Evolution and Who?

When looking at a person’s chart, there are a few things that indicate how evolved one may be, astrologically. However, when you begin to investigate and put the pieces of the puzzle together you will find that where one is evolved, one may be ‘unevolved’ in another area of their life expression. Being human includes four to five parts to our entire system. Seldom, do all pieces fit together into a composite of evolved parts.

In this Age of Aquarius, humanity is experiencing the mutation of the emotional body in conjunction with the Solar Plexus. If one is defined as “emotional”, then they are extra sensitive and are evolving their form through deep feelings and reactions. If one is less sensitive or non-emotionally defined, then the primary theme is developing awareness with strength of intelligence so that one may overcome the grip of emotions, depression, fear or attachment.

When a child is born they take on ‘type’ like a fashionable outfit. The aura type crystal is created at time of birth in conjunction with two other crystals: the body crystal which enters the fetus 88 days before birth and the “spirit” crystal, which positions itself above the Head Chakra upon first breath of the babe. As long as the auratype crystal continues to operate and dominate life, the crystal sitting above the Head chakra remains in a quiet state, unnoticed and the Program is played out through the two crystals: the physical (Design) and emotional (Personality), influenced by the Moon and the Sun.


This emotional aura crystal, seated near the Solar Plexus center (below chest area, through belly button), can be defined and grouped into five distinct types: Manifestor, Generator, Projector, Reflector and Manifesting Generator. The one who is a Manifestor in this lifetime, may come back as a Generator in their next life simply changing suit, role and operation. Karma has much to do with the type of aura that one incarnates into.

The Manifestor aura is being phased out as humanity transitions from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius. At the same time, the Projector aura type is growing in quantity, impacting the way humans exchange, relate and interact, greatly. The Manifesting Generator aura bridges the huge disparity between ‘master and slave’, the relationship that once dominated this planet through the Generator and Manifestor types during the Piscean Age. However, both Manifestor and Generator come out of the original type: Manifesting Generator.

Keep in mind that the Human Design ‘types’ mentioned above is only a method for recognizing the type of aura that surrounds the body and offers no indication as to the stage of evolution. However, through easy identification of ‘type’ and definition, we are able to predict human behavior in a profoundly accurate way when it is operating it’s point of consciousness from the Solar Plexus region.

If advancement is to be seen, one of the best ways to view evolution is through the current state of one’s chakras. Through the chakras and aura, an indication of health, psychological condition and point of spiritual awakening is revealed.

In psychic view, one will find that most operate from the point of consciousness in the Solar Plexus and the Sacral region, holding emotional endearments or deep-seated pain fostering anger; some may hold greed or arrogance and others may entertain currents of energy that are focused on sexuality and lust. In any flavor of emotional expression, the current of life force sways between pain and happiness, back and forth, in a never-ending cycle.

The one who is centered with a fully open Heart Chakra feels very different. The evolved point of consciousness held in the Heart Chakra is centered on self-respect and has no ties that bind nor restrictions on its own expression. Creativity and the force of life naturally flows for doing one’s work while in a state of grace and in calm movement.

Impact, regardless of type or definition bears witness to who one is.



written by Kashi Stone 2018