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Non-Emo vs Emo


Over 55% of the population on the planet are Emotionally Defined and have it as their Inner Authority. If your Solar Plexus Center is defined, then it is your Inner Authority. It is the strongest center in terms as to how it impacts chemistry and a person’s reality.

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The passionate, hot charge that comes with the emotional chemistry definition is so strong that it outweighs any other center’s impact to drive, govern or influence the vehicle. It absolutely colors one’s reality and perception of things.


The human matrix can be divided into four significant parts that operate independently from each other yet as one chorus of individual expression: The physical body, the emotional body, the mind and our Higher Self.

We can see in our witnessing that the mind is completely disconnected to the other parts of our Self. For instance, your mind can be entertaining a variety of thoughts while the body is doing something else – like driving a car. There are many thoughts that go through the mind but the body is still operating the car, pushing the gas pedal and turning the wheel.

The body also continues as necessary while the mind continues its thinking; like walking down a street while entertaining a stream of thoughts.

The emotional body is another aspect of our self that has a watery quality. Even if you are not emotionally defined in your authority, you still have an emotional body and you are highly impacted by the moon and its transits.

No CompassionWhen a person has an emotional definition in their chemistry and have it as their inner authority they are going to be more passionate, more sensitive and its going to be easier for them to ride the highs and lows that the emotional body experiences in life. The Emotional Inner authority is equipped to handle shock, crisis, melancholy and excitement.

The non-emotional is sent into mild shock when these extreme reactions rise up in the body, it is not natural for them at all.

In the dynamic of the two definitions interacting: Emotional vs Non-Emotional, the “heat” of the emotional being in a disagreement will make the non-emotional very uncomfortable. The non-emotional is going to react in one of two ways: one) they will leave the scene and go away; two) they will amplify the situation with greater intensity then the emotionally defined being.

Emotionally defined people need very little time to overcome the misunderstandings that rise up in relating. They can be over and onto the next thing quickly, completely bigstock_Romantic_Couple_Outdoors_368324disregarding the argument that occurred a few minutes ago and act as nothing has happened. You can even hear one of them say, “What would like to have for dinner, darling?” in a loving tone immediately following an argument. For some, it can be as though nothing has happened.

The non-emotional will be shocked with a strong reaction to the incident that just occurred. Some non-emotonal beings can enter into a deep, intense space of anger or sadness in an argument while the emotional has moved onto another topic and reality, entirely.

This is where the huge difference resides between the two types.

The two go back and forth as it becomes a hidden battle underneath the relationship. The two will never know what it is like to be the other creating some kind of distance between them as they surf this difference in chemistry.

The non-emotional is going to naturally feel more relaxed around another non-emotional being and the emotional naturally flows more easily and feels understood with another emotionally defined being. It’s that simple.

How do you negotiate between the two when there is love?Couplewalking__520763

It is good for non-emotional beings to learn and understand how to give time to emotionally defined people. Most emotionally defined people need at least two hours notice before going anywhere. Sometimes, they wont know until that moment if they are really going to go.

The non-emotional is ready to go NOW if they are ready to go so this is going to set up problems from the beginning.

The emotional will get a ‘jolt’ from the push of NOW. There is a hesitation, a bit of confusion and a pressure to speak or act on something even though it may not be their truth deep down inside.

not_so_happy_couple_20318813You can see in the reaction of an emotional being when something is moving too fast for them. They will have a slight look of bewilderment in their facial expression. When that happens there is too much pressure from the other to do something in that moment.

There is no way they are going to make a good decision and be ready in that instant. This is where arguments start to brew.

For those who are not emotionally defined, give the emotionally defined time to prepare for what is coming ahead and allow their chemistry to shift. Give them lots of time to feel and know what is correct for them. They may even need to sleep on it.

The non-emotional gets a better opportunity if they act on something in the moment. It’s a strange juxtaposition for lovers and requires awareness to interact in harmony.

If you both respect the way the two definitions operate, you will get along so much better.

What is correct for one may not always be correct for the other.happy_couple_26300609

This is the key to harmony.


Kashi Stone   2014

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