Electric Love

Electric Love

Part I

Sarah and June made their way to the forest to play and discuss their project plans with Joe, Dylan and Rose. It was a long, bumpy road as they drove through the hills and down the winding road that would eventually take them to the gate of the forest.

It had been a couple of weeks since they had hung out and both Sarah and June were excited about seeing their friends. Sarah was especially looking forward to seeing Joe. The two had formed a special connection the last time the group had gotten together. Joe was especially charmed by the way Sarah walked, moved about the room and played a cute, coy game of flirting; she was adorable, you could not deny it.

Joe felt that there was something very special about Sarah. She was different and had a cool and aloof way about her yet warm and fuzzy too. Joe was captivated and could not stop thinking about Sarah since the group had last been together.

June was looking forward to meeting up with the group and hearing about what each person had to report and share regarding their tasks for the new projects.

Rose had carefully prepared a sketchpad of ideas for the group to look at. Each sketch included irrigation, excavation, composting and bed turning. It was an impressive amount of work that she had spent almost fifteen hours a day for the past week researching and drawing.

Dylan brought his notes and his model demonstrating a new watering system that included a highly sensitive instrument, which could regulate moisture. He had spent a great deal of time in designing the model instrument that he would be presenting to the group today. He was feeling very proud of his invention and was looking forward to the moment when he could share his brilliance.

Joe managed the finances and would present a financial report to the group once the research and design teams had completed their presentations. Fortunately, the group had received a large donation from a man in the community who was in support of the group’s common vision and project plan. This allowed for each of the team members to obtain all of the tools, technology and material required for manifesting their portion of the vision.

Sarah administered the art group and had a team of seven working with her at her design studio. She spent half the year traveling abroad, attending festivals and adding the special spice she became famous for, enlightened art installations of eco material and nature images.

“I heard you are a Projector, Sarah”, Joe says as he leans over to open the car door to assist Sarah with the bag of groceries in her arms.

“You are emotional too, aren’t you?” Joe asks.

“Yes, I’m emotional honey, so watch out!”, Sarah laughs out.

“I’m a Generator, Sacral”, Joe adds.

“Ya, that’s cool”, responds Sarah and off she went into the garden leaving Joe with the bag of groceries in his arms and the open car door.

Joe watches Sarah walk away and begins to fall into a deeper swoon.

“Wow, she is so hot. I love her body”, Joe whispers out loud.

“Hey Joe, you got water in your cooler?” Dylan calls out to Joe breaking the reverie of his enchantment.

“Ya, help yourself, Dylan, there is one in there for you”, Joe calls out.

Joe was caught up in his thoughts and distracted from joining the group. He knew that Sarah was an emotional Projector and that it might be a tough romantic connection for the two to come together, him being a Generator and Sacral. He was prepared to do whatever it took to appeal Sarah into a date and a romantic picnic where he could enjoy the delicious, unique way of being and the cute flirtation that she often played.

June finished unloading the car and began to set up her tables. Soon, the group would gather and sit near the fire and share their plans for the project and the research that had been conducted over the past two weeks.

Rose took her seat on a log bench near the roaring fire that Dylan had prepared for the group at their campsite. The heat from the fire felt good to Rose and reminded her of the time when she was a small child and spent summers in Maine at the campground with her family. Thinking about those summers reminded her of friends she had not seen in many years. Rose felt her mood dip into melancholy and quietness.

Dylan noticed Rose change in demeanor and posture. Her shoulders were a little slumped over and a distant look framed her face as she stared into the fire. Dylan walked over to Rose slowly and quietly, “What’s the matter, Buttercup?”

“Oh, I was just reminiscing about my childhood and the time our family spent at the lake, camping and sitting by the fire each evening singing songs with friends, laughing, enjoying the warm summer nights in nature”, Rose responded.

Dylan began to feel a warmth of energy rise up inside of him as he listened to Rose tell her story of summers past. He began to lose focus of the conversation as he noticed the deep blue color of her eyes and the way one blonde lock fell over he forehead.

