Don’t Talk, Just Listen

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from my brother.

My brother is one of those “Special Breeds”, a Projector, which is less than 18% of the population and are the new “guides” for humanity.

The Projector is not considered a “leader” necessarily. They are not here to dominate, rule and govern a large body of people. They are designed to be a guide that can see things just a little differently than others with the unique way in which their brain operates. Through their keen ability to see certain things, they ask penetrating questions that get to the core of the matter. Through doing this, they gently guide others into clarity, efficiency and understanding. At least that is the way they operate when they are operating correctly. It is rare that you hear a Projector ask questions to guide someone. Often, a Projector is the one that is doing most of the talking, rarely asking questions.

My brother and I talk about once a week. I love his Projector mind.  The first thing he does, is cause me to laugh. He is emotional too, so it is easy for him to understand how to quickly navigate into a smooth place with me. Emotionally defined people respond really well to humor and gentleness.

The second thing he knows about me is that I need to talk less, listen more and not initiate anything into action that I might regret later. He has watched me and knows what I can get myself into when I am upset. So he tells me, “Don’t say anything, just wait and watch and really listen to what others are telling you”.

He doesn’t know Human Design. He doesn’t know and understand that I have an open Throat Center. He also doesn’t know what it means to be emotional or not. He rolls his eyes slightly and listens with one ear when I talk about Human Design. That is fine. But he has watched me throughout the years and he knows that things work out best for me when I am patient, when I don’t talk, don’t initiate and when I listen really well.

It now runs through my mind daily as a mantra, “Don’t talk, just watch and listen to what people are telling you”.

It’s a good mantra to practice more patience, diffuse the emotional charge that is akin to a “gas pedal”. When there is time and space for the emotional charge to empty in a quiet place, alone, clarity begins to break through as the clouds of passion, anger and frustration dissipate.

The Emotional Charge

If someone is emotional, encourage them to take space and be alone for a moment so that they can empty their charge. They will appreciate the moment that was given to cool their chemistry and come back into balance and some sense of clarity.

Often times, the things that emotional beings say in the heat of an argument or in a moment of surprise is radically different than what they really would like to express or how they truly feel without the emotional charge. Don’t’ expect their words to be accurate about what they want and how they feel when they are heated and passionate. The charge is so strong, it wipes out their ability to think straight.

If one person is non-emotional, they will feel the surge of the emotional charge from the other person and they will magnify back to the emotional being their expression of the emotional charge, which is usually very distorted.   It is best if two people, who are in an argument, separate their aura’s for a brief period of time so that they can empty out the emotional charges. Later, a few minutes to a few hours they can reconvene and meet completely centered in their own chemistry.  It makes a huge difference on how quickly two people can get to understanding and harmony, when there is no emotional charge.

When the two do come back together, it is best to just listen, don’t talk.

One would be surprised just how inaccurate the story is that the emotional body created before the listening occurred.



2015 Kashi Rachel Stone