Clearing Sessions

Thank you for your donation


If this donation is for an energy clearing, please allow up to 24 hours for me to respond by email.



How to prepare for the aura clearing session:

You will be asked to provide the choice of two times for our session, so that I can select the best time according to my schedule, as well.

It is necessary that you be in an environment where you are alone and no one is near you during the time of the clearing.

Make sure that you are in a space where you are comfortable and free from distractions or interactions with others and please turn off your phone during the session or place it in another room where you will not hear it during our session.

It is imperative that you are not stirred to move about or to stand up and walk around with computer during our session, so make sure that you are seated in a place where you can sit for at least twenty minutes.

You may want to have incense burning and a candle lit. Usually, I burn frankincense in my environment. You may also want to have a shawl or blanket, in case you get cool and a tissue box or handkerchief nearby. A tall glass of water or cup of tea is also good to have near you during our session.

Have paper and pen ready so that you can participate in a journaling exercise before we begin the meditation clearing.

The clearing is conducted through ZOOM or a similar platform and is not recorded. Our session takes place over a half an hour to an hour long. Once we have agreed upon a mutually convenient time to meet, a link will be sent to connect the day before session.

Talk soon ~