“She is so beautiful and sweet”, Dylan silently whispered in his mind.
Rose noticed that Dylan was being attentive and doting. She was touched and impressed by his tenderness. Dylan demonstrated an eloquent and graceful behavior unlike most men Rose encountered. Rose began to smile and cheer up as she sat with Dylan. She always felt better when she was in his company. She knew his defined Spleen filled up her open Spleen and gave her that yummy feeling of “safe and secure”.

Dylan continued listening to Rose as she shared her experiences at the lake house during her childhood summers. Rose loved to talk, talk and talk. She was an open Throat Generator with Emotional Inner Authority; Dylan was a Manifestor with Emotional Inner Authority.

Rose felt very, very juicy to Dylan as he drank in her beauty and her stories, the excitement and charge of her animated way. He fantasized of making love to her as she continued to share, Rose felt Dylan’s warmth towards her and it began to tickle her tummy and make her giggle.

June walked up to the fire where the two were sitting and suddenly breaks the reverie of adoration between the couple, “Hey kids, how’s it going?”

“Hi June, Rose is sharing stories about her childhood summers at the lake house”, Dylan replies.

“Oh, I have heard all those stories!” June chuckles, “Rose loves telling stories. She talks a lot too”.

“I love your stories, Rose”, Dylan speaks out in defense of Rose and to soften the bluntness of June’s comment. Dylan knew Rose talked a lot but he loved to listen to her voice and watch her move as she expressed herself. He was deeply attracted to Rose and wanted very much to support her and help her to feel comfortable and empowered.


“Do you have your tables set up and your presentations ready?” June asks Rose and Dylan.

“Yes, I’m ready and have all of my presentations set up”, Rose answers with a big smile.

“I’m ready to go too, June. Just let us know when you want to start. Do you need help with anything?” Dylan replies.

Joe had unloaded Sara’s equipment from her car and was busy assisting her in setting up the table, unpacking boxes and erecting her art installation models.

Joe didn’t need a table for his presentation. All he required was his computer, wide screen television and cables, easy. Sarah, with her large art installations and heavy boxes, definitely required Joe’s help. Thank heavens he was eager to please and assist.

Sarah knew that Joe and her shared the electromagnetic 50/27, a juicy, “feels like it’s fated” kind of electromagnetic. With Sarah’s gate 27, she often rushed into taking care of some sick, poor animal or a distressed human. She could give in easily to Joe if he tempted her with his own ailments. With Joe’s gate 50, he wouldn’t know who or how to take care of and Sarah gave him that feeling of needing his care. It was easy to create those kind of conditions with Sarah’s open Spleen and Joe’s defined Spleen. Sarah would think that she needed him; Joe would feel like he finally found someone he could really take care of and who needed him.

Each time Sarah and Joe were in each other’s company, the Sacral would begin to heat up. It was obvious that they shared powerful connections electromagnetically, and that they were attracted to each other and sharing similar thoughts being created by the electromagnetics.

When the electromagnetics would tickle between them, they would look at each other and giggle. Every one in the group had predicted that the two would come together as a couple, eventually. With that much electricity between them, they would be mating soon and creating a story.




Part II

June walked over to Sarah’s table to see if she would be ready soon so that the meeting could start on time, at least close to it. June knew that Sarah would be late. She was always late by at least a half an hour.

“Hey, Sarah, I see Joe has been busy helping you unload the car and setting up your art installations. You must be almost ready for the meeting to start, yes?”

“Hi June, yes, I am almost ready. I am having a slight bit of a challenge with the hinge on one of my folding signs. I think I am going to have to repair it before the meeting starts. It is one of my most important pieces for the presentation. I really can’t do it with out it.”

“I can’t help but notice that there is something happening between you and Joe, Sarah. Are you attracted to him?” June asks quietly as if she was almost whispering.

“Well, I like how he tries so hard to please me. That feels nice. I also like how he helps me with everything. I don’t even have to ask.”

“But are you attracted to him, Sarah?”

