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bigstock_Romantic_Couple_Outdoors_368324Understanding the Type of a person and what is their Inner Authority can be immensely helpful in day-to-day relating. All homes, schools and places of business should have an idea of how to best support their people so that they are healthy, prosperous and thriving, yes?

Probably the most powerful and most important distinction is the difference between the Emotional Inner Authority and the rest of the planet. With half of the planet having the Emotional Inner Authority, it is important to keep in mind that they move in a completely different way than those who do not have that motor defined in their chemistry.

Non-Emo vs Emo

Emotional people have a trajectory that brings life to them. Their golden key is surrender and patience in a hazy fog with hardly any clarity at all, ever. They can actually watch life unfold before them with their slow emotional way. They hardly have to make a decision. It is fascinating when you see this come into view.

Those who do not have the Solar Plexus center defined surrender, as their golden key but they do it a little differently. There is no fog or haze clouding the mind. They have a clear window for the ride ahead. So, they can say “yes” or “no” in the moment, or “not now” and get what is correct.

They can move forward, instantly, with clarity as they feel it in the body.

It’s good to know if someone is an “in the moment” kind of person or “not now”.

Once you get past the emotional and non-emotional differences, next, you see the way in which the auras impact each other. This is where you can easily see, if there is really any compatibility or just how “bumpy” the ride is ahead with your friend.

“Easy Compatibility” is one of the playful tools that I use with the science of Human Design. You can look at how two people come together and whether or not it is a good fit, just by looking at how many Centers are defined in the togetherness.

I must caution you. This is not a tool to finding the correct lover, friend or job. This is a tool that offers a fun way for you to learn, watch and explore the mechanics in action, as you move about and relate with others.


Easy Compatibility
When you look at the composite of two charts, you can see how many Centers are defined and how many are open and white in a couple’s togetherness.

This reveals, in a very basic way how two people enjoy and spend time together.


9 and 0, Nowhere to Go

8 and 1, Lets have some Fun

7 and 2, Work to Do

6 and 3, Better to be Free

5 and 4, Not a Relationship Anymore


5 and 4, Not a Relationship Anymore



When there are five Centers defined and four open in a composite, such as “5 and 4”, no matter how much two people feel like ‘best friends’, it will always fall apart or become distant, in some way, at some point.

Nothing has to happen for the relationship to fall apart. It just stops one day out of the blue. It is strange!


6 and 3, Better to Be Free



When there are six Centers defined in togetherness and three open, as in 6 and 3, it’s best with brief encounters. Usually people with “6 and 3” do not stay friends for longer than a few years.


There really is no glue to hold these two together in common vision. They may stay connected through out the years but they go in drastically different directions.


7 and 2, Work to Do



A lot of couples begin to pair up at the “7 and 2”, Work to Do composite. There is just enough difference to make it exciting and thrilling for the mind and just enough likeness to fall into the trap of the electromagnetics. It is very tricky.

Often times, people misunderstand this composite to mean that two people are to share their life work together. But it means almost the opposite. “7 and 2” Work to Do, means that the two of you are experiencing life from two totally different perspectives and causing lots of distractions from conducting life’s work. The mind of one partner operates through one open Center and the mind of the other partner operates through the other open Center. This gives the sensation that you are on two different planets and not really seeing “eye to eye” on things.

With the gaping difference in perspective and from being on different pages mentally, it can create tremendous control battles. It can be a lot of work and a huge distraction.

It can be a little stormy and not too much fun, depending on chemistry. If there are big differences, such as Type or Inner Authority, you are definitely going to feel the “work to do”, and gain lots of learning.


8 and 1, Let’s Have Some Fun

8-and-1When there is an “8 and 1, Lets have some Fun”. Two people can play, laught and relate usually, fairly well. It can be really good.


There is also the opportunity to stay life long friends with great appreciation for each other. It’s fairly easy if it doesn’t get complicated with a romantic affair.


9 and 0, Nowhere To Go



With all of the Centers filled up in “9 and 0”, there really is “nowhere to go”. The two are content to sit on the porch, sip their tea and settle into a fulfilling union. That is, on the surface level. It can feel really, really good or it can get terribly boring. It really depends on chemistry.

Most people enjoy this kind of togetherness if they are resonant in chemistry. It can feel as though you are hanging out with your best friend and you really don’t need anyone else around. Or it can be suffocating if the chemistry is not resonant.



After you see how many Centers are filling up in the composite chart of two people, you can go to the next level of compatibility and see how the Channels are connecting. 

Companionship, Dominance, Compromise and Electromagnetic


A Companion Channel is when both of you share the same whole Channel in your bodygraphs. When we share a Companion Channel with someone there is grCompanioneat understanding and identification in the way we think and process. It can be an automatic “Best Friend” if the rest of the chemistry is resonant and complementary.


Then there is the Dominance. Dominance is one person having a whole Channel and the other has no definition in that same Channel.

DominantThis can bring great confusion trying to understand each other or it can bring skills that compliment bringing greater ease in tasks. It all depends on chemistry.


The Compromise Channels are probably the most challenging. This is when one person has the whole Channel and the other person has only half of the Channel.


When this happens, there is a tendency towards power trips or control over. The one with only one gate feels that it has a skill and wants to express it. The other has the whole Channel and does not feel that it needs the other person’s input. That is how it operates on a very basic, general level. Watching it over time, you begin to see the power plays and how one person is being forced to compromise.


And then there are the Electromagnetics. Those are the most, trickiest of all. They can hook up really tight with the wrong person. They tend to create a lot of babies, beautiful music, poetry and delicious food.


Electromagnetics are two gates meeting, that sit on either end of a Channel. The Electromagnetics are dramatically different in nature when they occur on the emotional side.

When two gates meet each other, as in an electromagnetic connection, on the emotional side, the mind starts to think, “Cool, we’re a great match”. It will feel delicious and it will stir the juices but there is more to come. That is only the sensation of the two gates finding each other and being tickled and thrilled. Once an individual acts on the electromagnetic connection, expect a lot of distractions. However, there are exceptions.

Electromagnetics can be great when it comes to communication. Electromagnetic connections can truly, enjoy their conversations.




Only your inner guide gets you to the right place with the right people.

And it usually has nothing to do with the compatibility of romance.



Use this playful observation as a tool for bringing the mechanics “alive” in your view.



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Kashi Rachel Stone 2015