creativity, or maybe in the wrong place with the wrong people, there will be boredom. It becomes a comfortable habit being bored and an excuse that the mind plays over and over. They will look for the distraction so they are not left in silence.

Gate 36, fear of Sex. Here, you will find that there is a pressure to feel adequate in your sexual performance or to feel personal beauty in attraction for the other. There is a pressure that makes one feel inadequate as they struggle to find their sense of confidence in being a lover or even feeling attractive to the other. It can also play out in a perverted, sexual way through pornography or an overactive sexual imagination that hides it’s obsession and keeps it in the dark.

Once again, it truly depends on the person and their unique chemistry. And the gate can be activated or not, depending on what is activated surrounding the gate, or not. A trained analyst can read how these pressures are being manifested in a person’s chemistry through the bodygraph chart.

Knowing that the fear is there gives power over the mental tapes that can play. When the fear comes up it is an opportunity to replace the thoughts with what is content and peaceful or more fulfilling. The fear has its place in the sense of what it can show but there is no need to have it driving the life.


Golden Swirl


Written by Kashi Stone 2015

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