“Well, he isn’t really someone that I would be attracted to, no. He actually turns me off. I am not attracted to guys with his color of hair and I really don’t like his style.”

“Wow, you guys act like you are hot for each other. At least it feels that way. Let me see your charts again. I am curious about your electromagnetics”, June says motioning to Sarah to open her computer and pull up the charts.

Sarah opens her computer to show June the charts, “Here they are”.

I see you have the 41/30, Channel of Recognition. I’m sure that is making you guys feel very yummy and warm inside. You probably inspire him and make him feel alive.”

“Yes, it does get hot in my body when he is around. I would never choose to sleep with him but I do warm up and feel like may be it would be a nice experience if I kissed him and spent some romantic time with him. I can’t decide”, responds Sarah.

“Let’s see….Joe has the 41.1 and you have the 30.3, nope, not in harmony. Are you sure you aren’t just tripping on your electromagnetic and the fact that you two are so different?” asks June. “I mean, you don’t have the Sacral defined, no wonder it heats up when you are near him”.

“Ya, that is probably what it is, the electromagnetic. I don’t know. I don’t want to miss a great opportunity to be with a man who is really a good provider and maybe a good lover.”

“Oh gawd”, responds June as she rolls her eyes and turns to walk away. “Ill check on you in a few minutes, babe.” And off she went to see how the others were getting along and if they are ready to start soon.

From the beginning, the group had recognized June as the general manager and organizer of the operations and strategy of the group’s vision. She would take scrupulous notes of each meeting, maintain correspondence between the group members, managed the meeting calendar and maintained the bookkeeping of all expenses and income. It was a big job but she enjoyed it immensely and she was a natural.

June fixed her desk to the right of Joe’s stand where he had placed his large, desktop screen for his presentation. With notebook, pen, recorder and a few articles, agendas and meeting notes to pass out, she was ready to start.

Joe, Rose and Dylan made their way to the group center, ready to share their presentation and to listen to each of the members share theirs.

“Where’s Sarah?” asks June as each person arrives and takes their place behind their table.

“She is getting her jacket from the car”, Joe pipes up in response.

“He knows her every step”, June thought to herself silently.

“Great. We will wait a few minutes more and maybe Rose can take the lead with her first presentation. Does that work for you guys?”

“Sure, sounds good, June”, replies Dylan.

Sarah bounces into the groups meeting ring and makes her way to her table. As she walks through the center, she trips on a twig and drops her basket, glass of water and jacket.

“Oh my gawd, she is soooo cute”, Joe silently whispers in his mind as he quickly jumps up to assist Sarah in gathering her things up off the ground.

“Are you ok?” Joe asks as he leans over to pick up her jacket.

“I’m fine!” Sarah says as she smiles and continues walking towards her table and right past Joe.

Joe is left standing in the center of the group’s circle holding Sarah’s jacket and watching Sarah walk towards her table.

“Um, Joe, could we please start the meeting?” June interrupts the deep trance that Joe seemed to be lost in.

“Oh, yes, yes”, Joe responds and walks back towards his table a little bewildered and lost in thoughts.

“Rose, could you please begin the meeting by sharing your presentation on the design you have for the gardens?” June asks.

Rose walks over to her easel where her sketches and drawings were displayed on a tablet.

“This is the design that I have created for the front entrance of the community home. I have also included four season transition gardens into the design of the beds with half of the plants annual and the other half perennial, which will double in size each year and eventually replace the annual planting and offer four season color.”

The group watched carefully as Rose pointed to the sketches and identified garden areas, spoke of the types of plants she desired in each garden, the care required and an approximate cost of all items needed for the project.

June looked over at Dylan. He seemed lost in his thoughts as he watched Rose explain her drawings and share her plan. You could see that he was not really listening, yet hearing every word. He was obviously fantasizing about a moment in time when the two were alone, together. There was this faint smile at the edge of his lips that spoke of playful secrets.

“Oh boy”, June said out loud without realizing it. With her open Throat Center and her open Ajna and Head Center, it was bound to happen from time to time.

