Don’t Be A Cow


Fuller’s quote above stirred an immediate reaction in me because I see formal education, “school”, as a powerful conditioning agent that deadens a person to their inner voice and guide, completely.

Every person in this educational system is treated the same, like herds of cattle.
We are not treated for our unique way of being such as emotional, splenic, a Projector, Manifestor, Reflector or otherwise, each with their own chemistry design. We are treated as one kind of operating system and grossly misunderstood and unrecognized for our uniqueness.

We all move in our own unique way with our own unique path.

My response to the above quote is “go back BEFORE you were put into school and remember who you are”.

One time, I asked my grandmother and my mother what they remember the most about me as a child.

My grandmother said that what she remembered the most about me as a child was that I always wanted to be the boss and in charge. It’s true; I enjoy being the ‘boss’. With my Personality Sun in 54.5 and the 7.6 in my north node, it is natural.

54.5 “The natural authority and actualizing spirit, that in a position of power can have genuine and fruitful relationships with the less advantaged as long as they are in service and don’t make demands”. And 7.6, north node: “The power to communicate the frameworks of responsibility.”

That’s me!

My mother replied that what she remembered the most about me is that I changed my clothes several times through out the day. “Every time I saw you, you had a different outfit on”, she said to me.

For years I could never understand how that represented doing what I enjoy in life. I remember changing clothes through out the day trying to get comfortable in my own skin; the right type of textile and the right design. I was very challenged at getting comfortable in clothing.

I discovered later in life that the greatest cause of my constant changing of clothes happened because of artificial textiles. I am allergic to nylon, polyester and anything else that is not a natural textile and does not breath with my body chemistry. I feel like I am going to burn up in polyester or nylon or similar synthetics with my four motors and Pita body.

Because of this yearning to be comfortable in clothing and having something fashionable to wear, I accidentally started a fashion line. In an effort to get comfortable I purchased several yards of natural fabric and started making my own outfits. When I would go out socially people would ask me where I purchased the outfit that I was wearing.

Suddenly, people began placing orders to purchase and wear my fashion. It was a very pleasant surprise to my accidental profession of fashion design.

I never intended to become a fashion designer nor did I go to school for it. I was just doing what I love, naturally.

Being the “boss” has played out consistently through out my life in my professional experiences. I have often earned positions of authority, quickly.

Child flourishing

Before we are sent to school, we are free, our imagination is rich and our soul is dancing in
our playtime.

What do you remember enjoying and playing the most as a small child before you were sent to school?

What was life like before you knew that it was Monday or Sunday and it didn’t matMeditate child 3ter?

This place of innocence is where magical serendipity sits that brings sweet
surprises and deep satisfaction that comes from a life that is lived being YOU.

Don’t be a cow.

Love yourself and be free.


2014 Kashi Stone