Essence of Timing

Hour glass of time

Our Inner Authority naturally teaches us to be patient. When we settle into being patient, we begin to see that there really is a natural flow to life.

Every move we make, every word we utter, every thought we share and each encounter that we experience has a subtle sense of timing to it.

This is where one finds grace, ease, calm, no resistance, peace and contentment and magical encounters.

Most of us jump on things and don’t wait for that special timing to move, act or speak. A major part of our conditioning growing up shapes us to be spontaneous, out of touch with a natural timing and the unfolding of events. The conditioning of school completely erases that natural sensitivity.

Our Mental and Emotional Bodies have a hey day, playing in the confusion and the lack of the sense of good timing. It’s as if our Open Center behaviour becomes the keynote of life interaction when we are out of touch with that subtle flow of life.

For instance, open Throat beings can have the worst sense of timing. They don’t know when to stop talking, they don’t know when to speak and if they do speak first, it is never the correct time. It is out of the flow of events. Defined Throat beings can have a tendency to talk way too much but they don’t have that ridiculous bad timing like open Throat beings have. I have an open Throat Center so I am intimately aware of this tendency.

Open Ego’s will push the timing too. If one is feeling hyper insecure, they will initiate just to get attention and to feel like they are a part of things. They lose that cool, smooth operator kind of style and become bombastic, ridiculous or annoying. You can see that they are trying hard. They don’t need to do that.

The open Root likes to think that it is the expert of timing. They have the timing that can cause a heart attack, blown adrenals, prostrate cancer, etc. Because of our conditioning in school and our economic system, they push and synch into an unnatural flow. They are proud of this flow, which brings the human into automatic timing with the artificial system that we live in.

This is why we can become ill. We feel anxious from the pressure to live out an unnatural lifestyle and a false sense of financial stability that causes stress. It almost takes the breath away. That is when it is time to sit down and meditate. Meditation is probably one of the most useful tools to settle the open centers and bring one into it’s own flow and sense of timing. It can melt away the pressure of the world and bring one present to here and now.

The open Ajna doesn’t like to wait for that special timing either or they are just not aware of it. If there is a problem, they have the answer, immediately. Whether they are right or wrong, it does not matter. The important thing is that someone gets to express themselves and share what they think they know as the pressure is relieved inside of their head.

And then there is the open Spleen, which attaches itself out of neediness, losing that sense of natural timing. It is horrific to even think about flowing alone. It can be incredibly frightening. So, the open Spleen will miss certain important, life changing events because it was too afraid to move from the place where it has found comfort and security. It is painful to watch them miss great opportunities because they are afraid to let go and venture into their own stream.

The open or defined Sacral Center can be reckless. The defined Sacral will use its energy in ways that have no merit or benefit what so ever. An entire life can be wasted on doing the wrong thing because someone is not tuned into how they could best be using their energy.

I watch many people do things that are really not correct for them in order to make money and pay the bills. If only they knew that if they negotiated for what was really correct for them, they would be much more content and probably making much more money.

The open Sacral doesn’t have a clue about timing, either. It just goes and goes, addicted to the rush of activity, ignoring the subtle signs of the body saying, “Hey, its time to stop, this is enough”. There is a thrill of going beyond the beyond for the open Sacral.

The open G Center will push just so it can get love or settle into the right place. The mind will create the most extravagant stories just to get some relief to finding love and a sense of belonging.

Suddenly, the open G center is in the wrong place with the wrong people and left to figure out how to get out. It is a huge drain on the life force to jump into the wrong group of people or wrong place, such as an incorrect job or an incorrect home. So much more energy is required to get out and get back on track.

The open Head Center tries to fix other people’s problems, taking on their karma and completely dropping the ball on what they have going on in their lives. One life is enough. We don’t need to take on another person’s trouble, challenges, worries, and concerns. Our plate is very full with one life to understand and manage. By taking on other people’s concerns, the open Head Center misses their life completely.

And the open Emotional Center lives in a delusion hoping to escape the pressures of tradition yet it finds itself held tightly in the bosom of expectations and antiquated beliefs from conditioning. It’s a catch 22, you could say. It wants love but not too much.

The open emotional being is scared to death by the heat and the passion of the emotional being or it can be deeply, deeply thrilled by it and then suddenly stuck in too much.

Meditation 5

Surrender, patience, stillness of mind, creativity and meditation brings the essence of good timing.

May you be in good timing.




Written by Kashi Rachel Stone 2015

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