Everyone in the group looked over at June. It was one of those fatal feeling moments when the camera is on you and you have to bare your soul gracefully or get fried. June knew it well as a 5/1 Generator who often became the scapegoat. She could take it. She had a defined Will and it was obvious that she was fearless and strong.

“I’m just thinking out loud, never mind”, June says with a chuckle and a wave of the hand. Rose, Dylan and Joe sit staring at June for three seconds before Dylan breaks in and says, “I really like Rose’s suggestions for the gardens. Do you think that Rose’s figures are realistic and fit in the plan, Joe? June?”

“Yes, I think they are very fair and prove to have fantastic longevity. I’m looking forward to seeing the other sketches that she has prepared”, said Joe.

“I like the ideas and they seem highly practical. I agree the idea of the perennials adding longevity to the plan is brilliant. That will save us money over the long run”, June adds in.

“I would begin with looking at breaking down the costs according to gardens and then sub categorize expenses for each individual garden. Then I would do a yearly projection of all expenses and then subdivided again according to projects and gardens”, Joe adds. “Let me crunch some numbers on it and create a budget. I will get back with you about the specifics when we meet at our next meeting”,

June looks over at Sarah and notices that her head is nodding as she begins to fall asleep. “Oh dear, they would be a terrible match”, June whispers silently in her mind.

“I will really appreciate you taking the time to do that Joe. I am really challenged at sitting down and focusing on spreadsheets”, Rose responds with a chuckle. “Just give me a plot of soil and let me do my own thing, Mother Nature and I speak the same language.”

Suddenly, Sarah sits up straight with eyes open and interrupts.

“Nobody can design gardens like you can, Rose!”

“And nobody can design art installations like you, Sarah!”, responds Rose. “What do you have to share with the group? I can’t wait to see what you have created!”

“Do you need help, Sarah?”, asks Joe. “I can help hold the installations while you explain them to the group.”

“Uh, sure, thanks”, responds Sarah rubbing her sleepy eyes and gathering her momentum to move front and center.

Each person in the group presents their projects and tasks performed, Joe gives his closing financial report and the meeting ends allowing the group to disperse and enter into private moments with each other.

“Sarah dear, can you please help me prepare the food for our dinner?” asks June.

“Be right there!” calls out Sarah as she tucks away the last art installation for the evening.

Sarah meets June at the tailgate of their car to grab the basket of food and cooler.

“Hey, you gotta do something about Joe. He is really falling for you and losing his center. Are you really attracted to him? He keeps doing things that he thinks are going to make you recognize him and maybe fall in love with him”, says June.

“I don’t know. I get a little excited around him but I know we are not a match. I’m not sure what to do.”

“I think you need to see how you really feel. Either try it out or let him know you are not interested. It is difficult for the group to focus our intentions when he is working so hard to get your attention.”

“Hey girls, can I help”, asks Joe as he suddenly appears around the back of the car.

“Sure, I’m going to go set the table and get it ready. You two bring the food and the cooler. I will meet you there”, says June hoping that Sarah would take that as a cue to have a talk with Joe about how she really feels.

“Do you want to take the cooler first or the boxes of food?” asks Sarah.

“Listen Sarah, I have been wanting to ask you out for dinner. Do you think we could go out tomorrow night, maybe get some Thai food?” asks Joe.

“That sounds delicious! Ok, cool! I would love to!”, Sarah responds.

“But don’t you have to sleep on it and maybe push the invitation away since you are emotionally defined, Sarah?”, asks Joe.

“Oh, ya, rite. I’ll let you know tomorrow. We’ll see. Ask me in the morning”, chuckles Sarah as she grabs the handle from one side of the cooler. “Grab the other handle. Let’s take this cooler down first”.

Joe grabs the handle, smiles at Sarah looking deeply into her eyes and fantasizing about the first kiss they would have after dining at the Thai restaurant. He could hardly stand having to sleep a full night and wait an entire day until he was alone with Sarah and moving closer towards that first kiss.

