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From a very early age we are conditioned to focus on an illusory construct of who or what we want to become when we grow up. A lot of our decision-making throughout our formative years center around what others think we should become when we reach the age of an adult.

We are conditioned to believe that if we can determine exactly what it is that we want to become before we are eighteen, then we can continue this journey right into college and gain the education that will position us perfectly in life.

Very, very little consideration, if any, is given for the environment that we would like to be in when we grow up. It is obvious that if we are in the right place with the right people, great things can happen.

It is also obvious that if we are spending time with people who do not recognize us, who do not support our efforts and do not accept us, as we are, that we are in the wrong place with the wrong people. It is not healthy for anybody to endure unkind company that does not resonate.

But selecting, choosing environment is not like the game of choosing what you want to become when you grow up.

And choosing the environment is not choosing the geographical location. It’s about being in the right place, surrounded by the people who have the chemistry that resonates with yours. It’s also about timing. Our trajectory has an entire story planned out in front of us. We are destined to meet certain people at certain times in our life as well as gain certain opportunities and learn lessons if we haven’t “gotten” it yet.

It is as though the path we tread has a quality of “fate” to it as our Monopole works to hold our life in a fixed trajectory until it can dissolve and disappear into love. It is not for us to see and know. It is for us to experience, to learn and to grow.

If we are caught in a romantic story or a place of fear, then we stay in that cycle of set experiences that take us through the lessons that will force us to grow. If we are caught in our attachments to people, places or things, then we go through the lessons that assist us in becoming unattached.

If we lose it all, surrender to life and tune in to our inner compass, we suddenly get an adventure that is interesting, stimulating and the correct use of our outer authority and inner definition. That has great healing and transformational effects.

But so many people are missing the point.

Because of the conditioning that we have received, we think that we are suppose to meet “someone” or do certain things in our life to gain a better reality or if we get this job or marry this person, our life is going to change.

But it doesn’t work that way, at all

Each moment is a letting go, and more of letting go. This takes us to the right place when we surrender.

But who wants to be in the “right place” doing what they truly enjoy when they can be “in love”?

If you move according to being in the correct environment, you can no longer be attached to any one person, place or even family. That requires a tremendous amount of surrender that most people are not ready to embrace. It also causes tremendous upheaval in traditional settings, isolating one beyond their comfort zone.

That is why it can be so confusing for so many. Most people think that their trajectory is going to take them to meet the “one” who will complete them. Most people don’t even consider that flowing towards correct environments may be the key to their fulfillment and their well-being.

It’s never what the mind contrives it to be.




written by kashi rachel stone 2015


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