Sarah rolled her eyes as she started to walk away with cooler handle in one hand and Joe on the other side. He never noticed that she rolled her eyes. He also wasn’t aware that he was behaving a little odd and overbearing with his affection and desire.

“I’ve gotta say something to this guy”, Sarah whispers silently in her mind. “Maybe I wont go out to dinner with him tomorrow night”.




Part III

Everyone was beginning to gather at the picnic table. June had placed a blue and white, checkered table cloth on top of the picnic table and Rose had brought a lovely bouquet from her garden to place in the middle. Daffodils, tulips, roses and hyacinths filled the bouquet. It was quite fragrant and a spectacular display.

Sarah and Joe had brought everything from the car and arranged the dishes of food and serving ware on the table.

Sara had assisted June in preparing the food at home before they left to come to the picnic camp out. June had owned a restaurant in the past and was good at preparing food for groups. She was a natural fit to create the kitchen and gather the supply of food. Sarah was a natural at assisting June. She loved working in the kitchen and could move easily beside June, creating the different dishes that were on the menu for the event.

Dylan stirred the camp fire so that it would be burning hot embers by the time dinner was over and everyone could gather to warm.

“This looks great! I’m really hungry”, Dylan says as he walks up to the table.

“Sarah and June worked all day yesterday to prepare this beautiful meal, thank you ladies!” Rose speaks out.

“Sarah, no matter what you do, it’s always amazing. You’re touch is magic”, Joe says next.

Sarah looks over at June with eyes wide open and a quizzical look. She knew that June had done most of the work and that Sarah would never have been able to prepare this food without June present. She didn’t even know the recipes. She felt odd in that moment and embarrassed to have attention directed only on her. It was obvious that Joe was being obsessive and inappropriate. She thought it was sweet though how he was putting attention on her. It made her feel special and odd at the same time. Something was very wrong.

June smiled, “Yes, Joe, Sarah is amazing in the kitchen, she is a natural!”

June knew that Joe’s comment made Sarah feel odd yet special. She could see through Sarah’s body language that she was feeling strange and that her comment would maybe diffuse the odd feeling. It seemed to work.

“Let’s eat”, June speaks out to help the group move along into the next moment.

Each person takes their seat on the bench on each side of the table. Joe watches carefully which seat Sarah chooses so that he can sit directly across from her. He loved being able to look into her eyes and drink in her sensual beauty.

June grabs a folding chair to sit at the end of the table and allow comfortable room for place settings and plates of food. Besides, she liked sitting on a cushion and her folding chair had her seat pillow resting on top.

Dylan sitting across from Rose brought a smile to his face and a soft giggle from Rose. Their eyes locked for a moment as they felt the tickle of their electromagnetics. They would probably kiss soon. They could not fight the attraction.

Sarah looks over at June; “I love what you did with the nut burgers this time. Did you write down the recipe?”

“You know I never write the recipe down. I think it just gets better and better each time we make it.” June chuckles.

Sarah begins to feel her Sacral heat up. She looks over at Joe. He looks up at her and smiles. The heat builds more and now Sarah is flushed and starting to feel nervous. She feels her Sacral stir and the juices of a hot romantic connection begin to flow.

“Oh no”, Sarah whispers to herself. June looks over at Sarah. She knew exactly what was happening to her. She smiled a half smile at Sarah. Sarah smiled a half smile back. They both knew what was going on.

“I have this great idea Sarah”, Joe speaks out breaking the quiet spell of the group enjoying dinner and the uncomfortable feeling that was rising up in Sarah.

Sarah knew that Joe was heading into a long speech about his idea and how it would happen. He was good at coming up with great ideas and making big promises.

Sarah looked over at June and rolled her eyes. June smiled and nodded her head. Joe kept talking and didn’t take notice that the girls weren’t interested in hearing another one of his ‘great ideas’ and the false promises that would follow. They had watched it too many times. That was the original reason why the group had been constructed in a democratic way, to keep an organized structure and not allow one person to run over the group.

Joe’s monologue seemed to consume the entire meal with a few small, short pauses between his speeches. The rest of the group grew tired of listening and soon finished their meals to move into the next event for the evening.

The evening air began to turn cool and the fire was an inviting, cozy spot to gather after dinner. June and Rose gathered up the dishes and food to put away for the night. Joe assisted with putting things back into the car to keep the food safe from bears and raccoons.

Sarah assisted Dylan with stoking the fire and gathering more firewood.

“Wow, that heat between Sarah and Joe is really building, June”, Rose speaks out as they are gathering the leftovers from dinner.

“Yes, I know. He is not her type though. She is having a hard time with the electromagnetics. Joe will buy her a present or do something sweet for her and she gets confused and thinks she would like to kiss him but that would be a disaster. I encourage her to wait out her emotional wave and see how she feels in a few weeks before jumping on those sensations”.

“Ya, I have a similar thing happening with me and Dylan”

“You are both Manifestors though. That is good. It is better than an emotional Projector and a Sacral Generator. Can you imagine?”

“Oh gawd, that sounds horrible!”

“Indeed”, said June.

“I love your art installations, Sarah”, Dylan speaks out as he and Sarah are gathering firewood and stirring up the fire.

“Oh thanks, Dylan. I’m really excited about starting the project and getting it going. I can’t wait to get into the studio and work with the crew.”

“Ya, I’m looking forward to creating the actual system from the model that I designed”.

Sarah sits down on a log near the fire to warm her fingers and toes. Joe walks over towards the fire and sees Sarah sitting alone on the log. He hesitates because he doesn’t want to come on to strong. He stops at the fire and decides to stand. He looks over at Sarah and quietly takes in her beauty as she stares into the fire.

“Hey Joe, you think I can get the funding in time for my project so that the actual design will be done in time?” asks Dylan.

“Sure, we can look at the budget and see where the priorities are and distribute a portion of the funds your direction. We can take a deeper look at the plans.”

Joe continues his dialogue of finances near the fire with Dylan. Sarah was enjoying the quiet moment warming by the fire and it seemed that Joe broke the sweet moment when he walked up to talk about finances in his usual monologue. It annoyed Sarah and she decided to get up and walk away from the fire and head towards the girls by the picnic table.

Joe noticed Sarah leave and watched her walk away while he continued his monologue with Dylan. Dylan watched Joe be obsessed with Sarah and their electromaganetics and differences. It was the same old story and a little ridiculous.

Joe went quiet for a moment and then looked at Dylan who was crouched near the fire.

“I am so in love with that girl. She is so sexy” Joe speaks out breaking the short moment of stillness by the fire.

Dylan rolls his eyes and moves his hands closer to the fire.

“Oh my gawd. I don’t know what I’m going to do with that boy”, says Sarah as she walks up to June and Rose at the picnic table. “I need help”.

“Honey, your Sacral is so activated by his presence. What are you going to do? Do you really think you guys are a good match? Do you realize what you would be creating for yourself in the long run? You guy’s are so different, a Sacral Generator and an Emotional Projector, drama central!” June replies.

“I cant do that, no way”.

“Just remember that you are emotional and that you will feel different about him all the time. Watch to see if you are consistently attracted to him over a few weeks. That will tell you everything you need to know.” June says. “Don’t jump into it.”

“And, you are so passionate, Sarah”, Rose speaks up, “It would be good to give yourself time and not get hooked into something that might be really wrong for you. I see how annoyed you become when he talks all the time. It would only get worse for you”.

“Oh my gawd, you are so right Rose”, Sarah says. “I’m going to take my time and really be tuned in as I navigate this one. I don’t want to repeat the same romantic drama story that seems to play out over and over. I am so tired of that. I’m not sure what to do with all of this heat.”

“Just see it for what it is and keep reminding yourself, Sarah. You see how he talks all the time and how it turns you off. You see how he imposes on you when you are not ready. You see how he is very active, working, that is not you. You like to lie around and read books. That is already going to be a problem because he really is not seeing you for who you are and he will expect you to keep up. Remember when he said you could help him build the tree houses? Ya, right!” June chuckles.

“Ok, I’m going to take my time and try to see through this haze of sensuous feelings that are engulfing me.”

“Good job! Hang in there, girl”, June laughs as she picks up the final box to carry to the car.

“Oh how lovely, Dylan! Thank you for keeping the fire stoked and warm for us”, says Rose as she and Sarah approach the fire.

“Sit down here, Rose,” points Dylan to a nice flat log with a pillow sitting on top. Rose giggles and walks over to the cushioned spot where Dylan had placed the pillow on the log.

Sarah and June sit down next to each other on a log. Joe stays standing at the side of the fire and Dylan seats himself on the other side of Rose, seated on her cushion.

“I love the ideas that we shared today”, spoke up Joe. He loved to talk with his open Throat Center and taking the center of attention. It was easy to do standing up and towering over most of the group.

June sat thinking to herself wishing Joe would pay attention to the fact that he has an open Throat Center and the gate 23 conscious just above it. He loved to tell everyone everything that he was thinking. It was draining and it made everyone in the group wish that they didn’t have to endure it. If only he would take the time to look at himself and how he was impacting the group and productivity. There was hardly a chance for anyone else to talk and offer creative inspiration. It was draining.

He would even mention that he loved to talk too much and had a slight little chuckle with it as if he thought it was cute and ok. It was actually very annoying and the very thing that was pushing Sarah away and any other romantic pursuit. It would become the one thing that would eventually turn off every lover. Joe was oblivious. He loved talking, being the center of attention and making lots of promises.

Sarah began to yawn and announced to the group that she was tired and going to go to her tent. Joe looked over at Sarah, “Can I walk you to your tent?”

“Sure”, says Sarah a little disinterested and slightly annoyed.

The two walk towards Sarah’s tent at the back of the camping area. Often, she sets up her tent far away from the rest of the group. She enjoyed her silence and time in her own aura, alone in nature.

“Sarah dear, thanks for all of the hard work that you have done for the group. I am really proud of the efforts that you have put forth and I can see that this team would be nothing without you. I am going to allocate a large portion of the funds from our starting capital budget towards your project. Thanks for the hard work.”

Sarah stood in front of her tent looking at Joe for a few seconds without saying anything. It made her feel strange that he was drawing her out as the sole cause of the success of the group and that he wanted to allocate a large portion of the start up funds for her project. It felt incredibly wrong and out of balance and made Sarah feel very, very strange. She didn’t like the excessive attention that Joe was giving her and she suddenly felt a little sad.

“Good night, Joe” she said as she turned to walk into her tent.

Joe stood standing for a moment thinking to him self, “perhaps I should have offered her a company car”.

The next morning, June was the first to rise from sleep. She put the pot of water on to boil for coffee and tea and went to the car to gather the food items for breakfast.

With her four motors, she was always the first to rise and had plenty of energy to do lots of tasks, more than most. June loved being busy and she loved nurturing the group by preparing healthy foods and making sure that there was nutritious snacks available.

The coffee was made and all breakfast items were on the table. Sarah walks up rubbing here eyes; yawning and waking up to start the day. Sarah didn’t like to talk in the morning and June knew this. Sarah slowly made her cup of coffee and made her way to join June in the chairs where the sun was breaking through and warming the day.

June liked to start her day with a quiet meditation with the sun shining brightly on her. Sarah loved sharing this moment with June. It was one of their morning rituals.

Sarah sits down in the chair beside June and glances over with a warm greeting of a smile. June smiles back. The two are quiet for a few minutes as the sun rises until Sarah turns to June, “June, I am really glad that you encouraged me to wait with Joe in spite of the heat I was feeling with him. In the past I would have gone for it and kissed him and then really, really regret it because he is so wrong for me as a companion. I just can’t imagine being with him now”.

“Yes, yes, good job, glad you can see that.”

The end.


Written by Kashi Stone 2014